Sunday, December 22, 2013


First off thanks to those that checked in on me when they noticed I hadn’t shown my face in a few weeks! So sweet! :)


One thing that I’m weird about.. I don’t really care for the “old” movies.. Most of em are classics but for some reason I just don’t like to watch them! I put old in quotes cuz old to me are probably not that old.

During the holidays there are so many classic Christmasy movies on.. Bob’s favorites are the Griswold movies.. My go to.. Love Actually. I’m watching it actually right now. I forget about this one until every Christmas. It’s got to probably be one of my fav movies ever.


I’ve hardly baked. Usually I love to, especially around this time. The only thing I really did was make some pies and cookies for thanksgiving, but with Christmas just 3 days away I better get to it!

On my agenda to bake for Christmas eve or for Christmas day treats, and also some treats for our neighbors:

1) Christmas Crack

Chocolate Saltine Toffee (aka Christmas Crack) - This stuff lives up to it's name and is extremely addictive! Salty, sweet, crunchy, chewy and a holiday favorite everyone loves! Easy recipe at


2) These mini caramel apples

Mini Caramel ApplesMini Caramel Apples

3) Caramel wrapped marshmallows

Caramel Wrapped Marshmallows

4) Snickerdoofle fudge

Snickerdoodle Fudge STM


Gosh can you believe it?! It’s 2 days until Christmas Eve! I know I’ve been saying this since Kenzie was born but, time fucking flys! Right?!

I better get to baking, stat!

I also feel like Christmas this year kinda got thrown off with Thanksgiving being so late. I’ve finally started receiving all my christmas cards this past week… and sent ours out.

Speaking of sending out our Christmas cards.. I love Snapfish. Always use them, have been a loyal customer for years..but I’m so annoyed with our xmas card this year… (actually I guess it really isn’t Snapfish’s fault since they do warn you the quality you’re uploading isn’t perfect).. but this years pic was so damn blurry! And when I previewed on the computer it was blurry but not as that blurry so I was pretty disappointed when I opened all 40 to see the end result.

Here’s the big reveal:


I just started wrapping presents last night and putting under the tree. And shoot I even told Bob he could pass on putting up the lights!

Has it been like this for anyone else?

Next year though.. a whole different story! I can’t wait! Actually I can, because that means babygirl will be a year and a half! Waaaahhh!  My precious baby is turning into such a little person it’s adorable but makes me sad. But guess what I still don’t miss the babyphase (just yet).


Anyways let’s be honest you probably won’t hear from me til after Christmas.. soo.. Merry Christmas everyone have a safe and fun time with your families!