Wednesday, September 25, 2013

24 Day Challenge ~Operation Lose Baby Weight

Day 1~
So today is the day! Seriously I was so ready to start eating healthy but I had to prepare. I wanted to get rid of the crappy food we had in the cupboards and really take inventory of what we had before making a trip to the store. We also decided that we wanted to really try and eat organic. Ironically we want to spend more money when we’re trying to be tighter.. Sucks how it costs so much more to eat healthy right?!

Last night it was like the night before Disneyland or something.. I was up to 1am looking up recipes, doing some research so I was prepared and making my grocery list. I was excited!

So first thing this morning I started with the Fiber Drink and not gonna lie.. I heard that this drink was hard to get down with the consistency.. but Peaches ‘n Cream is the way to go! It was pretty good. I definitely drank it as fast as I could ‘cuz I was worried of it started to thicken but I was good. It also didn’t hurt that I was able to wash it down with some watermelon Spark.

I remembered I had to take my before pics so here it is Day 1:

Ps. Small scale I know! looks so silly with my big feet but I feel I believe the scale more when it’s this kind rather then the digital ones for some reason. Pps. This is a maternity top.. I wanted to wear white since it shows my belly more and the ruching doesn’t hurt ;) Weighing in this a.m. at 204. I knocked off a pound for my clothes I was wearing..

After weighing myself I took my Catalyst and Probiotic supplements also and then got things ready since lil Miss and I had errands to run! I knew I didn’t have much time to make breakfast so I grabbed a MRS (Vanilla) and a bottle of water and mixed it in the car!
My snack before lunch was a couple of hard boiled eggs and an apple.
So far so good! I wasn’t feeling hungry. I already drink a lot of water since I’m nursing so I think that helps. It fills you up.
But by the time I got home.. I had a plan to cook a turkey burger really quick on the stove (my fav by the way- eat plain w/o a bun and just squirt mustard on top).. but Bob was home early and cooking up Chicken Sausages. He’s really into eating healthy so when he said it was good to eat I just believed him. Well I posted to the 24 Day Challenge Recipe Facebook page (which is awesome btw) a pic of the packaging and one after another people are pointing out why I shouldn’t have had it..

Already day 1 and I’m failing! Oh well lesson learned! Just 1/2 of 1 meal so let’s move on and prepare better!
Right now that’s where I’m at. I’m about to have my midday snack {probably a couple pieces of turkey and maybe an orange) and Catalyst. Then I’ll start planning and getting dinner ready. Not sure exactly what yet.  I know I know I stayed up late getting all this ready right? I didn’t really make a plan plan just got all the things I would need to make enough..
Here’s my haul from Trader Joes.. About 1/2 organic.. I don’t normally shop there so after I got half the stuff I realized it wasn’t all organic! #dummy I thought that’s what Trader Joes was.. all organic. Ps the Apple cinnamon fries are amazing but are for Bob.. and the bread is all for him too! Oh and the dogs needed more treats! So Boom!

Can you spot my product placement photobomb? You like that? ;)

Looking to lose some weight too? Ask me about the challenge! I’d love to share all about it!
I’m going to try and post everyday along my 24 day challenge but let’s be real this baby doesn’t like to sleep anymore during the day so my blogging breaks are becoming less and less.. :)

And today i'm linking up with the Glossy Blonde.


Ashley Richards said...

All of that fruit looks so yummy. I love fruit but hate preparing it. Good luck on your challenge!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

You're gonna rock this challenge! Don't beat yourself up--think 90/10 strive for that, not perfection! Trader Joes isn't all organic, but they do use non GMO and better quality stuff, so yay for that! (I did the same thing too before!) I cannot WAIT to see your after shots. GET IT MAMA!! xo

Tausha said...

You look SOOOO good girl!! Kenz is seriously SO gorgeous & I lovelovelove her smiling face & all her cute outfits!

What are you doing for her Halloween costume? And your making it? Sheesh girl, way to rock it!


Niki {Glossy Blonde} said...

Good for you for going through with this! I bought the Isagenix cleanse to do again this year because it worked so well for me the last time, but every time I'm half a day into it I crap out. Good for you for taking the challenge! You're motivating me!

Theresa of Shiny Rebel Child said...

Best of luck!!! Losing weight and getting healthy is the best choice you can make! I've had a long road with my weight loss and it's always worth it! Such a motivation, you look beyond prepared!


Karly Kim said...

You're going to rock it! Thanks for linking up, love :) xoxo

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