Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby Countdown~ Maternity Leave Plans

So my last day of work is tomorrow.. YES! 
Total Nesting Mode in Progress.. these are my plans for my 3 weeks off unless lil miss wants to show up early. I am definitely not opposed to this idea.

I think i'll start my first day with a day full of watching my new favorite show Parenthood on Netflix.. started getting into it last weekend and now can't wait to have a marathon and watch em all. I especially like how right now I feel like I can relate to the show.. not any particular character or family but just the whole thing of becoming a parent and what they're all going through with all the different kids' ages/stages. Also it's a plus that it takes place in Berkeley.. kinda cool to hear some of the references about the bay area.

Tuesday is our anniversary so I'll probably spend more time doing nothing- but lounging, maybe poolside and then once hubs gets home we'll go out to dinner.. can't believe it's been 2 years already.. Feels like just yesterday we were celebrating with all our family and friends.

Pack my hospital bag! I know i know I still have to do this.. and install the carseat.. oops 

♥ I've already re-arranged the living room and our master bedroom.. so next on the list is the office and the kitchen. I have to make room for all the baby's kitchen stuff right?

 Add finishing touches on nursery. I don't want to share anything until every last detail is up!

Celebrate my birthday! I'll be 26! I feel so old! 26 is close to 30 and the thought of me being almost 30 is just weird! It's next weekend and really this is the first time I don't really care to do anything (like go somewhere.. every year we go out on a vacation).. I'd be perfectly fine with maybe a movie and dinner or somethin.. 

Go through my pinterest board and clean up and organize. (sounds so silly but I'm actually looking forward to this!)

Do lotsa walking. I plan on if not going outside (I don't like to take the dogs out by myself) getting on the treadmill every day a couple times a day.. why not while i'm watching Parenthood?!

Having a garage sale! There's so much lil crap I want to get rid of!

Go to my mom's "Grandma Shower". Isn't this the cutest idea? Her work is throwing it for her.. they just love her so much it's sweet.. 

Go visit both of my grandpa's... I forget from time to time how important it is to make the most of your time with your loved ones..

Get a tan for the hospital? ;) kidding kinda.. hey if I'm gonna be home during the summer, mind as well lay out and enjoy the sun!

Make sure i'm prepared for after baby.. for myself! Up until this week I've been all about preparing for her.. now that that's ready and I'm as prepared as I'm gonna be I started realizing like shit! all these things people don't tell you.. I've gotta stock up on the essentials for "Mama Care- post labor" and nursing clothes.. btw how the hell am I supposed to know what size nursing bras to get? Or do I just save that for afterwards?

Any other things I should be doing with all my free time? I know the number one suggestion is to SLEEP, but I can't really just sleep.. I have all this extra energy to just get shit done!

XoXo Rachel

Wednesday, May 22, 2013

34 & 35 Bump Update

How Far Along34 & 35 weeks (5/10 & 5/17)

Size Of Baby: At 34 w she was the size of a butternut squash! About 4.2 - 5.8lbs and measures about 17.2-18.7". 

At 35w she is about the size of a coconut! Other sources compared her to a honeydew melon which is a coincidence since I've been loving that fruit lately!

Maternity Clothes: same attire- my 2 pairs of mat. capris, mostly regular tanks, and reg. skirts.

Weight GainWell it's been a few weeks since my last appt when I stepped on the scale last.. I made the *STUPID* decision to step on it last night before bed.. dumb! i'm just gonna subtract about 5ish lbs! ;) Let's say i'm about +32 lbs up right now.. still not too bad.

Stretch Marks: Still nothing..I even had Bob check the other night and he didn't see any either.

Sleep:  Getting up a few times to pee in the middle of the night. It's been so warm at night lately + my body temp is raised so sometimes i'm just a sweaty mess layin there with no blankets on under the fan. Also it now hurts and I have to move a lot slower when flopping sides..

Best Moment of the Week:  During week 34- the most memorable was having our hospital tour.. bob is now in the know on what he needs to do and where to take me.. and I almost had a panic attack..Seeing the rooms and hearing the process and all the details just hit us.. this shit is happenin! And soon! 

(i left that night and immed. had to IG everyone this lil message below)

My other hilight was from week 34 as I got to kinda? celebrate my first Mother's Day.. although I didn't technically.. On Saturday I was in the Target card aisle (yes i was last minute shopping) and some woman told me "Happy Mother's Day" as she walked by.. I turned around to see who she was talking to when there was no one there and realized she must have been talking to me.. I thought "Ya I guess I'm a mom?" But I don't really consider that i'm a mom until I'm holding her in my arms.. and just the thought of calling myself or even thinking "I'm a mom!" kinda freaks me out right now.. lol and I know once she is here it'll all feel right and amazing..

