Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fun in the Sun

This past weekend, over the holiday weekend.. we had such an awesome time! We actually came home early but still had a blast!

We went and stayed with my father in law and is wife on Saturday and BBQ'd a big dinner.


And then on Sunday we went to the lake and spent all day there playing.

The day had a few hiccups but we all still made the best of it.
To begin-  since the water levels are so low here in CA - everywhere,  my father in law drove his truck pretty much across the lake and we found a spot where we met them on our boats and pulled up to them. They tried to put the jet ski in the water and well..their huge truck got stuck in the sand! For hours my FIL's wife, Sue, was gone looking for a tow truck. Finally like 3 hours later and $300 later the tow truck came and successfully pulled them out..Leaving the huge holes for the kids to play in.. Like Kenzie just loved doing (below). Mudbath anyone?

The weather was beautiful, not too hot (probs like 80ish) and the water temp was perfect! Since I couldn't go play on the jet ski or tube I brought my own little floaty and me and Kenz just floated around.

There were a bunch of kids there that she was having a blast playing with too.

The great thing about our boat/beach days... it's just like camping. You have no sense of time.
Eventually a few of us were getting tired around 530ish- this Mama was the first to chime in and ask to head out! And I can say for Kenzie- no naps led to her instantly crashing as soon we got in the truck.

We stayed for dinner when we got back and then headed home after. We didn't get back home until about 10:30 but it was nice to just be in our own bed and home.

My phone has no service where they live so it was nice to escape for a little bit too and just unplug. I need to do this more often,

My phone also died and I just didn't care really to charge it so I didn't get too many pictures but a quick get away was awesome and much needed!

Monday- Memorial Day we had a great day just doing a bunch of nothing. Everyone was still worn out and recovering from Sunday. The dogs I think fully recovered late Tuesday. They were so beat.

We still have no oven/stove so we had a great little cookout to end our fun filled weekend!

Pregnancy check- in: We have an appt on Monday.. I'll be 30 weeks already this Saturday! Some days it still feels so far away but then when I think about it, how it's down to 10 weeks til my due date.. Now that just doesn't seem too far away at all!

My friend I were talking about last week.. she had her baby BOY late Sunday. They got induced and after getting her epidural her and baby's blood pressure started dropping fast so she had to have an emergency C-section. It was a scary first 24 hours but thankfully they are both ok and I can't wait to go see him and his sweet mama tomorrow!

This all made me very excited for my sweet girl to get here. I need to get my butt in gear and start doin the house stuff I wanted to do before she comes!

This summer is going to FLY by! June is just around the corner! And we'll be BUSY BUSY BUSY! I can't wait!

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Week 28 #bumpwatch


Far Along: 28 weeks! (5-16-15)

Size of the Baby: An Eggplant.

Maternity Clothes: Thanks to my fav mama and good friend Jenn, she sent me an amazing box of summer maternity clothes! I'm wearing mixed. Most days if it's a quick outing or early enough in the day where my belly hasn't grown even more after eating all day I can still comfortably wear all my pre prego clothes.

Stretch Marks: Nothing that I've found yet. 

Weight gain: +10lbs. Fun fact (for me ): I'm now at the starting weight I was at when I got pregnant with Kenzie! I don't want to jinx myself but I think at the end of this I'll have gained just about 20-25lbs. I've definitely lost motivation to work out but chasing after a crazy toddler is definitely helping me keep the weight from creepin up.

Sleep: Sleep has been great lately! I'd like to also think though that it has to do with Kenzie sleeping most of the night in her bed...She goes down a little late for me right now but she'll stay in her bed for most of the night..

Best Moment of the Week: Hitting another 'month' mark! I know I should be enjoying every second of it but boy I can't wait til she's here! I want my energy back! Oh and how could I forget?! Celebrating my 2nd Mother's Day! It was a great day spent with my babygirl (s) and my mom!

I enjoyed my first prenatal massage. It was pretty awesome! Thanks babe for my Mother's day gift!

Movement: Movin as we speak! She's a 930-10pm'er that likes to wiggle wiggle. When I had my appt last week she was already head down which explains a lot of the movements I was feeling. More low and side kicks where her hands and  knees are stabbing me.

