Saturday, August 22, 2015

Kylie's Birth Story

On Friday, July 24th at about 11pm, I was laying in bed shortly after Bob fell asleep and Kenz was fast asleep in her room when I started noticing cramping.

They felt more like period cramps and were coming in waves but I didn't know if they were braxton hicks contractions or the real deal.. 

I started googling "what do contractions feel like?" etc. because I had no clue! With my first labor I didn't really feel any contractions.. more just pressure. This was all so new! I had no clue what I was looking for. I downloaded an app on my phone to start timing the "contractions" and they were coming through like every 1-2 mins and lasting about 45-55seconds. 

At this point I was up walking around, doing squats... anything to see if the contractions stopped. I read that if they were braxton hicks that the contractions would most likely stop by moving around. I had tried to wake Bob up a couple times to see what he thought I should do but everytime I got a response like "Just lay down and relax", "Go to sleep".. I can look back and laugh now but at the time it was no laughing matter. One more suggestion to try to rest and sleep from him and I was about to lose it on him. I even told him at one point.. "if you tell me one more time to 'go to bed' I'm going to punch you in the face!"

At about 12:45am after texting with my sister she finally convinced me to just call Labor & Delivery and see what the nurse thought. So I did.. And when I told her they were lasting about 50secs at about every 1:30-2mins the nurse even thought that they weren't the REAL DEAL but to keep timing them.
I should have been looking for at least a minute long, no more than 5minutes apart for at least an hour (the 5-1-1 rule).

I tried to go to bed.. thinking they're not it just stop worrying about it.. Ha! All I could think about was what if this is the real thing and I'm only 1-2 mins apart?! Doesn't that mean the baby is coming?! And I wake up in my sleep and it's too late I have to have the baby at home!

So about 1ish.. I decided that's it.. I woke Bob up and told him I'm going in.
His reponse.. Another laughable moment now (but not really then ;)) "Damnit!" The poor guy [said with such sarcasm] had a big fishing tournament he had to be up for at 4:30..And well the baby just canceled those plans ;) At the time I couldn't let him forget the way he was acting. I was in freaking labor and he was mad at me?!

I started getting my bag together as I barely just started throwing stuff in there earlier Friday. P.S. I also just installed the car seat Friday and assembled the crib in her room! Funny how that works! She must have known that I was pretty much ready for her!

I told Bob to stay home as my mom and dad weren't waking up and answering their phones and I didn't want to drag Kenzie at 2am if the hospital wasn't going to keep me. He was a little upset that I told him to stay home, thinking it was a dumb move on my part but I felt ok for the most part. I was hardly in pain.. just uncomfortable cramping. And thankfully the hospital is like 15mins away. 

On my way out I remember walking out the front door and walking right past  this ginormous spider webbed from the pillar and hanging flower basket as I walked to the car.. I called Labor & Delivery again to let them know I decided to come in and get checked out and let them know I was on my way.. and I called my sis to tell her and she headed home from her bf's house to hopefully wake up my parents and head over to the hospital.

I parked in the regular parking lot at the hospital (not the spots reserved for Labor & Delivery) because well I thought who's going to move my car if I do stay? Not that it's much more of a walk but they're not all the front row, super close spots. I walked in and there was a gathering at the Security desk.. They all looked at me like I was lost and asked if I needed help.. Right away 1 guy just looked at me and asked Labor & Delivery? I said yes and they asked if someone else was coming... I remember saying, "oh no I drove myself" and immediately they all looked so confused and sad for me. A nice security guard said he'd escort me up so I followed him.

Once inside the elevator I felt like I had to explain the situation to him.. Like "ya i don't even know if I'm having real contractions and didn't want to wake my 2year old so I made my husband stay home".. he was sweet.. he was like "Oh ya I get it! we see that all the time"

I was having contractions as we walked down the hall and I even said to him.. "man I don't remember this hallway being so long!" It was seriously the longest walk ever! I think my contractions at this point were getting stronger.

I walked in and was greeted by the nurse that I had already been talking to a couple times. She was very nice but I can tell she wasn't really taking me very seriously and didn't think I was in labor. She still had me go check my urine and let me into a room to check it all out.. Once inside she was timing my contractions and even was a little surprised to see how close my contractions were. Sure enough they were about a minute and a half together so she went to grab a midwife to check me out. Midwife checked and I was 4cm dilated. It was 2:45am when I got admitted!

I immediately got put in my room where I had 2 of the best nurses! The one I really liked (I can't remember her name) was my age and I could just relate to, a lot. We had very similar personalities so she joked right along with me and just made me feel very comfortable since I was alone for a little bit. I remember telling Bob I wish I got her name.. I want to be friends with her! lol Sadly her shift ended later that morning and I never saw her again!

My sister eventually got a hold of my mom on her way home so Bob was on his way to drop off Kenz with my dad at the house and my mom was getting ready to head over.

I got this cute text from Bob as he was leaving. My poor dad.. this one was wide awake and ready to party at 3am! Bob said right when he turned on her light she propped right up with a smile ready to get up!

Soon the whole crew came about 3:30 and crashed on the couch. The nurses gave me something to relax me a little since my contractions were starting to get a little more stronger (still not too bad though).. Also they wanted to slow my contractions down. Since they were so close together and I was only dilated to 4.. About 4-4:30 I was to the point where I wanted the epidural.


At 9am the midwife and nurse came in and asked if I wanted to break my water. I was at a 7 and had already been for a little bit so they said it was up to me? They said, "do you want to have a baby right now?"
After breaking my water, the baby could either come super quick or take some time.. well it took about an hour which my midwife thought was pretty quick!

You can see these pics were all taken about 9:50am.. Pretty much right before I told my mom.. "I think I'm having pressure like I need to push"..The beauty of an epidural is I didn't feel pain. Just like I had to maybe go to the bathroom? So we called the nurse in and she checked me out.. Yep, time to call the midwife!

The midwife came in and started to prep and when she announced, "It's time to have a baby!" I just lost it.. I started crying and they were so sweet.. My midwife asked.. "It's not anything we did is it?"
I just shook my head and never really explained to anyone until after, but the thought that went through my head at that moment was that I wasn't ready for 'My babygirl McKenzie' to not be the baby anymore. But it was time. So I quickly pushed back the tears and got ready for our little girl!

2 weeks early and still a lovely 8lbs 3oz! Just imagine if you came at 40weeks!

We waited to weigh you until after your first feeding. You latched on like a champ and had no problems. Shortly after Grandpa came with McKenzie and I asked my mom and sister to leave so Bob can bring in Kenzie by herself. We just didn't want any distractions for her first time meeting Kylie but also so our little family can have a special moment. She immediately was interested in the baby but was also I think a little concerned why I was in the bed hooked up to everything.

We gave her the gift from the baby, a babydoll with bottles. Still to this day she loves it! And it definitely helped in the early days when I was feeding Kylie she had to feed her baby a bottle. Her name of course is Ana ( Frozen- her fave).

Some special notes:
In the labor room- My mom, sister Sammy, and Bob.
Really quick delivery, about 6 pushes, in 20 minutes!
Auntie Sammy cut the umbilical cord.
Visitors: Big sis McKenzie, My mom, my dad, my sister Sammy, Bob and my mother in law.

Happy BIRTHday babygirl!