Wednesday, July 16, 2014

1st Birthday Photoshoot

We didn’t do Maternity photos, and I tried to do our own Newborn photos so I knew I wanted to at least capture her 1st Birthday.. We had a fabulous photographer, Tylar Springer… If you’re in California you must use her. She was awesome with Kenzie. There are so many great photos I may have included every single one, kidding.. but close! It was hard not to! I am so so happy with how they turned out.. now the hard part is deciding which ones to print or put on canvas!


004Cloutier20140921 008Cloutier20140921 018Cloutier20140921 028Cloutier20140921 033Cloutier20140921 035Cloutier20140921 039Cloutier20140921 041Cloutier20140921 042Cloutier20140921 043Cloutier20140921 045Cloutier20140921 047Cloutier20140921 048Cloutier20140921 049Cloutier20140921 054Cloutier20140921 055Cloutier20140921056Cloutier20140921 058Cloutier20140921059Cloutier20140921 060Cloutier20140921061Cloutier20140921062Cloutier20140921 063Cloutier20140921065Cloutier20140921067Cloutier20140921 068Cloutier20140921 069Cloutier20140921070Cloutier20140921 071Cloutier20140921

078Cloutier20140921 082Cloutier20140921 094Cloutier20140921 097Cloutier20140921098Cloutier20140921 099Cloutier20140921 104Cloutier20140921 105Cloutier20140921109Cloutier20140921 110Cloutier20140921


Katie said...

so many beautiful pictures!!! I love them!!

Ashley Ponder Richards said...

How could you pick? All of these are perfect!

Tausha Wierlo said...

I love EVERY SINGLE ONE! That photographer rocked it, the lighting and coloring is PERFECT in all of them! absolutely incredible - YOU LOOK amazing & Kenz smile is to die for. I say print and canvas EVERY ONE! :)

Anonymous said...

i just saw all of these and am crying! I love her!!!!