Wednesday, January 30, 2013

McKenzie Rose ♡

Kenzie or Mac for short, this is our lil girl at 18w6d.

What's in a name? 
Well her name is because I love Kenzie (what i'll most likely call her) and the spelling is from my maiden name.. McConvey.
My dad goes by Mac.. we have a dog named Mac.. and so my family insists they'll probably call her Mac.. which I think is totally cute for a lil girl too but I fell in love with Kenzie.

The middle name? No significance really.. I heard it one day, thought the two names sounded really pretty together, and then one day it dawned on me (being a June baby too) the Rose is the flower of June. Aha! it was meant to be! :)

I ran it by my sweets and he loved it too.. The first time I could get a great reaction from him.. Up until then any name I threw out he liked but I could tell he really really liked this name, the whole name McKenzie Rose Cloutier.
her lil or shall I say big foot (i think she's doomed having two big footed parents):: and look at that face, kinda creepy right? But that is the beautiful face of my babygirl

After this appointment I was a lil sad because I thought this was the last time for awhile that we would get to see my sweet girl..and then we got called back because they need more pictures of her..  It's so reassuring seeing her, even though I now feel her moving and kicking away! Can't wait til the next time lil one.

XoXo Rachel


Mrs. Mama said...

Very sweet name! Time for monogramming!
In Jack's ultrasound pictures his foot looked huge and it turned out that they were really small. In all his pictures he looked so big and then out he came and was tiny.
This is such a fun time right now for you.

Joeylee said...

Awe I love her name. Kenzie or Mac are cute nicknames. She is to precious in the u/s pics.

Amber said...

beautiful name!!!

Emily said...

very cute name! it makes it so much more real when you share the name with everyone! we have a similar picture of liam's face from our ultrasound last week...definitely creepy. good thing they don't really look like that! :)

Grandma Mac said...

I just got chills!! Can't wait to hold her!,