Food Cravings: Just recently like the past 2 days.. I just want ice cream! Or frozen yogurt is what i've been going with actually.. I went to the grocery store the other night specifically to get some... I was looking in the freezers for about 20mins trying to figure out which flavor to get. (I ended up leaving with 3! oops!)

Gender: Baby Girl! Kylie Jayne!

Belly Button in or out: 1/2 way mostly an outie.

Anything making you queasy or sick?: No thank goodness. I'm pretty lucky.

What I miss: Some wine. I've finally hit the "I miss wine" phase. It probs has to do with how irritable I am I wish after a long day I can have a glass of wine and just relax. Nowadays it's get into bed and pass out as soon as Kenz does because she wears me out!

most days she's a silly happy ball of energy that likes to see how far she can go before she ends up in time out.. Then some days we get "Cranky K".

What I'm looking forward to: Memorial Day weekend is next weekend! Although I won't be able to have as much fun as the others, I'm looking forward to family time and camping and boating/tubing! Also one of my best friends is getting induced Mem. weekend and they don't know what they're having!! I can't wait to find out and meet him/her. I'm of course hoping for a girl!

Nursery: I finally started getting little things for their room. I'm talking little, like the same picture frame (her foot print, hand print and picture) that Kenzie has. Also Kylie's name decal to put on the wall under McKenzie's.
I also just bought a couple little things at Hobby Lobby to spray paint that I'll hang. But that'll probably be about it until I change the rooms around a bit.

Emotions: I was just asking my mom.. Is there a word for prego woman that equal Bridezilla? Cuz you can probably give me that label right now. I feel bad for some people that are on my receiving end but I just have no patience these days. Ooops. Hopefully now that i'm in the third trimester I'll get a little more cheerful and not such a debbie downer.

I think I found it...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Binky Free!

First off.. I'm seeing a pattern here. Monday's are when I feenol like writing. The past few weeks I'm only able to post once a week and both are Tuesday morning. 

I love Monday's actually. I know everyone hates Mondays. I'm pretty sure I hated them too when I had to commute to work and do the whole thing. But Mondays nowadays are like my day to catch up from the weekend. Throw in a couple loads of laundry, clean up the house, go grocery shopping for the week and get ready for the rest of the week!

I guess I feel like I get a new clean start!

Anyways.. Last week we took away Kenzie's binky. My plan of action? Cold turkey!

I had already started kinda trying to let her use it only when she was getting tired for naps or bedtime..But I did use it as a crutch for sure. If we were out in Target or wherever and she started getting a lil cray I would pop it in and it would give me just a little longer of shopping time. So I was just a little afraid to try it out...but everything has gone great!

Last Wednesday she woke up with it and then as we were getting ready for our weekly Wednesday "Mom's Time Out" playdate we put it away.

When I picked her up a few hours later, it was definitely naptime and she was asking for "Eeepy mommy! Eeepy" aka "Binky Mommy, binky" :p Followed with some whining and tears.

I simply just responded with "Binky went bye bye, baby" which was then followed with "huh?"
me: Binky went bye bye
kenz: huh?
lol over and over. And tears..Not a meltdown but she was definitely tired. And she didn't get it. Luckily we were right down the street from home so as soon as we got inside I grabbed her babydoll which she just recently started giving any attention to and just sorta tried replacing her comfort with that. We climbed into my bed and laid down, with her arm around her baby and she was out.

She woke up great, asked for her binky a couple of times but I just said the same thing, "binky went bye bye". She was still confused but then I just would instead ask if she wanted a snack or to go outside..whatever to change the subject and distract her and she was fine. I also had plans to keep her busy and distracted with cousin Bradley coming over.

Again as it was almost bedtime she started to get cranky and started asking for it. Same thing as naptime...we were ready for bed too so we just brought her to bed with us.. (btw that's just how we found works for us to get her down for bed.. It's usually bath, cuddles in our bed and she falls asleep where we then transfer her into her crib).

