Saturday, July 19, 2014

A Mommy timeout

I’d say after our first week in.. joining the gym, both Kenzie and I (daddy already belongs there) was the best decision yet! I’m so lucky that she apparently is perfectly ok with strangers, in a new atmosphere and I can just walk away without her caring right now. I’m able to put her in there up to 4 hours a day! (2 in the am, 2 in the pm).. The first couple times I actually missed her after an hour so I kept it short.. but then yesterday I left her for just mins short of 2 hours.. at first I thought oh no way I’d leave her there that long but it crept up on me and I was able to shower and do my hair! Once I picked her up she didn’t even recognize me! The lady and I kept trying to get her to notice me but I guess I need to try and wear my hair done more often! Oops! Sorry babe!



I’m so looking forward to maybe my daily mommy timeouts! Shoot they even have a spa.. now I know how I can get my pedicures!


How do you take a Mommy Timeout?


Ashley Ponder Richards said...

Wow! You are one lucky mommy. You go girl!!!

Tausha Wierlo said...

Oh man. I would seriously be there EVERY day. Presley and I joined a gym for this reason (we could do the same 4 hour, 2/2 deal) so I thought I'd go at least once a day - workout, shower, shave, relax, read a book in the locker room haha. But NOPE. Presley had such bad anxiety after a few minutes every day they had to pull me out. I NEVER got a full workout - so I signed my 30 day notice and was out close to $300 in start up fees and what not. ANYWHO. Take advantage of that crap girl - workout & take that mommy break! I'm soooo jealous!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

I am SO happy for you!! I need to get into the gym thing I think…well after this pregnancy. I bet Kenzie will make tons of friends!! Enjoy your mama time!!