Saturday, January 4, 2014

McKenzie Rose~ 6 Month Update

My oh my buttercup! Time is going by too fast! In just 6 more months we’ll already be celebrating your birthday! Let the planning begin! kidding! NO I’M NOT You are my BFF for life! I love you soo soo much. I’m so in love. Actually makes me emotional thinking about just how much I love you. I can’t wait until we can chat.. right now you just love to watch everyone talk. It’s so cute. If we just stop talking and look at you, you’ll be so interested in what’s going on. Look how big you’re getting too!


EATING: We started solids!! That’s the biggest highlite. We started with Earth’s Best Organic Oatmeal cereal despite all the going back and forth I was doing. When it came down to getting the go ahead from the pedi and she was all for oatmeal as the 1st food I just felt comfortable to start with that. After a couple days with just the oatmeal both in the morning and then in evening (after nursing) we moved onto oatmeal in the morning and a veggie or fruit in the evening. The order we went in: Avocado, Sweet Potato (or Yam I guess), Pear, and now we’re on day 3 of Butternut Squash. You kinda loved Avacado and Sweet Potato and the Pear I’ve been mixing with your oatmeal. The squash you’re still not so sure about it.. Tonight I actually mixed in a little bit of brown sugar. Nursing: You’re still exclusively bf’ing every 3 hours or so.. And I just wanna toot our horns cuz babygirl we made it to 6mos of BF’ing! This is a big deal for us since there were so many times I wanted to give up in the beginning. Now it’s my favorite time of the day! Next goal: Let’s make it to 1 year!

You also love these teething biscuits! (very messy though) And not pictured but the Banana flavored rice husks Mum Mum (brand) –(not messy.. mom likes these more)



SLEEPING: I’ll say it.. Our sleep SUCKS! You wake up a few times during the night and hardly take longer than 30min naps during the day. You usually go to bed after dinner and then bath at about 8:30. Then you’re up just about an hour later. I nurse then you pass back out til about midnight. Again back up about 2-3am. And then again 5:30.. Usually after this nursing sesh we hang out in bed til about 7 just snuggling and watching the news and then you take a nap. This is when I also try to catch up on sleep. It seems (especially lately) about this time is when you have your best sleep.. It’s been making me think we need to transfer you to your crib/own room asap because I’m wondering if Daddy is keeping you up or you’re not sleeping that heavy with his snoring. Naps during the day have been tough because you are becoming more difficult to transfer without waking. You only can really fall asleep with me holding you. So as soon as I see the first eye rub I find your binky, clip it on, pop it in and hold you in my arms. Just like that you’re usually out. And I still have yet to perfect the timing and hand off of moving from the couch or bed to your crib. This past week it’s been nice with me being sick I haven’t minded the snuggles or being stuck on the couch.


SOCIAL/PLAY: We’ve been really working on your tummy time since soon you’ll be crawling! Ah! Right now I should just enjoy while you’re not mobile but I know we need to work on it. I really feel like we slack on you being on the floor because the dogs and the hardwood. It’s my fault that you don’t care to roll over probably. But we’re all thinking you’ll probably go straight to walking by how strong you are! As far as social goes we also went to our first “play date” or event I guess you call it. Of course you were too young I’m sure to really care about the music instruments or sing a longs but it looked like you had fun people watching and being around all the other kids. You still love love your Baby Einstein jumperoo and it’s so funny too cuz when you’re out of it and on our laps or standing on us you love to jump and move up and down. It’s so cute. And your walker. That thing has kept you and ME busy!




CLOTHING:  Boohoo I finally packed away the 3mos clothes. You are in 6 mos mostly and 9mos.Girlfriend you have sooo many clothes! I’ve had fun picking out holiday outfit though! The cutest little holiday dresses. :)



Your favorite toys are your highchair toys, your little pink cadillac walker. Your favorite place to sleep is in bed with mom and dad. Your fav food so far is avocado. Color.. well Mom might be pushing the pink ;)


Weight: 16 lbs 10oz 63%
Height: 27” (at your 6mos check up) 91.5%
Head size: 17.3” (at your 6mos check up) 100%
Hair: Still dark blonde/brown. It’s coming in so much more now, especially on top.. and def is lightening up.
Eyes: Beautiful baby blues


♥  When Auntie Bec came home for the Thanksgiving. YOU ARE HER FAV!

♥  How much of a wiggle worm you’ve become during changes. You always turn around to grab your lotions or the diapers.


♥ My favorite little shopping buddy. You are such a BIG girl now!


♥ Our Christmas card photoshoot. Trying to keep the ornaments out of your mouth and Nilla away from thinking they’re all a whole bunch of balls.. it was a little hard to get a good shot. In the end all of our pics ended up blurry with all your moving but I still sent it out!



♥ Our first December! The holiday’s are so fun!



♥ You love Bathtime!! and to give Mommy heart attacks when you face plant lunging for you toys..

Some "firsts" that happened this month:
♥ Your first Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving with Grandma and Grandpa got canceled since Grandma was really sick.. :(

Thanksgiving at Nonie’s!


And @ Grandpa Robert’s



♥ You learned how to wave.. kinda ;) Hey we’ll count it! Auntie was so proud.



♥ Your first time meeting Santa!

Google images likes to automatically do fun stuff to my pics.. :)



(^^dead..that face lol my babyangel)


♥ Your first parade. This is every year on our street.. it’s like the day of Guadalupe  or somethin’.. Always scares us every year when we hear drums and screams outside..


♥ Your first cousin Holiday Get together! White Elephant/Ornament/Cookie exchange


♥ Eating at Grandma & Grandpa’s! You even have your own chair there!


♥ Your first bath in the tub! No more baby tub!



Love you sweetcheeks! Let’s see what 7mos has in store for us! Looking forward to spending Christmas and your first New Years! :)


Katie said...

rachel she is seriously one of the cutest most beautiful babies i've seen! and i feel like i see a lot of babies in real life and in blogs :) she is perfect! and im' sorry sleep sucks. it sucks here too most the time and I am exhausted! i need to get those teething biscuits - where are they from?

Ashley said...

You do such a great job at doing the updates. She is just precious! I can't believe how much she is doing now. My favorite picture is the one of her with you shopping.

Grandma Mac said...

Love reading your updates! Especially since time goes by so dang fast!! Gives me a chance to relive it all! Love you both!

Joeylee said...

6 months already, wow! She is just the cutest.

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