Friday, July 25, 2014

My Before and After

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Last (end of) July in Tahoe (before), and this past 4th of July in Tahoe (after).

This time last year Jenn introduced me to AdvoCare. Thank you love bug for showing me this amazing company!

After yes only a couple months post partum, and already down about 25lbs since having Kenz I was so ready to get rest of the other 16 lbs (41lbs gained prego total) and have my pre baby body back. Nursing definitely helped me lose most of this but if it weren’t for doing a make shift nursing friendly version of the 24 day challenge I really would be probably gaining more and more as the holidays approached.

Today, I am now down even more then I was before getting pregnant..55lbs now.. Was 60 lbs but to be honest I’ve been doing pretty good eating this summer.. 80/20 but maybe since I quit nursing I indulge a little way more with my wine or a cold beer (or 3).

Just like my girl says though.. I am so happy to say or realize that my daughter will never ever hear me say, “I’m on a diet” because, this is my life now. Sure we eat out maybe once a week but we eat pretty healthy otherwise. We used to make pizzas 2x a week, maybe 3. yes I know.. we loved pizza.. Now I don’t even crave it! crazy!


Sorry not sorry  .. I heart AdvoCare!