Monday, November 26, 2012

Weekend Update- Thanksgiving Style

Welcome Back!... To life.. Unfortunately our 4 day weekend had to end. :(

We had a great Thanksgiving, I realized I didn't really take the time to enjoy it too much though, it sorta flew by! Our plans got changed last min at the in-laws so I think that kind of ruined it. I felt rushed, and we ate an hour late so we couldn't even stay for dessert.. But then getting to my family's knowing it was the last stop I was a little more relaxed.
We didn't even take that many pictures :( None of my hunny and I.. but here's a few.

Grandpa shot with my sistas and then at my in-laws, love my niece & nephew (Bradley wanted to take mine and Hailey's pic- just a lil close up.. I think that's what I was even saying therefore the kinda silly smile)

Here's some goodies I made for the holidays!
Snickerdoodle Rolos (my dad's favs!)
a Homemade Apple Pie (although I kinda cheated and bought jarred filling). It was still delish!

Black Friday
Of course I went out. duh! And there was no time for pics.. I'm not a crazy Black Friday shopper like some of you all I saw ;) I just go whenever I wake up. So I got my start around 7:30-8.. I only went to Jcpenney's, Bed Bath & Beyond, Kohls, Home Depot, and Target (oh and of course Starbucks- after shopping and waiting in lines I was worn out and needed to refuel on some breakfast).. I'm happy to say Christmas shopping is DONE!

I only have to make a few gifts but then I'll be done done.
Bob and I are doing this new thing since we're now on a lil bit of a tight budget and my mom gave me the idea of only getting each other 5 gifts at $10 ea. I thought it'd be pretty hard but on Black Friday there were some awesome deals so it was a SUCCESS!

Bob made breakfast and then we took off to Walmart to grab some goodies (for some reason he can go to Walmart but doesn't like to get his stuff at Target- I don't get it).. then we went to get our Christmas tree!

Afterwards I got ready and we left for our annual Cousin Holiday get together! Usually we call it an Ornament/Cookie exchange but this year we decided to switch it up a bit and do White Elephant. It was such a nice afternoon. And it was great seeing everyone. It was my first time seeing them all since telling them the news so it was exciting to talk about it..
My aunts house is like being in the woods! These turkey's love coming up and eating the chicken and bird seeds and then soon after 2 coyotes were running around behind the fence! Sister & momma pics and White Elephant. 1 thing I missed out on this year was sippin on mimosas with everyone.

Afterwards my mom and I decided we'd take a detour and stop off at the new outlets that just opened a couple weeks ago in our hometown. It was very exciting but man was it poor planning on how to freakin park! We there's only 1 way to enter the parking lot each way so after we passed the entrance thinking we can get in up ahead, we had to get back on the freeway and try it again! It was freakin ridiculous! But we finally made it in after 30mins and had too much fun. I think my mom is one of my favorite shoppin buddies :)
Her first purchase, and my new shoes! I also went into Michael Stars where they have their own Maternity section so I got a few tops!

Sunday (last 'n final day of our stay-cation)
I did some re-arranging of our living room.. We got rid of one of our sofas and then just separated our nice big sectional.. Now it just feels so open! I sorta love it! Now someone just needs to come take the sofa off my hands! I had to bet Bob $5 yesterday that someone would come take it if we put a 'free' sign on it and set it out front.. I lost. Still have the damn thing. Maybe at our garage sale this weekend someone will take it.

Oh and I almost forgot I finally had to try it since I've been craving a Bloody Mary.. While sitting by the fire and watching the Raider's get killed (again :( ) I made myself a virgin.. It was actually still pretty delish, I normally order mine "extra spicey" so I made this one really spicey I think to cover up the lack of vodka.. I got my fix and I guess it'll have to do for the next 6ish months.

After moving around everything and making room we brought in all the decorations and I got to decorating! As you can see we got our tree! :) I was going to get a fake tree this year but Bob really insisted on having the real deal.. So Saturday morning we took off to the tree lots! I still need to get the ornaments down but so far it looks and SMELLS great! I'm starting to see a theme in my decorations.. Hmm maybe I like Snowmen? There are several more throughout the house.. 

