Sunday, December 22, 2013


First off thanks to those that checked in on me when they noticed I hadn’t shown my face in a few weeks! So sweet! :)


One thing that I’m weird about.. I don’t really care for the “old” movies.. Most of em are classics but for some reason I just don’t like to watch them! I put old in quotes cuz old to me are probably not that old.

During the holidays there are so many classic Christmasy movies on.. Bob’s favorites are the Griswold movies.. My go to.. Love Actually. I’m watching it actually right now. I forget about this one until every Christmas. It’s got to probably be one of my fav movies ever.


I’ve hardly baked. Usually I love to, especially around this time. The only thing I really did was make some pies and cookies for thanksgiving, but with Christmas just 3 days away I better get to it!

On my agenda to bake for Christmas eve or for Christmas day treats, and also some treats for our neighbors:

1) Christmas Crack

Chocolate Saltine Toffee (aka Christmas Crack) - This stuff lives up to it's name and is extremely addictive! Salty, sweet, crunchy, chewy and a holiday favorite everyone loves! Easy recipe at


2) These mini caramel apples

Mini Caramel ApplesMini Caramel Apples

3) Caramel wrapped marshmallows

Caramel Wrapped Marshmallows

4) Snickerdoofle fudge

Snickerdoodle Fudge STM


Gosh can you believe it?! It’s 2 days until Christmas Eve! I know I’ve been saying this since Kenzie was born but, time fucking flys! Right?!

I better get to baking, stat!

I also feel like Christmas this year kinda got thrown off with Thanksgiving being so late. I’ve finally started receiving all my christmas cards this past week… and sent ours out.

Speaking of sending out our Christmas cards.. I love Snapfish. Always use them, have been a loyal customer for years..but I’m so annoyed with our xmas card this year… (actually I guess it really isn’t Snapfish’s fault since they do warn you the quality you’re uploading isn’t perfect).. but this years pic was so damn blurry! And when I previewed on the computer it was blurry but not as that blurry so I was pretty disappointed when I opened all 40 to see the end result.

Here’s the big reveal:


I just started wrapping presents last night and putting under the tree. And shoot I even told Bob he could pass on putting up the lights!

Has it been like this for anyone else?

Next year though.. a whole different story! I can’t wait! Actually I can, because that means babygirl will be a year and a half! Waaaahhh!  My precious baby is turning into such a little person it’s adorable but makes me sad. But guess what I still don’t miss the babyphase (just yet).


Anyways let’s be honest you probably won’t hear from me til after Christmas.. soo.. Merry Christmas everyone have a safe and fun time with your families!

Monday, December 9, 2013

What I’m loving Mondays! #babycarlos #wanderlust #hashtag ;)

I thought I’d try something.. Mondays usually are all depressing or we’ve “got a case of the Mondays”.. so instead I’m going to try and focus on what I’m loving every Monday from the past week/end.


You know what I’m loving?!

  • That my mom and dad are still dropping lbs!! I brought the baby over on Saturday and we were all upstairs in their room when I noticed how great my mom is looking these days! They completed their 24 day challenge on Thanksgiving and had a combined weight loss of 31lbs and 25inches!! Crazy right?! She then pointed out the pile of pants and jeans that they’re donating that are too big! My dad looks amazing too and since he’s already bigger it’s easier to tell he’s lost weight {HE LOST 21 LBS!!} Both of them have dropped pant sizes! That’s huge for them! I love that they’re loving the products too. I would love to show off their before and afters but really don’t have an after shot of them yet..  Soon though with Christmas I’ll get a good picture!

My dad is really loving the convenience of the Meal Replacement shakes since he’s driving a lot for work. He loves the taste and that it’s a completely balanced meal, not leaving him still feeling hungry.

And of course Spark. I mean who doesn’t love Spark. They’re on their 2nd canister. My mom loooves her coffee so she’s still enjoying her cup in the morning but around lunch time is when she has a Spark and no longer has that 2 or 3 pm crash.

  • “No I didn’t make that coffee.. I’m just the coffee’re the bean.” Yep. I’m loving the movie Wanderlust. Seriously every since we had the free movie channels over thanksgiving weekend I recorded the movie and have watched it about 5x.. It’s one of my favs now. I just love Paul Rudd and duh Jennifer Aniston.

