Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mommy Timeout

I think I’m the most excited then everyone else.

I’m sure I’m not the first one to think of this but at today’s little Thanksgiving Potluck play date a group of us mama’s decided to start a MOMMY’S TIMEOUT. And I am so freakin excited!


Every Wed (starting in December) I will have 2 hours all for me.myself. and moi.

Each of us mom’s (there’s about 4 or 5 of us) have a date picked out where we’ll have all the kids dropped off at our house for the 2 hours. And then the other 3 Wednesdays of the month we will have free. GENUIS idea right?!

I have already hit up my pinterest and started looking for ideas of what to do when I have all the kids at my house and then endless projects that I can get done with all my free time!

like this adorable project that my sweet friend Tausha created.. I can’t wait to do finally.

A quick, cheap & easy DIY. Transfer your favorite printed pictures to wood for $2.19!!


how to make your pictures into huge wall art for pennies!

My biggest thing too is I can’t wait to do yard work. Both our front and back yard needs a makeover and it’s hard to do with Kenz.. this will give me a little time to do that. I love the barrel planters too.

DIY Umbrella Stand - Love this for the backyard!

I think.. if none of the other girls do something like this, for my day we’ll do Christmas ornaments.. or some other kinda craft.. Maybe decorate sugar cookies..


Over 20 ornaments toddlers can  help make - pinecones, globes, saltdough, pipecleaners, and more!

DIY mason jar snow globes {too cute!}


The good thing is the kids all get along amazing and are very close in age. Can I say though I’m just a teeny little bit nervous to go from 1 kid to lets see.. 7 possibly! It’s just 2 hours. I can do it. And the plus side Kenzie will take an amaze nap after. Today’s afternoon nap.. over 3 hours!!


What are some crafts or fun stuff you’ve pinned lately?

Thursday, November 13, 2014

My favorite toddler reads


Remember that time I complained about my girl not caring to read at all?? Oh my is that not a problem now. She LOVES LOVES for me to read to her all day every day..

I love that she loves reading more then playing with toys though!


These are some of my faves from our huge library. We were so lucky to inherit soo many books from my niece and nephew so those have definitely taken over mostly but these here are my favorite new picks.


I love to get our books from Kohls, TJ Maxx and the Dollar Tree. Like those 2 in the middle at the very top.. these 2 aren’t my favorite to read necessarily but I love picking up books whenever I go there!


If you don’t have any of these.. my absolute fav is How Do I Love You? .. Every time she brings me this book to read I always think mid reading.. I love this book. And I love the illustrations.. it’s the same illustrator for the You Are My Sunshine book too.. And I love singing that song to Kenzie.


I Love You Goodnight, and Me And My Mommy are my other favorite reads too. I love the ones that rhyme and they have cute little lines. All these books (besides the $1 store finds) are less than $7 ea usually from TJ Maxx.


Do you have any book suggestions for the littles? I can’t belive I’ll have a year and halfer soon! #timepleaseslowdown

Monday, November 10, 2014

That time I thought I was pregnant..

I’m okay let’s get that out first.

This week I would be 5 weeks along. We’ve been trying since June so I’ve been tracking it all.

About 2 weeks ago when I was supposed to begin my you know what I still hadn’t and just had a feeling I was pregnant so my girlfriend gave me an extra test she had. Once I got home from our little Halloween party playdate I took it and BAM!  + | appeared. Kenz was standing right there and was laughing and clapping as I was cheering and jumping for joy. I quickly called Bob told him the good news and texted my 2 friends that were just at the party with me (and were waiting to hear). My sister came over right after I told her and then later that night I brought my little stick to surprise my mom and share the good news.

unnamed (1)


I wasn’t wasting anytime..

The next day, I went to Kaiser to take a pregnancy test there to pretty much confirm it. Afterward, I schlepped Kenzie everywhere looking for a “Sister” shirt to wear so I could reveal the news to my Dad and my Sister in law and mother in law. Bingo! Found one at Carters. So we headed to my parent’s house.  Oh anndd.. I even picked up matching (4) new Christmas stockings.


unnamed (2)

“Best Sister Ever”


Well that next day, Saturday just 2 days after I was supposed to start. I did. I had also just gotten back the results from the hospital pregnancy test- Inconclusive , which the dr said maybe is because I’m so early. And I had picked up another at home pregnancy test and had just gotten another + that morning. I was so confused.


I quickly (embarrassed) started texting everyone I had already told that it was a false alarm.

At first I was just so bummed out. I just wanted to lay around and not deal with anyone. Thank goodness my mom and sister came and took Kenzie out to run some errands which gave me a little break and I got some things done around the house.

The next morning my doctor put in an order for me to go get some lab tests done. We tried out a blood pregnancy test. It felt like FOR-EVVERR waiting to find out the results. Almost 48 hrs later I heard back that it was positive but my doctor still wanted me to come in 48 hrs after the first test to really confirm. My levels should have doubled if I were pregnant.

Thursday, after taking my 2nd test on Wed.. I found out that my levels went up but not as much as my dr wanted to see… so again she recommended I go in again 48hrs after that test.

At this point we were beginning to think I had a Chemical Pregnancy. Basically my body started the process of the pregnancy but the egg didn’t attach. All the hormones started producing which explained the + tests and how exhausted I was feeling.

By Friday’s test I started to feel like a pin cushion and still had a little hope that I was pregnant.

Found out early Saturday morning that it was Negative. Tests are still showing positive levels but they aren’t going up enough if I were pregnant.

All week I had prepared myself that I wasn’t but again still was holding out to hear, “Why yes you are pregnant!”

So to completely get over it.. My sis, Kenz and I headed out to find breakfast Bloody Mary’s and then did a little damage after some retail therapy. She did need some warm clothes afterall. Girlfriend’s already a size 2t! I have a feeling she’s gonna be taller then her mommy!



I still have to go get some more tests done later this week since my levels need to go back down to zero in order for me to ovulate again.. but on the bright side, like I was reminded by my friend.. this just means God wanted me to be able to enjoy this holiday season with a little wine since the past 2 I’ve missed out..

And I get to return to my beloved Advo products ♥♥



and ps.. yay!! They’re back! Someone else is definitely happy as we just had our last Gingerbread bar from last holiday season.. I like to carry these around in my purse for when we’re on the go and we need a little quick protein fix..yumm



P.S.S. Blogging is my therapy.. thank you for listening xoxo

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Abs = AdvoCare

Yep. I finished my first “real” 24 day challenge last week. I’ve captured my results before on here.. but technically I was still nursing so I couldn’t do the complete program. I still had awesome results the other time when just using the nursing safe products but I am most proud of my results this time. Although I lost the least weight this time I can see the results more now. Not only is it important to clean up your diet but you should also make sure you’re getting the optimum nutrition.


My results: –9lbs, –8inches ( 2 in the waist and 2 in the hips!) I’m back down to size 8’s. I was kinda pushing them over the summer..I probably shoulda slipped on my 10’s to be more comfortable. Now I’m definitely size 8’s and could prob try on some 6’s. I’m trying not to focus too much on the weight on the scale since I’m trying to tone up too. And this is a great reminder why…

This is one reason why building muscle is a very good thing for women.


Here’s one of my favorite little secret weapon workouts also. You’re not too far behind if you want to join me!


Here’s to starting the holidays on a good note! And NOT doing this!