Tuesday, July 1, 2014

1st Birthday!

*Because you know there are a bazillion pictures I’ll be splitting this up probably into a few posts.

The night before I cried my eyes out. Maybe being a little extra emotional from hitting my head that day didn’t help..

After I put her in her crib for a nap I looked up and saw my little tiny baby and it finally hit me.. This past year was a tough one, not because she was a difficult baby or anything but just all the learning for myself and then for our marriage.. I know they say the first year with a baby can be hard on your marriage and it definitely was trying for us.

On her birthday morning she slept through the night in her crib so I heard her little voice on the baby monitor about 7:30 and went in to grab my big 1 year old! Kenziegirl turned 1 on June 18. It was a Wednesday and her party wasn’t until the following Sunday.. I wanted to still celebrate on her actual birthday so we had a little dinner party at home.



We had some errands to run for the party and dinner that night so while out I thought.. I’m gonna let her have a Birthday Cake pop from Starbucks! She loved it, duh!



Grandma and Auntie couldn’t wait for her party and brought a few presents for her to open that night!




Eating her gourmet Birthday dinner of a quesadilla and chips and dip since the BBQ wasn’t ready yet and already way past her dinner time.. next year I’ll go a little more fancy Winking smile.. And then she just wanted to be outside with Daddy.






Our little dinner turned into a great little party.. probably how we’ll celebrate her 2nd birthday.. I’m so glad I didn’t have all 50ish people from her big party all in my house!


Can’t wait for the next post to show off her party! ♥♥

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