WARNING: very vulgar but I seriously L O L so hard at this part..


Go see it if you haven’t’s def rated R but funny!


  • That my babygirl said “Mama” !! Ya sure it definitely just sounds like “mmmmm mmm aaaa” but some of them sound like “mmmaa maa”- so guess what.. you bet I’m counting that! I posted a video to Instagram!


  • That I got to see my 2 bests last week. I think we so needed it! We had a lot of fun.. first apps and drinks (showing off Elizabeth’s beer sampler below) and then we walked over and got fitted for bras at VS lol ..random but we all needed it! I left Kenz with Bob for the first time since she was about 3-4 weeks old.. I bathed her, put her in her pj’s, fed her and got her to sleep and then ran out of there! I was on the clock! I stayed out for just barely over 3hrs. I knew that her falling asleep would only be a nap but was hoping for longer.. Anyways I came home to my angel baby sleeping on daddy and they looked like they survived. It turned out it wasn’t that easy for him, but in the end they both survived and they both need these chances to build up that bond so she knows she can be left with him too..


  • The holidays even more now.. with this girl. #babycarlos


Try it, let’s not have a case of the Monday’s! Share what you’re loving from the past week!

Sunday, November 24, 2013

McKenzie Rose~ 5 Month Update

6 ~ I’ll save that.. That’s Kenz’s first blog entry ;)

We’re just lyin on the floor together as I try to get this done and get her tummy/floor time in and let’s just say she has entered the I wanna grab everything you have stage.

My little girl you are not so little. I always call you My Big Girl!


EATING: You’re still eating every 3 hours or so.. Sometime’s if we’re out you can go a little longer. I think maybe when we’re just home hanging out you are like mom (or how I used to be!) and just wanna snack all day ;) When we’re out running errands, if longer than 3 hours I’m guessing because you are so distracted and interested with what’s going on or you nap you don’t worry about eating? The crying when feeding thank goodness is over for now! You still will do this lil scream after one side is empty and as I switch sides. We’re still going strong on exclusively breastfeeding. In the beginning I would say- Goal is to go to 3 months (that’s when I didn’t think I could last another day), then I gave myself 6months as I worry everyday about my milk supply. Now my goal is to go a year. I’ve even had a few questions from non bf’ing moms of how long do I plan on going for.. Which is followed with “no longer than a year right?” before I can even answer and with this look on their face like any longer would be gross. I used to also think I’d be done at 1 year but honestly if my supply is still going strong and Kenzie still wants it then we’ll keep at it until one of the two is done. I think this is also probably why I am so afraid to pump and bottle feed. The pump I have I feel doesn’t have the best of suck so I guess I feel like it will mess up my milk production if I use it. Anyways why use it too when I have the best lil sucker on stand by.


SLEEPING: We’re still on the same sleep schedule as long month. You still are only sleeping during the day for about 30mins-1 hr at a time (usually about 3-4 naps a day). And at night you will get tired around 8 (although this week.. ahem a lil later like 10 or so) and go down for a few hours then wake up to eat. Then again a couple more times you’ll do this until about 5am is your wake up time of choice most days. I’m kinda wondering if you’d sleep longer/better in your own room because Daddy can be kind of loud some mornings getting ready for work. Maybe soon (yah right?!) it’ll be time to move you into your own room. I am SO not ready for that!



SOCIAL/PLAY: Everyone tells us what a great baby you are! You will let anyone hold you! Going out in public is so different now. You will always grab everyone’s attention. Some times I’ll look down at you and see you have this big smile on your face and then look in the direction you’re looking and someone is smiling back at you. You are not a big talker but you will make your little noises mostly when it’s just me and you at home. When we’re with others you more like to watch and hear others talk rather then yourself. You are really loving your jumper these days. Before you used to just stand or lay back and play with the little piano and rolling football thing.. now you really try to jump and bounce. And you just mostly try to put everything in your mouth! You’re also loving the kick piano & gym. Again you’re trying to put all the dangly toys in your mouth. We have lots to entertain you around the house! Your doorjumper you’re also starting to like.. Not really jumping yet, mostly twirling yourself around in circles and just chillin.


hey girl



CLOTHING:  You are in 6mos and still a few 3mos still fit. Target’s Circo brand I’m finding runs a lil big which is good in your case since some of my fav lil outfits are from your 3mos stuff. Buuutt.. we did have to break out the 9mos stuff the other day! I think mostly for the pj’s! The 6 mos were a kinda snug in length. Diapers we are still in size 2! We had to get your Xmas pj’s out already!



