Monday, April 22, 2013

30 Week Bump Update

My overall hilights that I captured via IG this week:
Going wine tasting with my sis and mom
Picking up my 3rd tasty treat- love these things!
Tanning my bump! It's been GORGEOUS weather lately so it's been nice to just do nothing and relax in the sun. 

How Far Along30 weeks (4/12) Coincidentally I started week 3o on hubby's 30th birthday!

Size Of Baby: Who knows what kinda food this week but she should be weighing about 3-4lbs and measuring about 15.5-17 inches in length. I'm sure babygirl is going to be a tall girl like her parents so we'll go with the longer measurement.

Maternity Clothes: Bought a few maternity tops last week since Motherhood was having a good sale and I saw a recommendation on Insta but other than wearing all reg. skirts/dresses..

Weight Gain: Stepped on the scale finally.. looks like I've gained a total of 27lbs so far..

Stretch Marks: Still nothing and still not even trying to prevent it.. ahh oh well. Hey if my mama got em, I'm getting em right? So who knows.. 

Sleep:  Sleeping ok for the most part.. just still getting very tired during the day easily.. I could use 2 naps some days.. 

Best Moment of the Week:  Bob's birthday party and getting to see everyone..  I hadn't seen most since before I was prego or even since just starting to show so it was fun to have them see the bump.

Movement:  Oh ya!

CravingsRandom craving are these thai drinks. They're pretty much smoothies with pearls.. I think last week I had about 3 in one week.. delish!       

Gender: Baby Girl ! McKenzie Rose!

Belly Button In or OutStill looks like an innie but it doesn't really go in anymore just doesn't stick out

Wedding Ring on or OffI've had my wedding band off for a few weeks now.. When it started getting warm here I just thought it's safest if I leave that one off. It's always been tighter then my ring and I didn't want to risk it!

Anything Making You Queasy or SickNot sick just a lil bit of heartburn
What I Misssame same      

What I am Looking Forward toMy Baby shower! I'm stalking my registry so it's been fun to watch what I'm going to be getting.. But also worrisome because I'm afraid we're still going to need to buy a lot! Especially the big ticket items like the almost $300 breast pump and the baby monitor.. 

Labor SignsNone yet - is it weird that I don't think I've experienced any Braxton Hicks contractions? I see it everywhere that I should be feeling that but I don't think I have!

Symptoms: Heavy belly hurts after standing/walking for awhile
NurseryPainting this weekend!

EmotionsI'd say i'm doing pretty good actually.. not really emotional, bitchy or extremely happy.. Just looking forward to it wrapping up and now it doesn't feel so long away so that's making it easier.

XoXo Rachel

Thursday, April 18, 2013

I'm into the Older Men

So last Friday, 4/12 was my baby's 30th birthday!

Since he found out about his "SURPRISE" party I was throwing him I felt like I still needed to try and make his 30th special and surprise him some how.
So thanks to Pinterest, (surprising your kids with balloons outside their door) I thought why not do it for my 30 year old kid. The night before I went to Safeway, got about a dozen balloons in his fav colors #duhredandblack, I snuck them in the house and then knowing he'd pass out first I went and hid them in the bathroom. First stop after waking up in the morning is always to the bathroom.. I actually slept like shit that night because I was so paranoid or wanted to be ready for when he woke to catch him seeing this. 
Finally after dozing off and on for about 2 hours he was up and headed to the bathroom.. I tried to get my phone ready to take a pic and then stopped when I realized the pic would be of nothing but the back of him going into the bathroom.. It was actually kinda perfect.. He turned on the light and let out this 1/2 asleep cute little hahaha chuckle and then went into the other bathroom.. Surprised 

We didn't do much celebrating that day/night since we were doing that Saturday and he worked all day..and I saved his gifts for the day of the party.

On Saturday the birthday boy of course went out fishing with his lil brother. I was supposed to have my BIL's gf come over and help me get ready but she bailed and called me sick.. Soo I had quite the day.. I was making trips to home depot for soil, Sports Authority to pick up last minute gifts, Target for party shit, and food and sodas.. Then finally hubbs came home and he helped me (DO NOTHING) while I rushed to start planting flowers and prettying up our backyard.. Our plants/shrubs in the back still haven't bloomed so I needed to do something.. 
An hour before the party we ran over to my parents where I've been hiding his bday present. I got him a ping pong table- he turned his pool table into a ping pong table by placing left over pieces of hardwood floor on top, so I thought it'd be a fun gift to get him an actual table. He loved it!
Once getting home I was a mess.. I started immediately baking his cake, and cutting up all the cheeses and rolls.. I did a potluck style "dinner" and kept it easy on myself and chose a main dish of a sandwhich platter (which was a hit by the way!).. My mom made delish wings and picked up Hooter's hot wings (also a hit! thanks mom so much for doing that!!) After about an hour or 2 into the party, pretty much everyone was on time even walking in a lil early I managed to sneak to the back and put on some makeup! I didn't even change! I just decided screw it, I had already seen everyone for a couple hours why change now?!
I played hostess with the mostest and worked my booty off. Refilling everyone's wines #sotempting, refilling snack bowls, switching out dinner food with dessert and finally around 10 I had the chance to sit and mingle.. I'd say I still need to perfect my skills at party throwing because I should be spending more time socializing and mingling with my guests.. To be honest I think if I were drinking it woulda probs been more relaxing. Next party!