Here's how we spent Mother's Day morning.. My dad, Bob and my sis and I took my mom out to breakfast and then went and caught Iron Man 3 in 3D.. thank goodness we went early because it seemed like everyone and their mom! (get it? ha!)  was also seeing a movie for Mother's Day.. the movie was pretty cool btw..

After Bob and I went to my Mother-in-laws for a bbq for dinner..

Movement:  so much tumbling

CravingsFresh fruit! (This was dinner one night! and was perfect!)

Gender: Girl!

Belly Button In or Outmostly innie but sometimes you catch it poking a lil through my shirt

Wedding Ring on or OffEverything off!

Anything Making You Queasy or SickNothing making me sick, other than too much food gives me some heart burn. This was my lil lifesaver this week.. 

What I Miss: Being able to walk or get up without hurting 

What I am Looking Forward toMy appt at 36 weeks! (This Friday!!) We have an ultra sound and get to see her, so excited!

Labor SignsNone yet!

SymptomsReally sore and painful when getting up from sitting or walking in my pelvic area.. Heart burn when eating too much.. And the #1 symptom that I'm having that just started right at the start of week 34 and is only getting worse is my swollen feet and hands! Man is it weird?! Last night my feet looked like they were gonna pop they looked so swollen! I had to run a bath and soak in epson salt in hopes they would go down but nothing really happened.. (I'll spare you a pic of my feet on here.. if you're really interested I was nice enough to share on Instagram (here);))

NurseryAlmost completed! Just have to make a trip to Ikea and put a few finishing touches on it! Can't wait to share pics with you all. Everytime I walk by the room I just love it!

EmotionsOh god.. talk about emotions.. Yes I have always been sensitive but a few things have just affected me more then they probably should have.. It's okay I've mostly gotten over these issues but man.. I've never felt so lonely and sad as I have in the past few weeks and that's mostly just because I've been so sensitive and hormonal..Let me clarify, I haven't felt depressed- definitely have my happy days but some days I felt like this..close friends and family I'm feeling let down by.. 

I remember thinking (about people at work) that everyone keeps asking me "How I'm doing" and it was starting to get annoying because I was hearing it too much.. but now.. just a simple text, a check-in from my best made my day :) xoxo danielle..

Anyways to end on a happier note- I hit the 1 month from my due date yesterday! eek! Can't wait for my appt Friday to check everything out & see how she's doing!

XoXo Rachel

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

It's Baby Shower Time!

Ok I finally had time to edit and play with all the pics.. You ready for a picture overload?

My baby shower for lil miss McKenzie took place on April 28th, 2013.
My mom and mother in law threw it for me at my Mother in Law's place.. Can you blame me for trying to get married there?
The house looked beautiful and all the decorations that they did looked great!
I was a bit nervous since I don't really love all the attention on me but it was a lot of fun.

Instead of party favor we had a candy buffet set up where guests could take home a bag full of candy.. which also had mine and hubbs baby pictures on display... He's the lil chubbers to the left.. I had a full on collage of me.

It was very hot! Let's just say I'm glad I was wearing black or you woulda seen all sorts of hotness showing through..

I requested that we not play all the silly baby games but there were still plenty of ways to go home with a lil prize.

  • We did the guess my belly size - since that's kinda fun to see what everyone thinks..
  • The #7th gift opened (who it was from)
  • A diaper raffle (all that also brought diapers had their name entered to be drawn)
  • After cake was served, who ever had an X on the bottom of their plate

Also my cousin brought a cute idea to the table during our Easter get together of having a hairbow decorating station.. so I told them they were in charge of making it happen..I'm so happy we went with it.. Lil miss received so many cute hair bows/headbands. (below my bff and lil cousin are busy making headbands)

All in all it was a great day and we got spoiled and took home a truck and 2 car fulls of stuff!

At work a couple days later I was again spoiled with a Surprise Baby Shower.

Do I look surprised? I tried.. I ended up finding out a few hours before because my boss (poor thing tried) forgot to make the "meeting" invite "private" so when I tried to schedule a meeting with her earlier that day I saw it on her calendar. She still doesn't know I knew.. I'll let her feel like she pulled it off cuz she was pretty excited. 

It was also really great to feel so appreciated and loved by my co-workers.. I ended up getting a Target giftcard of $250! Yah I was shocked, definitely didn't expect that much. It was so nice because even after my shower I still didn't get a few of the big ticket items so it was such a relief to get this gift.. I quickly went home that night and ordered a few things! :)

3 weeks later I still have my room looking like this..This pic I took was more to capture all the diapers I got so there is way way more stuff to the right and left of the diapers but this is a good idea.. I got a lot of putting away and finding homes to do. 

