Sunday, January 12, 2014

Christmas 2013 ~ Baby’s First Christmas pt.2

Christmas morning started early for us since well I couldn’t sleep with all the anticipation! I ended up leaving both hubs and Kenz in bed together, still sleeping as I went and made a cup of coffee and turned on the “fire”. We had spare the air day after spare the air day so no fire burning. Which meant that the Yule tide on like channel 3 would have to do. ;)

Eventually the 2 sleepy heads woke up and I put a lil bow on Princess and walked her out to see her first Christmas morning!



And is this not the sweetest thing from my Papa? We used to get $2 bills from my great Aunt Gen every Christmas.. so he’s keeping the tradition alive. And I never even knew about the story of him and my Grandma.

Shortly after we finished up at home it was time for brunch at my mom and dad’s house. We all got spoiled, Kenz especially. She is the first grand child afterall. And my favorite gifts were new knives, a cute bulletin board and a burlap dry erase board that I was just so excited to get so I can start meal planning. #lifeofasahmsahw
Also I had my first mimosa in foooreever #itwasdelish #oktheyweredelish .

blowing bubbles

Next and final stop was back to my Mother in laws where I tried bringing my #pinterestfail mini caramel apples.

Yah remember the pin I found where these looked fun and amazingly delish? I posted it here.
The apples were just too juicy and watery so the caramel wouldn’t stick. Whatever I brought them anyway and surprisingly they were still a bit of a hit. Except the sticks pulled right out so people had to pry the hard caramel off the plate with a fork..

^^That pic.. I insisted on everyone getting together so I can capture it. Almost everyone (Bob’s uncle left already).. was around and I just felt like it was time a family pic was taken. Bob’s grandma and step grandpa (93) have had a rough year.. so.. it’s so nice that they have their great grandkids around them too. Also it’s a great 4 generations picture!

After corralling everyone and taking like 15 of these shots (thanks to digital cameras) our night was over. It was only like 8pm but we were pooped!

We had an amazing first Christmas with our Kenzie girl and can’t wait for many more!
p.s. I guess we didn’t take a family pic?! I searched everywhere, unless it’s on someone else’s phone.. oh well!


Ashley said...

We didn't take a family picture either and we always forget which drives me crazy. I always remind myself but I always manage to forget in the craziness of everything. Jack loves his stacking cups and I have no idea why.

Nikki said...

Sounds like Christmas was a great day! Looks like Kenz like eating her toys! LOL!

Danielle Hanschke said...

Love all the pictures! From the looks of her opening her presents she was teething? Lol And that last picture makes me think of Harry Potter :) Glad you had a Happy Christmas!

Danielle Hanschke said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
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