Sunday, January 25, 2015


Oh hey! I feel like it's been longer then it really has been since I last took a little time to sit down and write.

So the latest..well if you follow me on Instagram you saw our huge news we announced on Christmas!

#2 coming August 8, 2015!

Shortly after we first thought we were pregnant, back here...Boom! It actually happened! I found out when I was about 6weeks along. Seriously if you really think you could be preggers don't spend so much on the pregnancy tests..I'm Dollar Store prego tests all the way! As soon as I got 1 very strong positive, I just knew. I mean I was already a week and a half late and with the free walk in urine prego tests my doctor's lab does, I used that to confirm. Actually in my situation with the weird false positives/chemical pregnancy that happened in October I just went straight for a blood test on top of the pee test. *The blood test is able to track your hormone levels, and in my case last time it noticed my levels weren't increasing as much as they should if I were actually pregnant..

I always love the cute pinterest ideas of how to spill the news to hubs but as soon as I saw the test, the first and second time...You want to scream and tell someone so of course I want him to be the first one and just called him right away..

Fast forward to today! We're into the 2nd trimester! Whoop whoop! That first one was a doozy! Man I was exhausted! Pregnant and having a toddler is no freaking joke! We're going to stop at 2 kids but I can imagine, pregnant with 2 kids or more...ahhh you better have help!

So far I've only documented a couple belly bump pics and they were both at the gym..

Just a couple days shy of 11 weeks. We're showing big time sooner now!

I feel pretty small still..I think especially because I'm losing weight! Not that much to be concerned about, but it's kind of exciting starting this pregnancy 15lbs less then what I was when I got pregnant with Kenzie. #thankyouAdvocare. No, I'm absolutely not taking anything still to lose weight! Just my vitamins and occasional fiber drink..Also only because I ran out, I'm now, (conveniently right when I hit the 2nd trimester) back to 1 Spark a day and my fave Catalyst.

The difference this go around? Well, first, I'm not eating everything in sight "because I'm pregnant!" Also my eating choices are a lot smarter since I really learned how to eat properly when I did my first challenge. And second, I became pretty active before getting pregnant so have remained just as active with weight training and cardio..and now I've picked up yoga and pilates classes. 

I mean it's a good problem to have, I guess..except I had to stop running the other day because my pants were falling down...

I just may have to buy some new maternity clothes since I have a feeling they'll be too big this time! Now this is a good problem to have. Mama likes to shop!

Now that I have prego updates to make... I want to treat this pregnancy the same as my first...share the same excitement, attention, yes probably another baby shower!...if we have another girl I'll just have a little "Sprinkle" since I already have enough girly things.

I can't wait to get back into posting more again! Next exciting update? We already find out the sex next Friday if baby is cooperative. ❤
What do you think we'll be having?! Can't wait to find out and share next week!