Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Just a lil getaway & Week 6

I know it's already Wednesday, p.s. Happy Halloween! But I wanted to still share our weekend recap 'cuz we had such a great time! It was short and sweet, and a perfect change of scenery. Just what we needed!

We went to our favorite place ever, South Lake Tahoe..
this is my favorite view, no matter how many times we go I always need to capture this picture. It's the first sight of the lake when you're driving up..

Our first night there we of course had to go to the casinos where we like to sit at the Penny slots so we feel like we're playing longer and not losing as much.. Bob hates going with me. I start to get irritated because he doesn't know when to stop when you're ahead! So I ended up leaving him at the tables while I sat to the side and waited patiently :)

I also visited Starbucks for the first time without ordering a caffienated drink, Vanilla Cream.. it was good, but do any of you have anymore suggestions?

Afterwards we did a lil grocery shopping where I was cravin donuts.. so got a couple for later the next morning. We rented a movie and snuggled up, passed out  by 9:30.

Our next full day..  I told you we'd do alot of fishin. This is my hunny's fav. lake to fish at up here, Blue Lake. Yes Nilla was in the water and I was wearing nothing while sitting in the snow. It was so beautiful out! After I was beat, so I ended up taking like a 4 hour nap!

When I woke up we decided to take the dogs out and go for a walk along the stream.. If you're ever in Tahoe, there's this spot called The Keys where there is a trail that takes you to the opening of the lake! It's our go to spot, everytime. And he can fish along the way.

that was our like 5th attempt at a pic of us, I had the front view camera on which means he thinks it's funny to make dumb faces.. Until I told him, ok you know this is ending up on the blog.. then he asked if we could take another.

For dinner our last night, we decided to keep it really low key and stop at our favorite spot, Snowflake for some greasy goodness.. We're talking bleu cheese and bbq sauce burgers, fried zucchini sticks and the best nachos! Delish! And perfect ending to our trip! We went home, watched the Giants game and decided we were ready to leave pretty much as soon as we awoke the next morning..

Overall we had such a great time.. It was very short but we were ready to go home!

For a mini 6 week recap, I hit that this past Saturday..
Any changes? Well this week I finally got the morning all damn day long sickness.. I picked up these beauties far still feel sick so I don't know bout these things..I've ordered preggie pops. Can't wait to try those!

I've been seeing all your cute costumes from this weekend..
We're so not in the mood or spirit this year, and didn't even buy candy so we'll be turnin our lights off tonight!.. ba hum bug! or whatever it is for halloween!

XoXo Rachel

Wednesday, October 24, 2012

I've gotta secret that I HAVE TO SHARE!

I really suck at keeping secrets! Especially when they are my secrets. And I know it's not really good to share with everyone until you're further along, but you guessed it.. we're finally PREGNANT! 

I could not wait any longer! We just found out this past Friday, at just the 5 week mark. So many of you girls I read everyday have babies or are also preggers and I want to ask questions but then can't!

So I just thought, you know what screw it! This is my diary, my journal.. And one day I'll probably love to look back and see how I was feeling or what I was thinking about with my first, throughout the entire thing.. not just starting at 12 weeks. So it's out, loud and proud! We're so excited! Some of you have followed the *very fortunate* small journey we had to take to get here, and it worked! Thanks for all your well wishes and thoughts and prayers! :) Can't wait to share with you all my deets (sometimes probably TMI), and stories on this brand new adventure for me and my baby daddy. I can say that now right? ;)

XoXo Rachel