We still never took our Christmas card pictures so hopefully this week we can before it starts raining and if we get home while it's still light out! I stayed in my pjs mostly all day Sunday so I really didn't feel like getting all dressed up and doing my hair just for the 20-30mins it was going to take.

Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! And I'm already countin' down to my next stay-cation for Christmas! (this time i'm taking 2 whole weeks!)  :) :)

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XoXo Rachel

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

9 Weeks

How Far Along: 9 weeks as of 11/16
Coming soon I'll start tracking pics of my belly. Still nothing to see yet, other than the extra fat that's appeared around my tummy! Next time my sis tries to rub my belly i'm gonna scream lol. She's really just rubbing my fat! *love you sis*

Size of the Baby: baby is the size of a Green Olive!
Maternity Clothes: Nothing yet, but I did tell Bob I may need to wear the belly band for Thanksgiving! My pants are starting to get a lil snug and this way I'll be more comfortable when I'm stuffing myself!

Stretch marks: none so far, but I did buy some Tummy Butter and started applying!

Weight gain: Not sure really..My scale at home needs a new battery so we'll find out at next week's appt.
 Although I swear the dr's office scales are always +5-8 lbs more than what I really weigh! And they never take off a few lbs considering your clothes you're wearing!

Sleep: Sleep is ok. I'm up every couple hours to pee, and then usually wake up early and can't go back to sleep.

Best Moment of the Week: Going to Babies R Us for the first time with my mom. Can you say overwhelming?! But it was fun, and I'm pretty sure I already know what Diaper bag I want! Isn't it so cute! Love! And the interior is pink! It'll work for either boy or girl. And I saw ones for Bob.. I defintely think he's more of the backpack diaper bags rather than a satchel or the diaper dude.

Movement: None but I read the baby is moving around in there already I just can't feel it yet!

Food Cravings: Nothing I don't think.. The thought of something might make me excited but it's not like I HAVE TO HAVE IT NOW OR ELSE! I really wanted Chocolate milk a couple weeks ago, and then this past weekend I finally got to have Hibachi which I've been wanting..

Gender: Not yet, I can't wait to find out though!! Then I will really start looking at baby stuff and planning the nursery! I'm hoping we get a great ultra sound early where they're able to see something!

Belly Button in or out: In

Anything making you queasy or sick: Only when I'm really hungry. Oh and the smell of this Caramel flavored coffee made me feel really sick the other morning on our car ride in. Once after dropping Bob off at work, I made him dump it and put the cup in the trunk so there wasn't even a chance I'd smell it anymore. I also found out I have Strep B? Don't really know too much about it, other than it's common in prego women.. so I'm on antibiotics for it.. And still taking Progesterone pills until week 12.

What I miss:
 I miss Bloody Mary's and wine. So baadd actually. That's horrible huh!? Whenever someone posts a pic of a bloody mary, I get so jealous. My parents informed me I can have a virgin, maybe I'll have to try this.. But I really don't think it'll be the same.. I also miss sandwhichs! I've been really wanting a yummy Togo's sandwhich but everything I've read says I should stay away from deli meat..I'll need to ask my dr. next week. Also missing the energy.. Just going out on walk or shopping wears me out! Sunday after shopping all day with mom, I almost tore into some dried fruit at Target just to give me a lil more energy..

What I am looking forward to: Thanksgiving- getting to spend time with my family. Friday- We're going to take our first Christmas pictures! (this is also how we'll share with everyone the news!!) I'm thinking of holding the ultrasound pic over my belly, and then it'll say something like "Happy Holiday's from our growing family!" What do you guys think? Any other ideas? I'm open!!

Nursery: Nothing yet probably until we know the sex. Although we now know which room it'll be. Goodbye to my super walk-in closet! :/ And I do love now the "Secret Pinterest Boards" because family friends that don't know yet, will probably think something's up when all I'm pinning is baby stuff. Can't wait for a few more weeks to broadcast it to the world! :)

Emotions: I'd say definitely emotional. Sunday was my Grandma's 5 year anniversary/birthday, so we like to celebrate her birthday, but just reading some comments and really thinking about her made me bawl. I also knew I was super hormonal because I had to bite my lip to prevent me from embarrassing myself during Twilight yesterday.

