Monday, August 25, 2014

Motivate me. Motivate YOU

So as everyone’s getting back into the school routine.. Me? I’m getting ready for Fall! I do not want to be like I’ve always done in the past and hide under the comfy layers.. And use that as an excuse to get comfortable and relax on my eating habits. Yes I will still have some Halloween candy.. and perhaps a PSL (even though I don’t LOVE it). I will still enjoy some delish seasonal pies and cookies.. Hey it’s all about moderation.. 80/20!


Both Bob and I.. and my little sis are going to be doing a group challenge in about a month.. Plenty of time to enjoy the rest of summer and maybe a few more drinks.. cuz Summer is pretty delish with a cold beer or Margarita while boating #justsayin


I’m so excited though and ready to do this 24day challenge.. My first actual 24 day challenge. All the ones before I just did nursing approved (from my doc) products and stuck with the 24 days. I’m looking forward to doing the whole 24 day challenge bundle. I’ve also stepped up my workout game, I really enjoy it now. So with that I’m also excited to see what my challenge will look like with also getting to the gym.






And one of my favorites.. because sometimes I feel a little selfish for spending money on myself to take these amazing products and do the challenge.. But really it’s not at all. Mama’s gotta take care of herself too!




I am an independent AdvoCare distributor with the company and it is my goal to help others with achieve their health and financial goals..AdvoCare products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. AdvoCare does not endorse products for pregnant/nursing moms or any persons under the age of 18. For more information on the key benefits of our products, please visit the product pages.

Friday, August 22, 2014

Catching Up..

While I was updating her 12 month post the other day, I was scrolling through all my pictures and saw all these cute ones that have happened since her birthday. I can’t believe Summer 2014 is almost over! Don’t get me wrong I am getting very excited for Fall if we even get one and cooler weather but still it makes me realize how freakin fast time is going by.

I am so so grateful that my parents moved out my way.. Especially with Kenz. I love that they are so close to us and I can stop by when they’re home from work so K can hop in the pool with her Grandpa!


“To Grandma’s house we go!”



This Summer has also been fun with our cousins home from school!





Our first trips to the zoo! Sacramento first with cousins and Grandpa Robert and Sue and then Oakland with Auntie and Marcus and Grandma



P7200190Red Pandas! ^



This guy charged at Bob, right into the fence!! ^








Or little family days spent on the boat!





Park days at the Splash pads!




Or just being cute!




We got solar installed! Looking forward to seeing how much we save!


Summer festivals with friends!


Walks in our new wagon




Playing with our water table outback. We do  A LOT of this..




Such fun days at the lake..  Really the only one we’ve gone to this summer is Lake New Hogan. It’s only about a mile from my father in laws so we’ve been going to visit and take their jet ski and our boats out.. we beach it usually all day and stay the night at the house. It’s been pretty fun!


also can we just all laugh at this.. I dunno.. it’s Bob’s phone and I somehow turned on some feature where it was taking my picture at the same time.. I pretty much ruined all the photos but it’s just funny..there are about 15 just like this.. other pictures but with my stupid face blocking it!

BTW the one below..My BIL and FIL are trying to fold the tarp up and my SIL took it as a great back drop for a photoshoot and Bob ran in and was all “I’m surfing!” This just cracks me up.


Fun days watching Dad weigh in at the fishing tournaments!



Mom’s first night out!! A’s game with Auntie and grandma! I had a blast.. can’t wait to do it again.. *Hint Hint*



Eating our Rehydrate pops.. yum! She ate all four!


When do you consider Fall to be here? I think September 1st so we still have a couple more weeks left and lotsa fun still planned!