Thursday, January 31, 2013

Our Honeymoon♥

To cap off my lil reminiscing moment.. Here's the end to the best time of my life..

 After our amazing wedding (which I shared here and here) we took off for our amazing honeymoon!
Leaving at 6am the morning after our wedding (#who'sdumbideawasthat) from Oakland to Maui!
Up early leaving for Maui!.. We're trying to look awake and not hung over 
Finally here
Our beautiful resort- We've arrived!
Every night at 5pm they would have the guy run and lights the torches and then dive off the cliff, of Black Rock

We were on our honeymoon during my 24th birthday, so we spent the day going into town to see Hangover 2 and then spent the evening at a Luau.

We also took a sunrise trip up to the top of the Haleakala volcano
Crazy with all the clouds inside the volcano we were that high up!
Someone was grumpy that I woke his ass up really early and it was freezing!
We took bikes down the volcano- Crazy trip but it was fun!

Did lotsa sightseeing in between activities

Some snorkeling (where I had to buy a hat #whitegirlproblems I burn bad before it turns to a nice tan)

And as my wedding gift to Bob I took him on a chartered fishing trip. He loved it becase he was one of the only guys catchin fish like crazy

And our last days on the beach were sad. We enjoyed it so much and already can not wait to go back to Maui.

Here's us watching our last sunset.

XoXo Rachel