Weight: 16 lbs 7.3oz
Height: 25 3/4” (at your 4mos check up)
Head size: 16 1/2” (at your 4mos check up)
Hair: Still dark blonde/brown. It’s coming in so much more now, especially on top.. and def is lightening up.
Eyes: Beautiful baby blues

♥ Your little squeals followed by little bubbles you blow. It’s so cute.


♥ Your inhale gasp laughs! Again, so cute!


♥ Visit with Grandpa Robert & Grandma Sue.. and Uncle Gabrahamson ;) They live a couple hours away so we don’t visit enough!

♥ This day. It wasn’t anything crazy just a day in the park, me and you.

♥ How you already want to drink and eat whatever we have. It’s probably more like you want the cup we’re drinking from or the silverware. Everything must go in the mouth!


♥ Just how smiley and happy you are most of the time. I know you’re going to change everyday so next month you may make mom want to reach for the vino as soon as you pass out, right now I want to remember how easy going you are. ;)

♥ Our weekend away with all our cousins and Aunts and Grandma. They all loved you and it was so sweet to see you all with them.


Some "firsts" that happened this month:
♥ Your first Halloween!! & Costume!

♥ You rode in a shopping cart like a big girl!


♥ Yay finally you rolled over from front to back!

rolling over

♥ Your first football game! We went to watch cousin Nina cheerlead her last game. You actually fell asleep and missed most of it.


♥ Your first “Girl’s trip!” Whoo hoo!


♥ Your first time celebrating Great Grandma’s birthday. We all like to get together on her anniversary/birthday every year to remember her. This year it marked 6 years. I like to think that you two have already met and she helped pick you out because she knew you’d be perfect for us. :)

grandma's 6yr anniversary

♥ Your first birthdays for a few others too! This time of the year is like everyone’s birthday! We celebrated Nonie’s (but didn’t get any pictures! :/), cousin Bradley’s 4th birthday, and Auntie Shelle’s.




We love you Princess!

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Candy cane kisses & diamonds

Ever since my challenge I’ve been eating cheese like it’s going outta style.
You know what’s dangerous? A wheel of brie when you’re the only one in the house that will eat it. Bob doesn’t do fancy cheese.
This is why I’m ready to do a mini challenge- 10 dayer after Thanksgiving..Can’t wait. I actually love the shake and fiber drink so it makes it even easier.

Kenzie turned 5months old on Monday.. I adore her. But the day she turned 5mos it’s like it turned on a 5month growth spurt. She’s eating every 2 hrs again. I feel like why even wear a shirt today lol I’m constantly pulling down my bra.
This is also why we never got outta our pj’s today. Since we hardly slept last night, we ended up waking up this morning at 11:30am! 
As I was trimming her nails she found the toothbrush in the kit, and decided it was her new fav teething toy. :: drool monster!::

And it rained!! Today (tuesday) was our first rain in forever days! So it was perfect to lounge around in our comfy pj’s.

I can’t wait until this weekend!! Ah Hunger Games! I almost re-read the books.. but seriously I aint got time for that! Date night 2 weeks in a row.. whoop whoop!

Remember that time where my ring lost it’s diamonds? For like the 3rd or 4th time? Well guess what.. Since I put that ring back on my finger this summer, I lost 4 more. Yep! Just doesn’t sound right, right?! So luckily.. after some sweet bitching to the jeweler manager.. they tracked down the 1 ring left in stock which just so happened to be in Sacramento and they’re shipping it over so I can just exchange. It’s a little sad because I’m giving away my engagement ring but hopefully this one has better prongs or whatever and holds on to these lil babies. I don’t care that they’re “milli diamonds” they shouldn’t fall out so easily!

