Friday, July 11, 2014

1st Birthday Party

The party turned out great! Lesson learned though.. before the next party, give myself more than just 30minutes to set up though?! Ay yi yi.. I had so much help from friends and family once they got there.. I still didn’t have things cut up, decorations taped up or hung and eventually took a look at everything and said “F it! It looks great! May not be what I had planned but it was good enough! So thank you to everyone that helped!


I’ll just let the pictures do the talking..Enjoy!


^ My cousin made her adorable cakes! And I made the little cupcakes behind!



Of course I forgot the cute number 1 birthday candle I got her.. actually come to think of it.. I guess I lost it ‘cuz I haven’t seen it come up.. We sang her happy birthday and lil miss fancy didn’t want to put her fingers in it, so Daddy had to come feed it to her with a fork!


^I guess she didn’t like us singing to her? That’s ok boo.. Mama doesn’t like all the attention either!




And then we started presents.. I mean can you tell someone was excited?!






Can you tell my cousin’s girls just love their little baby cousin?!

^^I’m glad everyone loved all the ears my sister and I worked so hard on!






^My best friend’s and my old BFF who actually is the reason why Bob and I are together!



Not pictured but so deserve some mentioning.. I’m so bummed that I didn’t get some pictures of a few things.. especially the ones I put some hard work into..

I made her Monthly 1-12 garland.. it was pretty windy so after pictures kept falling we eventually just taped them all to a pole. I love how it turned out though! P.s. this is the after so looks like number 9 and 11 took a beating :(


Also we had a little home made photo-booth. I even ordered a Polaroid camera.. The only picture I could find was of my adorable neighbor.. Although she didn’t use any of the props you can see the cute picture frame my sister made!

Here are the props I made..well ordered them off Etsy and then printed, cut and put on sticks.


The only picture that shows it..a small detail that took some time were the little table tags for what all the food. I had some fun thinking up names for everything. We had “Oh Toodles Noodles” for the pasta salad, “Pluto’s Pretzels” for pink and white chocolate dipped pretzel sticks, “Minnie Krispies” for pink chocolate dipped rise crispie squares, “Mickey Burgers” (Beef and Turkey),


And then we also had a small Bounce House for the little kids and a game of Pin the Bow on Minnie which was a hit! My sister made a Minnie  head out of black foam poster board and we hot glued it to a white poster board.. then I printed bows for the kids to pin (blindfolded- which btw freaked Kenz out so bad! lol the kids had my black scarf around their head and she wouldn’t stop crying!) the bow on Minnie. Again.. wish I had pictures!


Oh and one other little detail.. the goodie bags!

I know for sure I took 1 picture with Bob and Kenz on someone’s camera, maybe someday I’ll see it! It was a great 1st birthday and I had a lot of fun planning it and getting creative. Next time though maybe I won’t go so crazy on the decorations or I’ll just plan better to give myself more time to set up. I do have to say though.. it was super nice to not have it at the house and do it at a park.. Easy clean up.. and I didn’t have to stress about cleaning my house before and after.