Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Summer Playlist

Here’s a weird fun fact.. I’m nosy interested in hearing what kinda music you listen to.. Here’s what I’m into this summer.. ps. there are a million songs I coulda added but got tired of looking up everything.. I’m actually probz gonna create my own playlist in Spotify.. if you use Pandora.. psst.. switch over to Spotify.. NO COMMERCIALS!


I recently started getting more into EDM music.. no I won’t ever go to a rave.. not my scene (maybe when I was like 18 and single) but I still am loving the music.. It’s fun and upbeat.. all the one’s I’ve heard aren’t inappropriate to listen to with the baby and we can dance around together like crazy monkey’s.. ok she’s so cute trying to dance and I look like the crazy one.


playlist ai


And here are the links to the songs/videos..

Calvin Harris – Summer

Disclosure- Latch

Magic!- Rude

Ariana Grande ft. Zedd- Break Free

Pharrell- Come get it Bae

DJ Snake & Lil Jon- Turn Down for what

Tiesto- Wasted

Ed Sheeran- Sing

T.I. ft. Iggy Azalea- No Mediocre (warning- not edited)

Paramore- Ain’t it fun

Avicii- Wake me up

Beyonce- Partition

Lorde- Team

Martin Garrix- Animals

Afrojack vs. Thirty Seconds to Mars- Do or Die remix

John Legend – All of Me (Tiesto remix) <<Kenzie’s current fav

Hardwell ft. Matthew Koma- Dare You

David Guetta (feat. Skylar Grey)- Shot me down


What songs are on your summer playlist???

Friday, July 25, 2014

My Before and After

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Last (end of) July in Tahoe (before), and this past 4th of July in Tahoe (after).

This time last year Jenn introduced me to AdvoCare. Thank you love bug for showing me this amazing company!

After yes only a couple months post partum, and already down about 25lbs since having Kenz I was so ready to get rest of the other 16 lbs (41lbs gained prego total) and have my pre baby body back. Nursing definitely helped me lose most of this but if it weren’t for doing a make shift nursing friendly version of the 24 day challenge I really would be probably gaining more and more as the holidays approached.

Today, I am now down even more then I was before getting pregnant..55lbs now.. Was 60 lbs but to be honest I’ve been doing pretty good eating this summer.. 80/20 but maybe since I quit nursing I indulge a little way more with my wine or a cold beer (or 3).

Just like my girl says though.. I am so happy to say or realize that my daughter will never ever hear me say, “I’m on a diet” because, this is my life now. Sure we eat out maybe once a week but we eat pretty healthy otherwise. We used to make pizzas 2x a week, maybe 3. yes I know.. we loved pizza.. Now I don’t even crave it! crazy!


Sorry not sorry  .. I heart AdvoCare!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Baby, you’re a Firework!

A little late but I wanted to still capture our 4th of July weekend in Lake Tahoe.
This mama takes 1 too many pictures there can never be too many and I need to show them off, dang it!


Usually every year (except the past 2 years) my MIL gets a house for about a week and my husband’s side all goes up.

Well this year was sorta last minute and we were only able to get a condo (which wasn’t the nicest but it worked!).


We went up Friday (so this year on the 4th) got there about 1pm. Since we were the first to check in we went to the grocery store first since we knew the stores would be packed. Our plan since was to obvi BBQ. What else do you do on the 4th of July?

Here’s my contribution..Fun and healthy, right?! Ok minus the cake.. I had to give options..


I had just gotten done with my 10day cleanse and was down 7lbs so I wasn’t going into vacation looking to splurge.. It’s always 80/20 people.. Don’t expect me to never indulge though! That’s why I bring my Carb Ease!

It kinda was a little off this year though with the 4th being on Friday and that’s when we drove up. The holiday felt a little rushed since we just I guess celebrated with everyone with dinner (instead of I guess usually all day..) Kenzie and I though had lots of red, white and blue outfit changes though!



Someone was getting really cranky..and then she was PTFO.

I knew she wouldn’t make it to the fireworks! Bummer

We were a little lazy and didn’t feel like dealing with the crowds so we just stayed and hoped we’d still be able to see the fireworks from the house.


