Saturday, July 6, 2013

Hospital Bag Checklist

Thank god for pinterest these days! 
I got a lot of my "what to pack" from several different places.. some things I didn't even use. Here's just one more person's (lil ol me) point of view or suggestions of what you should pack.

I had 2 bags I packed.. well technically we had 3 cuz Hubbs insisted on packing his last minute in his backpack.. his was just stocked with some Rockstars, beef jerky, and a change of clothes and some sweats to sleep in. Also we brought along a pillow and blanket which hubs used for his nights on the hospital room couch.. 

For Mama: 
1. Nightgown (the hospital gown got annoying after the first day, either my butt was showing or my boobs were since they have openings in the front I guess for easy access for nursing)
2. Robe (I didn't really need this, as my water broke and I didn't have to walk the floors, but you may need to so having a robe to cover your hiney would be nice)
3. Flip Flops (yes especially when I got to take a shower!)
4. Socks (I bought some cute socks and wore em for during delivery as my mom pointed out my feet were dirty lol!)
5. Going home clothes for mom. Something comfy and loose for the bottoms as you'll be wearing a nice big pad. And a loose top since you'll still look about 6mos preggers.
6. Nursing bra (check out for how to decide what size you'll most likely need- mine is pretty acurate!)
7. Toiletries (shampoo/conditioner, soap, toothpaste and toothbrush, deodorant)
8. Hairbrush and hair ties, clip (whatever to pull your hair back if you don't want it in your face)
9. Tablet (& charger), magazines- (Although I really didn't have any time to look at a magazine and only used my tablet once while baby was sleeping and my sister wanted to show me something online..)
10. Camera (& charger)/ flip cam
11. Chargers for phones! (I was texting away like cray the whole time- posting pictures so we needed our chargers!)

Stuff I packed that I didn't even need:
- Undies (I actually loved the lil mesh panties the hospital gave me.. even took home a few pairs)
- Pads (the hospital made sure i was prepared.. even gave me packs to take home)
- A can of Dermoplast (this stuff you need! Heaven! but hospital had some for me )
- Portable speaker & ipod (I didn't even use.. any quiet/down time I was encouraged or needed to sleep)
- Nursing cover (umm you do not care to cover up after all you went through)

For Baby:
1. Newborn size outfit
2. 3 mos size outfit
3. Little hat & mittens
4. Blanket
5. Car seat! (Installed!)
6. Hair bow for cute going home pics (I brought a few options!)

Leave the diapers, wipes etc at home! Hospital will take care of you!

Some tips for those that may find this helpful:
Once we were at the hospital and ready to go home we stocked up on pretty much everything that was in our room! In the baby's cart we were allowed to take everything except the blankets and shirts. This included the tiny baby hats, the blue bulb thing, diapers, we took it all! Every day we took them out and the nurses would just keep re-stocking. We were set on Newborn diapers! 

Also I made sure to stock up on a few things for me- "chuckies" the blue pads that you wore in your mesh undies for the pads.. I actually stocked up and use them still for on her changing table. Some of our changing sessions have been a lil messy so it's a quick clean up.
The other favorites were the mesh underwear, pads, ice pack pads, and the paper towel wipes. These wipes were used so much the first 2 weeks when it's suggested you don't use real wipes.. Just warm water to clean them.. Especially on our 2nd week lil miss broke out with a diaper rash so we used warm water to clean.. 

I think I covered everything! If you have any questions feel free to ask! It was amazing to have some of my friends to turn to and ask advice from! Shout out to Taush! My lifesaver! She made sure I was prepped! I even stocked up on stuff to take care of the dreaded hemorrhoids but luckily I was saved from those! Plus if you don't stock up.. the hospital also gave me stuff to help with them like Tucks witch hazel pads.. 

XoXo Rachel


Joeylee said...

Pinterest helped me in packing too

Katie said...

i need this!! and need to add things to our bag!

whippedmoos said...

With my first, the hospital offered witch hazel wipes in addition to the Dermaplast. Amazing stuff!!! Thanks for the list!

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