I of course didn't pick up a camera once but here's some pics from others..

We had a great turn out and I know my hunny felt very loved and special. Happy 30th sweet cheeks!

XoXo Rachel

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Bump Update: What week are we on?!

Let's see last I updated was 25 weeks and I'm currently 30 (as of 4/12)

How Far Along: 29 weeks (4/5)

Size Of BabyBaby is the size of a cucumber on one site and then another baby site compares her to a head of cabbage.. (side note- these sites are confusing with their foods.. a cucumber is nothing like a head of cabbage.. can't they talk to each other, and pick one to make it easy?) Measuring about 15-16.7 inches long and about 3.5 lbs!

Maternity ClothesDefinitely my maternity skinny jeans, I bought a couple capris since summer is coming and only the same few maternity tops but mostly wearing my maxi skirts and reg tops that are still long enough.

Weight GainOh well I kinda stopped getting on the scale so much.. I know for sure I already gained what the drs told me. I think i'm at about +24lbs I was sorta starting to obsess over my weight gain and just took a step back. I realized.. I'm gaining weight because I'm growing a healthy baby girl. As long as it's not out of control I need to stop worrying. I'm eating the usual.. not "healthy"- lots of fruit, but i'm not eating horrible either. Also I'
m not really even exercising anymore..My last time on the elliptical I was having ligament pains and was just really uncomfortable so I haven't been eager to get back at it. I'm sure this is why I've put on the more than 15-20lbs that was suggested..  I know that the exercise will only help me during labor and after, getting my pre baby bod back so I definitely need to get back to it.

Stretch Marks: Nope and you know what I don't put anything on.. I hope I don't regret that! I just have never been religious about putting on lotion or anything on my face or body so it's hard to get into a regimen for this.. 

Sleep:  Some nights I have a hard time going to bed so those nights haven't been too fun and having to wake up early.. but other than that.. it's been pretty good. 

Best Moment of the Week:  Going to our baby classes! I only took a Breastfeeding class and then Bob joined me for a Newborn Care class. It was definitely very important we took these classes as we learned we knew nothing! Like knowing how to bathe a baby?! Yep learned that! Or all the colors of the poop and what is normal or not.. Bob's fav subject (kidding- he totally thinks he's not on diaper duty..ever! uhh ya right buddy) Also the breastfeeding class was very helpful. I learned the most important.. I can drink while breastfeeding.. Hallelujah! Just gotta time it accordingly! ;) You know I'm joking.. sorta.

Movement:  Yes, so much movement still. She always has the hiccups and i'm now mostly feeling her like roll around rather than lil kicks. Like sometimes i'll just feel a hardness like it's her lil butt as she's rolling over. I swear once she fell asleep with her lil foot sticking right under my belly button.. You couldn't see anything but you could just feel a little hard knot below my belly button.

CravingsNo cravings really.. still have a sweet tooth! but that's not that uncommon! I've always loved candy!       

Gender: Baby Girl ! McKenzie Rose!

Belly Button In or Out: Hmm I think it's staying how it is.. It's still an innie but it wants to come out.. Bob thinks it looks like a you know what hole.. Also because I had my belly pierced it looks a lil different.. I have like a line above my belly button from the hole being stretched..   

Wedding Ring on or Off: I've had my wedding band off for a few weeks now.. When it started getting warm here I just thought it's safest if I leave that one off. It's always been tighter then my ring and I didn't want to risk it!

Anything Making You Queasy or SickNope just heart burn after eating too much!

What I MissOh the usual.. I'm almost done though! not much longer til a hot bath, a glass of wine, or a Venti regular caff starbucks..     

What I am Looking Forward to: My baby shower is the next big thing. Can't wait! I'm starting to get some baby love and the presents are starting to be purchased so that makes me a lil excited since her room will start coming together.

Labor Signs: None yet thankfully! Although I am convinced she's already in position, head down since I feel her hiccups all the time really low..
SymptomsAt work since I sit all day, I have to switch it up every hour or so and stand for awhile since I feel a lot of pressure just sitting on my butt bone.. I don't really know how to describe it other than that.. Also when I've been running errands for a few hours..running around from store to store and getting some walking in, my belly just feels so heavy.. 

Nursery: I plan on getting this painted before my baby shower, in the next week or so, so it's all ready just to move in!

Emotions: I'd say i'm doing pretty good actually.. not really emotional, bitchy or extremely happy.. Just looking forward to it wrapping up and now it doesn't feel so long away so that's making it easier.

XoXo Rachel