Monday, October 28, 2013

First Visit to the Pumpkin Patch

First we started with a quick photoshoot at the entrance. There were so many other people around trying to get pictures too so we felt kind of rushed and didn’t get the best. But some turned out cute.

Then once we entered we checked out all the animals. Can you tell Daddy and Kenz are in love? That’s his angel. And she adores him.


Bob didn’t like my photoshoots with her trying to sit up. At this point she really couldn’t stay up just yet. But as soon as he left to get our wagon, Grandma (my mom) and I hurried to sneak and get some photos. :)

Again more pics, or attempts at a family shot. I told Bob going into this visit. Look it’s her first visit and I’m going to take a million pictures, so no complaining and you need to be in these pictures too so no attitude. I love him. He had fun and was a good sport.

Grandma and Kenz.

Nonie and Cousin Hailey.

The hayride to the pumpkin patch. I just love this pic. We are sitting across from another baby. Look at her face!


We had a good lil time. I can’t wait ‘til next year’s trip. She’ll be walking around, running all over the place I’m sure!

Happy October!! Happy Halloween 2013!

Sunday, October 27, 2013

McKenzie Rose~ 4 Month Update

So little girl.. I have to say I was just thinking the other day.. This month, this age has got to be my favorite so far. You are becoming such a little person! It’s so funny. Just last night I was holding you and you reached out to my water bottle that I was bringing to my mouth to grab it and you put your mouth right to the opening. I had to make you do it again for daddy. We can’t believe how big you are getting!
I’m loving that you’re not so fragile anymore, and you’re so STRONG! It’s been making getting dressed easier because you’ll stand up for me and I don’t have to hold your head up anymore. You’ve knocked that colicky gassy problem we had out THANK GOD!! My poor baby, you were so upset these past 3months! And we tried almost every remedy.. still the gas drops have been the best thing yet! Yay for Happy Happy Baby almost all the time!
Here is a side by side of 1 , 2, 3 and now 4.

1-4month collage

EATING:  Since last month I swear you’ve been on this never ending growth spurt. Now I’m just gonna say you just want to eat every 3 hours. Which is actually how often most babies eat.. You just spoiled mom and went through a few weeks where you only ate every 5 or so hours..We started going to a Breastfeeding group at Kaiser every Wednesday morning which you love.  I love it too. You get weighed every week, which is reassuring since I never know how much you’re really eating. And lately (the whole past month ay yi yi) every time you eat, you cry. You are such a lil diva and want what you want when you want it. So when my letdown isn’t coming fast enough for you, you get mad and cry. And then when it stops you cry because you want more. We contemplated trying bottles since the flow would be consistent for you but after weeks at group.. they really encouraged me to wait it out and just stick with strictly breast if I can because you could get used to the bottle and not want to go back to my boobs. So that’s what we’re doing. You’re getting a lil pissed at me but you get fed and then you’re happy. We’ll make it work!


SLEEPING: Since this eating every 3 hours thing you are also waking to nurse in the night a couple times. So right now you usually go to bed around 8:30-9 and then wake up around 1 to nurse. Sometimes (most times) I am just falling asleep myself at midnight/1. Then, you’ll usually fall right asleep after both sides. And again waking around 4 and going back to sleep again until morning.. Our morning is like 8am usually. Now for where or how you’re sleeping. I still can’t get you on a schedule yet during the day. You very rarely sleep in your crib. You have to fall asleep on me, with your binky in, tummy down and on my chest. With a lil bounce and pat on your back. This is the only way I can ever get you to sleep. So most times I end up stuck on the couch or in bed because if I try to transfer you to your crib, swing whatever.. you wake up! You are a very light sleeper right now and the dogs’ nails or collars are always waking you up.. Makes me so mad! At night you fall asleep on me around 8:30 after a bath, book or eating.. We really haven’t made it consistent to do both a book and a bath before bed but a few times of each a week.. Then I will luckily transfer you to your rock ‘n play in the bedroom. From here you’re hopefully out for a few hours while I get to eat dinner and just have my “me” time, watching tv with dad or cleaning..Once you wake up you usually, or lately, will fall right back asleep and I can put you back in your rock ‘n play. But after that, on the next feeding you will want to play so if I put you in bed with us and on me you usually fall right back asleep. Hopefully soon we can start some sleep training ‘cuz sista you fight sleep and I know you need it!

CLOTHING:  Mostly wearing 6mos now. You’ve filled them out pretty well. Some 3mos onesies still fit too so since it’s still warm here you get to wear a lot of the tank onesies. Grandma bought you your First Halloween outfit. It’s so cute and if Mom never gets around to making your Princess costume, you may just end up wearing this for Halloween. It’s not like we’re going trick or treating or anything :) We’ll probably just stay home and hand out candy but who knows. Either way you’re still gonna be dressed up!


Weight: 14 lbs 6.9oz
Height: 25 3/4”
Head size: 16 1/2”
Hair: Still dark blonde/brown. Your hair is filling in so much now
Eyes: Beautiful baby blues


♥ How you reach out and touch our faces now. You love to put your hand on my mouth and grab my lips. With daddy and Grandpa you like to grab their beards.