Only 11 more "working" days left before maternity leave. Can't come soon enough!
XoXo Rachel

Friday, May 10, 2013

33 week Bump Update

How Far Along33 weeks (5/3) -above pic is actually 33w5d

Size Of Baby: what the hell is that?! >>

Maternity Clotheshaven't even though about wearing my mat. jeans lately since it's been so hot out so i'm basically living in normal clothes (skirts and dresses) and a few maternity tops..

Weight Gaini weighed in this morning at my 33 week check up (dr. was out of town during my 32 week) at an even +30lbs.. ok i thought about telling you how much i weighed but maybe i'll spare myself the humiliation for now.. ;)

Stretch Marks: Still nothing..but i did think i saw something until i realized it was a scratch

Sleep:  Well i am feeling HUGE- like my stomach is up to my boobs so sleeping sitting up isn't so comfy anymore.. and i've been having bouts of #pregoinsomnia.. i can't fall asleep when it's bed time (10pm) and then i wake up to pee and can't fall back asleep.. 

Best Moment of the Week:  getting to hear babygirl's healthy heart beat and hearing that she's already head down and next appt we'll get to take a look at her with an ultra sound! Also getting to go watch my baby sis graduate college! #soproud #futureteacher

Movement: i've been laggin on my kick count card because she's so active but i noticed she's calming down more.. sleeping more.. but still REALLY active when she's awake!

Cravingsi noticed i've been loving pastries and needing that dessert treat everyday.. like i bought a pack of muffins from the grocery bakery and bob hasn't had 1.. there's 1 left.. and it hasn't even been 1/2 the week!

Gender: Baby Girl ! McKenzie Rose!

Belly Button In or Outi noticed the other day when i was watchin tv..when i exhale it pops out a lil.. inhale it goes back in.. ;) the most part it's still an innie but very stretched

Wedding Ring on or OffI took em both off this week :(.. feel naked and have a nice tan line but it's just been so warm i didn't want to risk anything.

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: I did start feeling a lil quesy this week but i think it's just from my stomach being so full or the fact that my stomach is getting squished and is up in my boobs

What I Miss: not feeling so uncomfortable! I'm even having trouble breathing sometimes.. 

What I am Looking Forward toMy 36week appt cuz we get to see her on the big little screen!

Labor SignsFound out that those feelings i just started having like when bending over or making the bed the other day were most likely braxton hick contractions.. I guess i have had them before and just thought I was feeling her butt up against me or something.. 

Symptoms: I haven't noticed my feet swelling yet but they are oh so sore.. especially after our busy weekend, I was on my feet alot  and they just hurt! Even getting a pedi didn't really help.. 

Nurseryi've been told over and over to get off his case- it's happening, he's finishing this week.. we'll see about that..

Emotions: well my cry baby side has come out again..i was balling before Sammy even sat down at the graduation.. That pomp n circumstance shit is terrible! gets me everytime!

XoXo Rachel

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

31 & 32 Bump Update

How Far Along31 & 32 weeks (4/19 & 4/26)

Size Of BabyWell lets see.. at 31 babygirl should be about the size of a pineapple (15.2-16.7 inches, 2.5-3.8 lb.).. At 32 we're looking at a squash.. some sort of squash.. i dunno i think it's like a small pumpkin (the pic they show)

Maternity Clothesliving in my maxis and skirts with this heat!

Weight Gainstill holding at under 30lbs

Stretch Marks: Still nothing..but i did think i saw something until i realized it was a scratch

Sleep:  Getting up a few times to pee in the middle of the night and then randomly always waking up around 3 and then can't go back to sleep for awhile.. 

Best Moment of the Week:  can't really remember anything being memorable during week 31 but during week 32 I had my baby shower! It was perfect! My mom and mother in law threw it for me and did an amazing job.. Post to come soon with tons of pics!

Movement:  movin' and a shakin'

Cravingsnothing really I can remember

Gender: Baby Girl ! McKenzie Rose!

Belly Button In or OutStill looks like an innie but it doesn't really go in anymore just doesn't stick out

Wedding Ring on or OffWedding band off, but engagement ring on.

Anything Making You Queasy or SickNothin

What I Miss: the usual at this point.. 

What I am Looking Forward toMaternity leave! lol I'm almost in my final month and now it'll just go by slow!

Labor SignsNone yet!

SymptomsHeavy belly hurts after standing/walking for awhile

NurseryStill under construction ;) Only one last wall needs to be painted! "Cmon Bob get on it!"

EmotionsI'd say i'm doing pretty good actually.. not really emotional, bitchy or extremely happy.. Just looking forward to it wrapping up and now it doesn't feel so long away so that's making it easier.

XoXo Rachel