Thursday, February 27, 2014

McKenzie Rose~ 8 Month Update


Weight: McKenzie is 19 lbs 10oz!  We try to go every week to nursing group. That was her weight two weeks ago.. I’ve also tried measuring myself to see if I should transfer to a bigger car seat.. Girlfriend is still meeting the requirements for the infant seat.. stretching out at 27.5” long.


That pic was seriously the best I could get. This is what the others looked like..




Crazy girl wants to pull herself up all day.

Health: We both came down with a little cold, more me then her. But lil miss had a little cough. Dry cough, nothing I was too worried about (of course I googled every kinda cough a baby would have..). Hers only lasted a week or so and went away.

Sleep: Girlfran is still sleeping next to me all snuggled up. Naps are the usssuuzz.. about 30-40mins long in her crib. Some on the couch but no more after our last 2 mishaps with her rolling off.. Oops :(

Social: We’ve gone to a couple story times or I guess music time.. where you love just to watch the kids and lady sing and play with instruments. We also still go to Nursing group (try to) every Wednesday. You enjoy going to see all the babies..Next on our list is to try some kinda tumbling or play for babies.

Diet: You’re still of course mainly nursing and then we do solids breakfast (whatever you’ll eat since you give me a hard time..).. sometimes you barely will cooperate so you then eat whatever again around lunch time. Most of the time I can get you to share a banana with me or I make you egg yolk. You’ll snack on the little puffs/teething biscuits or husks during the day and for dinner you have usually something we’re eating. You LOVE chicken and broccoli...ohh and you love yourself some turkey bacon! I try to blot the grease down but that’s prob why you love it so much..just like anyone else! At one point (prob for only a couple weeks it lasted.. You would only do purees.. but protested if it was from a spoon so we  tried the pouches). Oh and you love love your sippy cup full of water!



Nicknames: Kenzie, Baby, Babygirl, Boo, KK, K. You answer to em all.


Clothes: You are in 9mos with some 12mos pants. And I still left a little section of 6mos clothes out that still stretch out. Size 3 dipes. And shoes 9-12mos or size 3. You do not love wearing hats or sunglasses..



Baby Gear Love: By far the most used and favs are your walker and your ergo carrier. We’re also getting a lot more use out of your pack n play now. You’ll allow me to sit you in there to play while I get some things done. You’ll play {EAT} your books and chew on your stacking rings and cups. We’re always outdoors now with this beautiful January/February weather we’ve been having. You love being in the strollers and swinging away.




Crying: You cry when some others hold you and I’m right there. You want mama to hold you. You still cry sometimes when I leave you alone. Although I did catch you a couple times actually having fun in the playroom by yourself. 

“eh mom I don’t know about this”


Likes: Waking up to the puppies in the morning. Nilla will greet you with licks all over and you just have the biggest smile.  Cuddling. You are the biggest cuddler. You still love the tub. And being tickled. Anything we’re eating. You love Mama’s necklace and hair! You love Mickey Mouse Club on disney.. It’s so cute.. you really don’t care for tv but sometimes I’ll turn on the tv to give myself a little break.. and when this comes on you suddenly turn to the tv and are entranced!




Dislikes: Member how you used to love getting your diaper changed? Ya well not so much anymore.. You don’t wanna be on your back and you always start to scream and try to sit up or pull yourself up on the blinds. Also still not into your jumper.. Thinking about packing it up. Another dislike.. girrrl.. you are being a picky lil eater. You now dislike purees. Ahh! You get scared when Nilla plays tug o war with anything. The first time I noticed she had my slipper and when I tried to grab it back Nilla of course started pulling and growling and Kenzie started freaking out and whining.

Postpartum: Still feeling great. The only strange thing was I actually missed getting in my car and driving to a job. My old job. I kinda miss those people.. not necessarily what I did though. I just want the best of both worlds.. to see people and talk work stuff..not my life/baby stuff and duh make some money. But then I barely want to leave Kenz with my parents! So far they’re the only ones I really can leave her with..

Milestones: And we have 6 teeth now! We had 3 teeth (top left eye and 2 front tops) come in all at once. You are a trooper! You pulled yourself up in your crib. And now everything else.


Outtakes from month 8:






Some "firsts" that happened this month:

♥ You pulled yourself up in your crib! You get so proud of yourself now when you do it’s so cute. I’ll usually throw you in there in the morning while I get some stuff done (pee or get dressed) and I start to hear a little giggle.. when I check in you’re standing up with a big smile on your face. I caught it on video which is on my insta.

And now you try to do it anywhere.

Our first trip to the park




♥ But your first time to the park and on a swing was with Grandma. I may have been a little jealous when I saw this posted on Instagram while I was out having some “me” time.

♥ First trip to our beach. This is what we do. We love to wait til it’s low tide, head out on the boat and hang out for a lil bit. Either with friends, just us, we bring the dogs and let them swim and run around. Can’t wait til the summer to do it almost every day.


♥ Your first Valentine’s Day. And our attempt at a Pinterest inspired photoshoot.

♥ We tried out moving you to your crib for the night. It lasted only for about 4 hours. We’ll try again soon.




♥ My new fav picture. Daddy was out fishing and asked me to bring him some food. We decided to stay and hang out on the water for a couple hours. K looveed the boat.



♥ Your first football season. Silver & Black!



♥ The couple times you’ve fallen asleep in your high chair. I don’t want this to happen again.. I’m still trying to time everything right since we’ve started solids.


Here’s also a side by side my mom sent of me and Kenz. Too funny.


♥ Cousin Hailey’s first dance. We went to watch her get ready. 




♥ This silly girl.




My angel baby. ♥ Soon we’ll start planning your first birthday. And cue the tears!