XoXo Rachel

Monday, November 5, 2012

Week 7- I'm having a Blueberry!

I think I just had my first craving? 
-Carrots, yes I woke up starving at 3am and beelined it to the fridge and have been nibbling on some baby carrots for the past 30mins..

♥ That's definitely one thing I've noticed this week that's changed.. I now constantly feeling like I'm starving myself and baby.

♥ The nauseous feeling has died down for the most part.. Thank god. I tried to go grocery shopping and the thought of food or smell and sight made me feel so sick!

♥ I've neglected this lil blog world lately. I've been a little uninspired to get on the computer at all even. I've just been so busy reading baby books and laying around, being lazy.

♥ One of my favorites this week has been this book.. This one is hilarious and just like it states, she tells it like it is and some of the stuff in here is probably not really advice or details I would hear from anyone I know.

I also ended up telling the cousins! :) So thanks to everyone that gave me advice! They are all pretty excited and happy for us! Now I just need to impatiently wait to tell the whole world!
I will soon take to Pinterest to find creative, fun ways to announce it

Also if you saw on twitter, we had a little bit of a scare this past week. Everything is great now thank goodness, but it was definitely scary!

So, you know hubs has been taking shots, right? Well before the infertility specialist wanted him to stop she wanted me to go get some blood work done to check out my hormone levels.

Quick little side note- I went in the previous Friday and did this.. no problem. Heard back from the dr. she wanted me to go do it again the following Monday.. 

So perfect timing, I had already taken the day off.. Well.. the day didn't go as planned. The blood drawers (I dunno what they're called?) can never find my veins.. So this one woman tried in both of my arms a couple times.. ya ouch! No success, so she calls over some help and this chick is trying to find my vein, twisting and moving the needle around IN MY ARM.. no success.. this though is when I tell her.. "umm I think I'm going to faint".. and next thing I know I feel like I'm in a dream and everyone is saying my name.. I fainted! and when I came to, there was like 10 ppl around me, I sit up and throw up everywhere.. luckily they must have known this would happen cuz there was a barf bag out as soon I looked like I was gonna lose it.. Some guy from the ER came over and was trying to get me to go with him and just hang out in  the ER, but I declined. They didn't want me to move either, so for about 30mins I just laid back in the chair freezing, covered with a blanket as everyone went back to drawing blood.. It was so embarrassing.. And since I drove my self, they wheel chaired me out to my car [this is when I put on my 'make me invisible' sunglasses, so no one could see me as I made my way through the hospital]..

So back to baby scare #1 ('cuz I'm sure there will be more right?)
Test results came back.. Hormone levels look really low.. My dr was concerned and suggested I make an appt to get in asap for an ultra sound. P.s. after you get news like this, there is absolutely no way you can continue on with your work day. I was a nervous wreck and was searching the internet.. Many stories with the same 2 hormone that were low ended with the no heart beat at the ultra sound or women later having a miscarriage. 

Long story short- cuz this now has turned into a very long story.. 
I went in the next morning.. Hubbs met me there, and I was crying as we're walking in.. He's trying to be supportive but I think we was scared too.

The Nurse practitioner came in.. I had my first ultra sound and bam!
We heard the lil "kidney bean's" heart, as Bob asked the nurse "So is this what you call the kidney bean stage?" - it was cute, I thought.. 

Tears just started streamin down my face and Bob rubbed my head and at that moment I knew we both were so relieved. They measured it to be exactly how far along I thought I was.. EDD: 6-21-2013

The Nurse said everything looks great and I just have to take this lil pill 2x a day- not such a pretty way- until I'm 12 weeks and hopefully levels will start goin up!

♥ Here's our lil guy.. (as everyone seems to think we're having a boy).. I tell em to stop looking at my belly, cuz  that's just my new fat layer I'm getting that they're staring at!

XoXo Rachel