Friday, January 31, 2014

McKenzie Rose~ 7 Month Update

Weight: McKenzie is 18.7 lbs!  Healthy girl! Haven’t had her measured since her 6 mos appt but she’s def getting LONG! Her feet are sticking over her car seat so I think soon it may be time to transfer her to a bigger one!


Health: Babygirl had her first little sickness at the beginning of January (or end of December?). It only lasted 24 hours thank goodness because she was throwing up from 2am until like 8pm. It was a really strange ordeal as she was still acting like her smiley self even right after getting sick. Her appetite was still normal luckily so we didn’t bother with getting pedialyte or anything. I spoke with my lactation consultant and she just gave me some things to look for.


Sleep: I guess technically most nights she is sleeping through the night.. or almost. (It’s just not through the night for me! ;)) Normally she sleeps from 8:30- 6 or 7:30 (with a few feeding seshs in there). Some days she wakes up earlier and some later so it sorta varies. She has about 4 little naps per day. They all only last about 30-45mins. I think with her loving to be in her walker, running around the house so much tires her out, just she’s not a heavy sleeper. About 2 of her naps are in her crib and usually the others are either on our bed or on the couch. Right now bedtime is still with us, curled up next to me. And right where I like it right for now.


Social: Well since we just had your first Holiday season you’ve been pretty social! Seeing tons of family and friends.


Diet: You love to nurse so you’re doing awesome there (obvi look how big you are!). Your first foods were avocado, sweet potato, Earth’s Best Oatmeal cereal, bananas, butternut squash, apple and pears (sauce). And your favorite “snacks” are the Mum Mums rice crackers or the Plum Little Yums teething wafers (YOU LOVE THOSE!).



Clothes: Mostly 6mos still but your pajamas you need to wear your 9mos sleepers cuz the length. And some 9 month outfits sometimes. Diapers you wear a size 3.


Baby Gear Love: You just LOVE your walker. You always just want to be down and moving around the house. You also got a tons of fun new toys for Christmas that you’re not totally into just yet but soon! The one big hit so far is your V-TECH farm walker from Grandma and Grandpa and the orchestra music turtle from Uncle Mac. The other Baby Gear love is our Ergo baby carrier! You love to go in it when we shop or hiking! Your new swing! Uncle Nick gave you a giftcard to Toys r Us for Christmas so we went and used it at Babies r Us for a cute pink swing.


Crying: You only cry really when you’re hungry, teething, tired, or I walk away from you. That’s been the hardest part lately. I can’t put you down and walk away. You watch me and when I turn around you immed start crying. 

Likes: She loves bath time. Playing in the tub and sucking on her bath toys. Getting her diaper changed. It’s always playtime on the changing table. I always have to distract you and let you play with a diaper or a lotion tube or else you try to roll over and try to grab anything and everything. She love loves being tickled and getting attacked with kisses. Dancing! And when I sing to you. You love your sippy cup! Your best friend Nilla.



Dislikes: Lately you have not really been caring for your jumper. You don’t really care to be in your playroom on the floor playing at all. Green beans! 


Postpartum: I feel amazing and am already 10lbs under pre pregnancy weight. THANK YOU ADVOCARE! I really haven’t been working out that much though. Some walks here and there but I need to make more of an effort.

Milestones: I’ve forgotten to ever mention such a big milestone! At 4 1/2 months McKenzie got her first tooth! Her first bottom. Also at 5months she got her 2nd bottom front tooth. Right before Christmas her top right eye tooth came in next. Now at 7mos I can see all other 3 tops (2 front and left eye) swollen and ready to come next. You push up on your arms now but still no crawling!


Some "firsts" that happened this month:

♥ Grandma got to feed you your first bananas/oatmeal! You LOVE Bananas!

♥ Baby’s first Christmas! See all other pics in these posts! Here and Here


♥  Baby’s first New Years! *2014* See post here

♥ We celebrated Grandmas’s birthday.



♥ Our first family hike! Last time we went hiking you were still in my belly!



♥ Auntie Bec visiting for Christmas!


♥ Christmas at Great Grandpa’s


♥ Our get together with our cousins and Aunty Patty!


♥ This. My whole ♥♥


♥ These giggles!

♥ My baby still wanting me to hold her to sleep. And how she always plays with my collar… if no collar on shirt she squeezes my collar bone as she’s falling asleep.


My precious time is going by too fast. I don’t feel at all guilty that we are attached at the hip. I know these moments won’t last for long so I will cuddle you, hold you, sleep with you all you want. Love you Boo!

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