I went to the mall yesterday with babygirl and bought a pretzel from Wetzel’s Pretzel.. Anyways I also got a large ice water and all day today I’ve been refilling this cup. I dunno why it’s like I enjoy drinking more and more water if it’s from this paper cup with a straw. weird

These damn candy cane hershey kisses. I’m eating them like cray right now. I buy candy to put in a cute christmas candle hurricane thingy for guests.. We don’t have guests.

As I was just looking for my old ring post I came across this.. Can’t believe this was just this time last year..

I shoulda cleaned my oven before sending this pic out to everyone!
I miss my hair like this. I recently cut it all one length, shoulder length and dyed it all to my natural. I miss the length and hilights.
Alright over and out. I should prob try to get to bed since she’s more than likely going to be on strike again tonight.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

What is sleep? What our sleep sitch or lack there of looks like right now..

I know it’s the typical complaint/problem for a new mama. Yes Mama.. Dad gets enough sleep. But that’s ok with me. Since he has to wake up for work everyday for our family, I wake up with her everytime and we try to be very quiet. I’m a light sleeper so her first peep I’m up. Kenz is still sleeping right next to me. I honestly don’t know when I’ll ever be ready to move her out of our room.

The other night she was passed out, pushed up against the wall, about 3 ft away from me and I told Bob I don’t want to wake her but I want to pull her up next to the bed. LOL She was too far!

Omg I died when I saw this. I just wanna go give her a little kiss again as she’s probably out like this right now.


I’m sure we I  messed up with the whole not sleep training thing in the beginning.. and I still haven’t yet really tried anything else..But I am so attached to this little girl. I do not want to ever be separated from her! Sure I love my hour sometimes 2 hours shopping trips away from her while Aunty or Grandma watches her.. but that’s the longest I’ve ever gone.. And it happens maybe once every couple weeks..


So naps.. she is a fall asleep in your arms baby. As soon as you try to lay her down, she wakes. Most of the time. Every once in awhile I’ll get lucky. So lately I’ll transfer her to her crib for her 2-3 naps /day..Until the dog barks.. Ughh the dogs barking. I swear. I was just telling Bob I love my other babies but I feel like I’m going to strangle Nilla sometimes.. She loves the baby so much and all she wants to do is lick her or roll her ball at the baby to play with her but it’s just too much. And then her bark is so high pitched and she’s just doing her job and barking at every freakin noise and person that walks by. Now I’m rambling..


She’s a light sleeper. I’ve been trying a couple new things out for naps. The sound machine. I’m not too sure yet.. I can’t tell if it’s really helping. And the Woombie. I finally ordered one, and through the site, in the Clearance section {mama loves clearance!] they had the Winter Woombie buy1 get1. So I’ve tried this out a few times.. It’s still a little warm here for the winter woombie though. I’ve kept her in just a diaper once and still when I opened it she was clammy..But also for those that use these things.. when in the hell do you decide to swaddle her?! Like when you know she’s getting tired you put her in a swaddle/woombie? Cuz I guess that’s why I’m not using it all the time.. It’s a little bit of a hassle right now. Especially during the day. It’s been in the 70’s here so I’d have to strip her before every nap and she’d still probably get too warm. This is usually what I see though about 20ish-30ish mins after I move her into her crib..

Little stinker. She loves her feet right now.


My other reason of no sleep? Well she goes down ‘round 8ish and is out til about midnight. And that’s usually when I go to bed. So when I’m finally ready to go down, she’ll wake up to eat and then will most of the time go back down right away.. Buuuut.. about 2-3 hours later. Wahhh someone wants to eat again.

And then again.. And usually that time is around when Bob is getting up so most of the time we’ll stay awake. She’ll stay awake for about an hour and half.. I have my coffee and catch up with the dvr and we snuggle.. and then she crashes again for another hour or two.But I’m tired now. Yet still want to stay up til midnight ‘cuz this is my “me time”.

So yes What is Sleep? I forget what an actual good night sleep looks like.. I guess I’ll catch up once my girl has moved out. Ha!