Thursday, August 29, 2013

You are a Princess [free printable]

I thought I’d share the print I made for M’s nursery. Just right click and save. (If that doesn’t work leave me your email and I’ll send the file to you!)

If you’re interested in it but want another color or size (this one is 11 x 14) I can switch it up for you!

babygirl nursery print





Also don’t forget to sign up for the Brin & Bell initial necklace giveaway that ends Friday!

Here’s a better idea of how small the charm will be. I love mine, goodluck!!

XoXo Rachel

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

McKenzie Rose~2 Month Update

McKenzie girl- 2 months (August 18) have passed already since we welcomed you into this world. That happy baby phase I was talking about last month..Ya,, you’re such a silly girl but you are a little colicky I think because of your gas. Poor baby. Also this past month you are so attached to mommy and anytime someone else tries to hold you or watch you, you let them know you aint’ havin it!
You are such a big girl though! You are for sure your mommy and daddy’s baby! Look how much you grew since last month!

EATING:  At your 2 month check up you proved you are going to be not such a lil munchkin! You still love your milk milk milk! I am very happy that we got this breastfeeding thing down. I would love to go the full 1st year nursing you! Even though you only take about 10mins to eat, I still love those 10 minute moments where you need only me and look at me with your bright blue eyes. And lately you only want to eat 5-6 hours! There have even been times if you’re napping you’ll go 7 hours! And then you wake up starving, but I believe not to wake a sleeping baby!
You also still have really bad gas problems. The doc prescribed reflux meds but then the next day when we spoke with a lactation consultant she thinks it’s because I have a forceful let down and oversupply so you take in a lot of air when you’re feeding or are fussy. We rely on the gas drops a couple times a day. So thankful they work for you as I know some babies it doesn’t help.

milk drunk

SLEEPING: You love to still nap in your swing but lately I can tell you’re starting to get bored in it and need a change of scenery so most of the time your afternoon naps you pass out on my chest and if I don’t join you I will sometimes transfer you to the swing. At night you also still sleep in your rock n play but when mommy is tired and I want you to go right back to sleep it never fails to have you sleep on my chest. I know one day we may regret having you in bed with us but for now I am loving and taking advantage of all the cuddling I can get. I know soon you will no longer fit laying on my chest and stomach. Also lately you haven’t been staying down for long. You’ll take several “cat naps” I call them.. Only sleeping for about 20mins- 1hour. Soon we’ll be trying out the crib for naps to see if you sleep better and longer.

CLOTHING:  You’re in 3month mostly but some of your little outfits are 3-6mos. And according to the sizes on the tags and your 2month checkup weight and height you could be wearing your 6month clothes now. Ps. Mommy can’t stop buying you clothes! It’s just so much fun. Some of your 3m clothes you haven’t even worn and now we’re moving into the next size?!

Weight: 12lb 11oz at 2 month checkup
Height: 23 1/2” at 2 month checkup
Head size: 16”
Hair: Still dark blonde/brown.. We’re still waiting to see what color. The top more looks blonde but the back of your head there’s a lot of hair and it looks brown
Eyes: Baby blues

♥ All your cooing. You are a chatterbox! Especially after getting your diaper changed! Your favorite place ever is the changing table. You become the happiest little baby! You love when I call you a "silly girl" or "silly baby". It gets you laughing and smiling like crazy.

♥ You found your hands! You love to suck on your hands and when you find your thumb you’ll suck on that! It’s so funny to watch. A few times I’ve caught you with your thumb in your mouth and your fingers up your nose. You’re discovering all the holes on your face! :)

♥ You started sleeping on your tummy! And with your little butt in the air!

♥ Your eyelashes are getting so long! You must be taking after dad’s eyelashes!

♥ Look at all that hair!

♥ You can stand! You are so strong! Of course only with us holding your hands but you love to try and jump. We even tried breaking out the jumpers! You’re still a little small for them but just stuff some blankets around you, you’re good. You can barely reach the ground.

♥ You blow little spit bubbles now.. It’s pretty cute.
♥ You like to grab on to mommy’s hair! Ouch!
♥ You’re starting to like tummy time. yay! Before we know it you’ll be rolling over!
♥ And love play time!

♥ You became a thumb sucker.. And now when you get tired you rub your eyes. I’ve picked up on this a few times now recently.

♥ You love to be in the carriers! Both the ergo and the K’tan. Both around and the house and running errands! Target is so much easier with you in this now!

♥ We did your hand and foot print!

♥ You went and met grandma’s coworkers! They threw grandma a “Grandma Shower” so many of them couldn’t wait to meet you! This picture is from our lunch out with Grandma after.

♥ My Angel Baby. I want to remember all the moments like this.

Some "firsts" that happened this month:
♥ Your first bottle!

♥ Your first time in the Bumbo

♥ Your first best friend moment. Nilla loves you and gets really sad when you cry. You two will be BFF’s!

♥ Your first time meeting your future boyfriend.

♥ Your first times riding in the stroller like a big girl!

♥  You got your first shots! :( Daddy came and helped because mommy couldn’t take someone hurting my baby!

♥  Your first fishing tournament!

♥ Aunty Sammy gave you her first bath!

Love you babygirl!
Love, Mama
XoXo Rachel

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Nursery Reveal

Dun Dun Dun.. finally almost 3 months after it’s been completed.. Here’s my babygirl’s room. I just love it!
Also I think it’s safe to say these are my favorite colors. My wedding colors were also gray and pink. **Just wanted to specify that the whole room is a light gray and then we painted white stripes and the accent color is hot pink..:) **
There are so many sweet little touches. And I had lots and lots of fun shopping for all the little accessories. I also recycled things we already had, for example the dresser/changing table was my old dresser.. the bow tied on the crib is my wedding veil (this is more for looks- she is still not using her crib), and the glider is from my Sister in Law. It sat outside for years getting destroyed but I knew we could still fix it up (I was not ok with spending $300+). There were no cushions- just the springs and wood so I made cushions and Bob painted it.
My nursing station has all my breast pads, creams, and pumping equipment underneath. And under the crib, and in the top drawer of the dresser is where all of the diapers & wipes are at. We got a ton of diapers at my baby shower, 2 months so far without needing to go to the store for more, and there are still a ton under there.
This nursery took many days of nagging my husband (he would much rather be fishing or just doing something other than “work” ) and he thought painting the stripes was a pain since we have textured walls.. but it finally got done!
I actually did the hand print and footprint since putting these pictures together and there are 2 canvases that my sister is helping me paint that I’m going to hang by the window. Of course put our photos in the frames, but.. if we wait ‘til then who knows when I was ready to reveal it!
Here’s the details if you’re interested of where everything came from:
The curtains I ordered from Etsy.
The print I saw somewhere else and made it myself.
The crib skirt & glider cushions made by moi.
From Target:  crib, rug, pouf, shelving unit in the corner, pink storage bins, and the white baskets.
Nightlight, shelves & brackets are from Ikea.
The closet size markers I made using supplies from Michaels. (sidenote- I was going to use the letter ‘O’ but found those were more money than what I was wanting to spend so as I was walking around and in the floral aisle there were these wooden rings.. worked perfectly and were cheap!)
and a bunch of other little accessories are from Michaels, Wal Mart, Etsy, TJMaxx or things I already had and spray painted hot pink.

If you see anything that I didn’t mention and are wondering where it’s from, ask away!
XoXo Rachel