Tuesday, January 29, 2013

19 Weeks Belly Update

How far along: 19 weeks as of 1/25/13

Size of the Baby: She is the size of a mango, about 6" long and 8.5oz!

Maternity Clothes: Started wearing a maternity top I got for Christmas from my mom, and realizing I need more stuff like this.. I've now worn it twice in 3 days.. Jeans I'm still wearing using a hair tie to loop around the button.. soon though I should start trying the maternity jeans again.. Found this though at jcp.com.. isn't it a cute idea! Would make a great gift! and it's only $18 on clearance.. It's starter kit for pregos.. Leggings, t-shirt and cami.. 

Stretch Marks: None yet

Weight gain: +6-7 lbs total. I think I just had a fat week a couple weeks ago where I indulged a lil too much..since I haven't seen the scale go up anymore. If anything it's gone down and now stays at about 196.. Yes I just shared my weight.. guess what I'm not too too (ok a lil) ashamed because I know I don't look it! Fortunately for my height!

Sleep: I've been sleeping sitting up.. it's working pretty well. Also i'm not totally straight up, more of a slouch. I bet it's going to do great for my posture! But for now I'm comfortable.

Best Moment of the Week: Getting to see lil girl (stay tuned I think tomorrow I may share her name!- We've decided!) at my 18-20 week genetic screening ultra sound. At first I was a lil bummed because only the lady and Bob were able to see the screen.. Until the end she told me don't worry I'll let you see too when I'm done measuring everything.. So most of the time I was just staring at the walls or watching Bob's face.. 

Movement: Girl is a movin machine! Even I can feel her lil kicks from the outside so it's been fun telling Bob and then he'll try.. most of the time though I'm finding she stops when he's trying to feel..

Food Cravings: I'm still needing my lemons with my water, but the biggest deal this week was getting my hands on a damn Chicken sandwich from Burger King.. You guys no joke when I finally had one over the weekend I sat there after the 2nd bite and did a lil happy dance. It was Ahhhmazing.. I kinda scored since BK is havin a deal on those chkn sandwiches where they're B1G1 so I have one for later too! yumm 

Gender: lil Princess!

Belly Button In or Out: In- BUT weirdest thing is it's starting to stretch so I'm starting to see the insides.. I guess it'll be fun to have an outie? :)

Anything making you queasy or sick?: Nothing

What I miss: Wine again.. I saw from another blogger that they made alcohol free wine?! So yes when I went grocery shopping I scored and found it! The best part I was able to drink in the middle of the day!  haha It had already been one of those days when I got home so I could not wait.. Only to be fooled and yes it still tasted like wine but lol I was so disapointed that it wasn't the real thing.. Don't worry know one needs to get concerned.. I will patiently wait another 4months ;)

What I'm looking forward to: Our next appt in a couple weeks.. When we had our genetics screening I guess they didn't get enough pictures of her spine.. soo we need to go back for more. Hey another chance I get to see her I'm happy! Just kinda nervous now, hoping everything's ok.. The dr. told me this often happens where they need to ask the mom to come back if they didn't get all the shots they need.

Nursery: Still nothing has changed.. hopefully after tax season that lil extra change will give us the ability to really start!

XoXo Rachel


Marsa said...

eep so cuuute :)
you're lucky nothings making you sick. i would hate to not be able to eat food.

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Mrs. K said...

I craved BK chicken sandwiches with Baby A, too. Whew! When Mama wanted a chicken sandwich--watch out! ;)