Friday, January 10, 2014

Christmas 2013- Baby’s First Christmas pt.1

Bear with me while I play catch up :)

I feel like Christmas was already so long ago but really it was only a few weeks ago!

First let’s start with Christmas Eve. My little sis came home and on our agenda while she was in town was to try and see EVERYONE! So Christmas Eve we went and visited with my Grandpa, Kenz’s great grandpa. His gift to her was this crawl ball.. Little did he know this was actually on my amazon wish list! :)
Afterwards we went and visited with my cousins and my Aunt. My aunt (my dad’s sister) had still not been able to meet the baby so that was fun to see them.

But after all the running around all day I hadn’t been able to hardly drink any water, so by the time we got home I had THE worst migraine. I was nauseous and wanting to cry and curl up. We still had lotsa plans that evening though. I popped some Tylenol and was so close to calling everyone and canceling.. But nope not me.. so only about 20mins of being home we were off to our first celebration of Christmas Eve.
My family has a tradition of having Cioppino every Christmas Eve. It’s an italian seafood dish. My dad looves to make it and we all love to eat it. The only picture we really got..I look exhausted and never got around to really doing my hair or putting on make-up that day..

My new little family. <3

We couldn’t stick around very long after eating and open our 1 Christmas eve present (which I’ve always refused and said I wanted more presents to open on Christmas morning..) because we had to go to my mother in laws.
She likes us to open our presents Christmas eve so to her house we went!
The baby got spoiled.. heck we all got spoiled.
When we got home Bob and McKenzie were out not too long after so I got to putting all the rest of the presents under the tree and stuffing the stockings. Before heading to bed I just took it all in and had to capture it. In our home, Santa brings the 1 big present.. UNWRAPPED. I can’t wait for all our future Christmas’ where I’ll be setting everything up like this.

Pt. 2 will obvi be Christmas day and packed with lotsa pictures! :)