I was excited though because my brother in law just recently started dating this new girl and we’ve done a couple lake days with them but this was the first vacation. I really like her! And was excited to be able to have a buddy! I was, well.. still am really great friends with his ex so it was a little strange to not have her there during some of the first get togethers. We see family a lot and do many get togethers with both sides of our families so I was really hoping I’d like her as much as I do. They left early Sunday morning (like before we even woke up!) so Saturday was really our only day with everyone.. It was beautiful weather all weekend so Saturday we packed everything up and walked to the beach.


But first, that morning while we waited for Bob to get home from what we thought was fishing.. him and my brother in law snuck off to the casino. We enjoyed some donut holes and took a walk/ride in the new wagon she got for her birthday.









Sunday we woke up to no Nick and Tiffany, but it was my niece’s 15th birthday!

For the day, us girls wanted to do a day of shopping and get Hailey some birthday presents.

In South Lake, there’s not that much shopping but my MIL and I love to hit up the Ross and shoe store, and they finally got a TJ MAXX.. I know I know.. same stores we have at home but for some reason we always get so excited and find so much stuff at that damn ross..

Afterwards we met  up with Bob at the casino and went up to the buffett for Hailey’s birthday lunch.



That night just our little family took off for a quick bite.. We thought it’d be a quick bite but our fav spot Sno Flake drive in closed early for the night so we ended up going to Chevy’s.


^the best shot I got of the lake, at sunset..

Monday morning we decided to just wake up and go.. we stopped along the way at one of the stream spots.. Love this picture too bad K just woke up and is a little out of it.




We had such a great time! Like always, can’t wait to go back! Maybe this time just a Mommy/Daddy trip alone. Yep. Much needed.

Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Mommy timeout

I’d say after our first week in.. joining the gym, both Kenzie and I (daddy already belongs there) was the best decision yet! I’m so lucky that she apparently is perfectly ok with strangers, in a new atmosphere and I can just walk away without her caring right now. I’m able to put her in there up to 4 hours a day! (2 in the am, 2 in the pm).. The first couple times I actually missed her after an hour so I kept it short.. but then yesterday I left her for just mins short of 2 hours.. at first I thought oh no way I’d leave her there that long but it crept up on me and I was able to shower and do my hair! Once I picked her up she didn’t even recognize me! The lady and I kept trying to get her to notice me but I guess I need to try and wear my hair done more often! Oops! Sorry babe!



I’m so looking forward to maybe my daily mommy timeouts! Shoot they even have a spa.. now I know how I can get my pedicures!


How do you take a Mommy Timeout?

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

1st Birthday Photoshoot

We didn’t do Maternity photos, and I tried to do our own Newborn photos so I knew I wanted to at least capture her 1st Birthday.. We had a fabulous photographer, Tylar Springer… If you’re in California you must use her. She was awesome with Kenzie. There are so many great photos I may have included every single one, kidding.. but close! It was hard not to! I am so so happy with how they turned out.. now the hard part is deciding which ones to print or put on canvas!


004Cloutier20140921 008Cloutier20140921 018Cloutier20140921 028Cloutier20140921 033Cloutier20140921 035Cloutier20140921 039Cloutier20140921 041Cloutier20140921 042Cloutier20140921 043Cloutier20140921 045Cloutier20140921 047Cloutier20140921 048Cloutier20140921 049Cloutier20140921 054Cloutier20140921 055Cloutier20140921056Cloutier20140921 058Cloutier20140921059Cloutier20140921 060Cloutier20140921061Cloutier20140921062Cloutier20140921 063Cloutier20140921065Cloutier20140921067Cloutier20140921 068Cloutier20140921 069Cloutier20140921070Cloutier20140921 071Cloutier20140921

078Cloutier20140921 082Cloutier20140921 094Cloutier20140921 097Cloutier20140921098Cloutier20140921 099Cloutier20140921 104Cloutier20140921 105Cloutier20140921109Cloutier20140921 110Cloutier20140921