This time though as soon we are ready for bed, it was like she got a 2nd wind and wanted to play and wrestle with dad. I thought maybe if she had her binky she would soothe herself to sleep... so maybe this is what kept her up since she didn't have it? She was up late, about 10-10:30 she fell asleep finally.

Thursday, she woke up perfectly fine! No mention of binky! Whoo hoo! I thought wow this is so easy!

I had a dr appt to check up on little babe #2, and my mom watched her in the waiting room (I go to my mom's office which is awesome so she watches Kenz while I have my quick little appts). My mom said she asked for her binky once but no meltdowns.

Really from there on out we haven't had any issues at all. I was a little nervous since we had a wedding Friday night but she was great! She talked a little during the ceremony which the old me woulda popped her binky in immediately so she would be quiet.

These are now are little lovies.. She never really had a "lovie" before. I had always sorta tried to give them to her but she never got attached. Sometimes she would grab a stuffed animal on her way to bed or grab her little taggies blanket and bring it with her in the car, but now before bed she asks for "baby" and grabs her little blanket with Baby. And sometimes "Puppy". :)

This will definitely be our plan for baby Kylie as well. I think especially with nursing.. I don't want to be her pacifier (which I've had many friends where their babes wouldn't take a pacifier and only would calm down/fall asleep once they nursed). I have no problem with giving her a binky. We will just stop before she turns 2. I think that age is perfect.. 

Kenzie will be 2 in just over 30days and she just recently started really asking for her binky. I'm glad I did this now rather then wait probably another few weeks or longer because i'm sure it would have been much more difficult to break that bond.

Also I encourage just to go Cold Turkey! Or at least try it! I've seen some other methods, like cutting it little by little every time so eventually there is nothing more to suck on. Or there are books out there that really help with explaining to them. Binky Fairies, etc. I think at her age and just telling her it went bye bye, really worked.

Next up! Potty Training!! I just have to pick a time where we really don't have much going on for the week since I'm probably going to try the No Pants/diaper method. Just let her go free. Good thing we have hard floors. We'll most likely spend most of our days out in the back yard. Anyone have advice on potty training little girls? :) Any tips and tricks are very much appreciated!!

And if you need to try breaking from the binky, good luck!!! It was easy peasy for us!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mommy break

How do you spend your precious mommy breaks?

Thank goodness for an early bedtime tonight.. (7:45).. As I laid in bed with her til she fell asleep.. I could only start thinking of what I wanted to do next..

And it was not.. mop the floors (since lil miss decided to dump her watermelon on the floor to give to the dogs)

or.. Fold the pile of towels that are on the bed right now. (P.s. Anyone love when the load is just towels? So easy..)

It wasn't clean the kitchen since everything is still out from dinner..

I can make hubbs lunch early tomorrow morning while he's in the shower..

Or even finish cleaning the bathroom since some little girl just had an accident during bath time. (ughh.. I can't wait til the day when I get my own tub!.. Seriously!)

Instead I pulled the laptop out, plopped myself in bed and turned on the DVR. First up The Voice.. I hate commercials so I always wait til the show has started at least 1/2 way so I can fast forward.. even like for this show.. I don't care to watch all the performances.. My Mommy break will not last forever! I don't have time for all that fluff! ;)

And then I bought myself a little Mother's Day gift! My friend Danni just shared this awesome deal from Costco that she told me she'd give me a heads up when it came around again.. You bet I snatched it up right away!
Silhouette CAMEO® Cutting Machine bundle with Accessories

I am so flippin excited! I can just see all the little things I can make!! First up a AdvoCare sticker for my car! Yep! The new car needs one!

I'm about to go try this too fyi.. Has anyone tried before? Curious. My heels need some TLC. Even after pedi's.. they don't last long all super soft.

P.s.  Wish me luck.. Tomorrow.. "Binky went bye bye".. Poof just like that. And bring on meltdown central. But I'm going to suck it up and stick it out! My excuses before was oh she's not feeling good.. or Oh her molars are coming in.. well I've just gotta do it now.. before she comes down with something else! ;)

Ahh so how do you spend your sweet precious alone time?