♥ Your little squeals and screams as you start to learn your voice.

♥ That you are already so strong! Look at you standing! Of course you’re little baby butt is leaning on me but you love to stand up!


♥ How happy you are everytime you wake up from naps or in the morning. As soon as I walk in and see your eyes are open, I say “Goooooodmorning!” (no matter what time of day) and you get the biggest smile on your face. Sometimes you’ll even do this little wiggle like you’re so happy to see me.

♥ Our trip to the Pumpkin Patch and all the Halloweenish outfits you can possibly wear! They’re all so cute!


♥ The day I officially became a SAHM for you babygirl.

♥ Your little giggle. I had heard it a little bit before, but this time, while Nilla was making some whining noises just made you giggle so much. My ♥ melted!

♥ Grandma loves reading to you!

♥ Your such a little cuddler. I love it more than anything.


♥ We took a trip to the park. Daddy played with the dogs and you and me had a photoshoot on a beautiful Fall day lying under the trees. It was the perfect evening with my little family.


♥ We went to Shaelynn’s first birthday party. Maybe you two will grow up to be good friends just like daddy and her dad.

Some "firsts" that happened this month:
♥ You rolled over for the first time! From back to front. And you’ve done it only a few times since. You had all your friends to cheer you on!


♥ Your first time on the boat!


♥ Your first wedding! For Zach and Tammy!


♥ Your first time celebrating Auntie’s birthday.

♥ Your first trip to the city! We were in such a rush though and with all the hustle and bustle of SF we didn’t get any pictures!

♥ You started sitting up on your own! A little wobbly but you can do it!

♥ You found or discovered your feet!


♥  Your first visit to the Pumpkin Patch! Grandma, Nonie and cousin Hailey came along!

Little one you have stolen our hearts. We love you so much sweetheart.


Sunday, October 13, 2013

Week 2~ 24 Day Challenge

Ahh I'm so mad I'm still getting used to Live Writer.. And completely just wrote over my Week 1 post! :( :(
It had my measurements and everything so hoping I saved that somewhere.. anyways here's week 2!

Week 2 again was a SUCCESS!..
Well sorta. I have a confession. I cheated.
A couple times.. Oops.
We had a wedding to go to which I knew would be a little hard to stick to the challenge but I actually restrained myself pretty well!
I had no alcohol, and during cocktail and hor deourves I only had a few grilled veggies..
I did have a Caesar salad though with the cheese and dressing and the little fingerling potatoes that came with my chicken.
But we said no to the cake and didn’t have any of the bread.. So I thought I actually did pretty well.

I mean I could kiss this baby 24/7

Then when the A’s had their last playoff game I met my parents at the pizza parlor.. And sorta binged. This was the day I went into work and to SF so I didn’t really eat all day. When I got to dinner.. I had not 1 but 3 slices of pizza. It was AHH freaking MAZING! But TMI alert.. That made me so sick that night! For hours I was in and out of the bathroom. At first I called my mom to ask her if she felt sick too but I think my body went into shock or something! After eating so clean for 2 weeks.. all that cheese, bread, and grease my body couldn’t hang!

After that I went back to my clean eating ways and made a note to self that now I need to take it easy with not so good for you foods.

As for any weight loss- I’m now down 7lbs! Whoot whoot!  (this was at the end of 2 weeks.. not when this is posting :)) I know I also mentioned I’d measure myself at Day 11 after the first phase, but I changed my mind. I’ve been stepping on the scale this whole challenge but I kind of wanted to save the measurements as a surprise at the end. I am thrilled with my results so far. I’ve really realized that the Nursing 24 day challenge isn’t all about weight loss. Since I’m not on some of the same supplements that are in the original 24day challenge I’m more taking this challenge as a jump start to my weight loss and to jump start a healthy lifestyle. One day when I’m done with nursing I will do this challenge again but with the MNS packs..
MNS® Max 3
Overall, I’m feeling so great and have learned not to drink my Spark after 2pm! It’s no more than an 8oz of coffee in the caffeine dept. but I think with all the vitamins it’s a whole new energy! No crash! I’m obsesssssed.

Interested in purchasing Spark? All this month Advocare is giving back for Breast Cancer Awareness! Purchase your Spark here today!
I’m now on the home stretch of the challenge and honestly I’ve really stayed strong with eating clean because I want to see the best results. I know after the challenge is over I’ll fall back into some “unclean” eating ways.. I mean.. I just love cheese.. And bread.. I’ll have to buy some Carb-ease to help with that. And the holidays are coming up so I can’t wait to start baking. If you’re following me on Pinterest it may be a lil obvious with that one.
Speaking of the holidays..a’hem..
24 day challenge Holiday

Ok I’m done.. Really though I just want everyone to experience Advocare because it’s really changing my life.

Ps. Notice the new look and name? I love it! I’m still fishing around for a new picture for up at the top so my old one (all pixilated) will have to do for right now. Also thank you so much for everyone’s ideas for the name! :)