Sunday, November 24, 2013

McKenzie Rose~ 5 Month Update

6 ~ I’ll save that.. That’s Kenz’s first blog entry ;)

We’re just lyin on the floor together as I try to get this done and get her tummy/floor time in and let’s just say she has entered the I wanna grab everything you have stage.

My little girl you are not so little. I always call you My Big Girl!


EATING: You’re still eating every 3 hours or so.. Sometime’s if we’re out you can go a little longer. I think maybe when we’re just home hanging out you are like mom (or how I used to be!) and just wanna snack all day ;) When we’re out running errands, if longer than 3 hours I’m guessing because you are so distracted and interested with what’s going on or you nap you don’t worry about eating? The crying when feeding thank goodness is over for now! You still will do this lil scream after one side is empty and as I switch sides. We’re still going strong on exclusively breastfeeding. In the beginning I would say- Goal is to go to 3 months (that’s when I didn’t think I could last another day), then I gave myself 6months as I worry everyday about my milk supply. Now my goal is to go a year. I’ve even had a few questions from non bf’ing moms of how long do I plan on going for.. Which is followed with “no longer than a year right?” before I can even answer and with this look on their face like any longer would be gross. I used to also think I’d be done at 1 year but honestly if my supply is still going strong and Kenzie still wants it then we’ll keep at it until one of the two is done. I think this is also probably why I am so afraid to pump and bottle feed. The pump I have I feel doesn’t have the best of suck so I guess I feel like it will mess up my milk production if I use it. Anyways why use it too when I have the best lil sucker on stand by.


SLEEPING: We’re still on the same sleep schedule as long month. You still are only sleeping during the day for about 30mins-1 hr at a time (usually about 3-4 naps a day). And at night you will get tired around 8 (although this week.. ahem a lil later like 10 or so) and go down for a few hours then wake up to eat. Then again a couple more times you’ll do this until about 5am is your wake up time of choice most days. I’m kinda wondering if you’d sleep longer/better in your own room because Daddy can be kind of loud some mornings getting ready for work. Maybe soon (yah right?!) it’ll be time to move you into your own room. I am SO not ready for that!



SOCIAL/PLAY: Everyone tells us what a great baby you are! You will let anyone hold you! Going out in public is so different now. You will always grab everyone’s attention. Some times I’ll look down at you and see you have this big smile on your face and then look in the direction you’re looking and someone is smiling back at you. You are not a big talker but you will make your little noises mostly when it’s just me and you at home. When we’re with others you more like to watch and hear others talk rather then yourself. You are really loving your jumper these days. Before you used to just stand or lay back and play with the little piano and rolling football thing.. now you really try to jump and bounce. And you just mostly try to put everything in your mouth! You’re also loving the kick piano & gym. Again you’re trying to put all the dangly toys in your mouth. We have lots to entertain you around the house! Your doorjumper you’re also starting to like.. Not really jumping yet, mostly twirling yourself around in circles and just chillin.


hey girl



CLOTHING:  You are in 6mos and still a few 3mos still fit. Target’s Circo brand I’m finding runs a lil big which is good in your case since some of my fav lil outfits are from your 3mos stuff. Buuutt.. we did have to break out the 9mos stuff the other day! I think mostly for the pj’s! The 6 mos were a kinda snug in length. Diapers we are still in size 2! We had to get your Xmas pj’s out already!



Weight: 16 lbs 7.3oz
Height: 25 3/4” (at your 4mos check up)
Head size: 16 1/2” (at your 4mos check up)
Hair: Still dark blonde/brown. It’s coming in so much more now, especially on top.. and def is lightening up.
Eyes: Beautiful baby blues

♥ Your little squeals followed by little bubbles you blow. It’s so cute.


♥ Your inhale gasp laughs! Again, so cute!


♥ Visit with Grandpa Robert & Grandma Sue.. and Uncle Gabrahamson ;) They live a couple hours away so we don’t visit enough!

♥ This day. It wasn’t anything crazy just a day in the park, me and you.

♥ How you already want to drink and eat whatever we have. It’s probably more like you want the cup we’re drinking from or the silverware. Everything must go in the mouth!


♥ Just how smiley and happy you are most of the time. I know you’re going to change everyday so next month you may make mom want to reach for the vino as soon as you pass out, right now I want to remember how easy going you are. ;)

♥ Our weekend away with all our cousins and Aunts and Grandma. They all loved you and it was so sweet to see you all with them.


Some "firsts" that happened this month:
♥ Your first Halloween!! & Costume!

♥ You rode in a shopping cart like a big girl!


♥ Yay finally you rolled over from front to back!

rolling over

♥ Your first football game! We went to watch cousin Nina cheerlead her last game. You actually fell asleep and missed most of it.


♥ Your first “Girl’s trip!” Whoo hoo!


♥ Your first time celebrating Great Grandma’s birthday. We all like to get together on her anniversary/birthday every year to remember her. This year it marked 6 years. I like to think that you two have already met and she helped pick you out because she knew you’d be perfect for us. :)

grandma's 6yr anniversary

♥ Your first birthdays for a few others too! This time of the year is like everyone’s birthday! We celebrated Nonie’s (but didn’t get any pictures! :/), cousin Bradley’s 4th birthday, and Auntie Shelle’s.




We love you Princess!


Jennifer Hanson said...

I get those "are you STILL breastfeeding" comments as well. :/ Or the "when are you going to start solid foods" question. It's interesting trying to explain to others about "baby led feeding" or breastfeeding over a year. It's great to read of another mom out there wanting to breastfeed longer than the "social norm". Woohoo!

Jennifer Hanson said...

Oh... and your little Mackenzie is ADORABLE!!!!

Katie said...

so glad our girls on the same schedule with eating and sleeping! sometimes she doesn't even go three hours during the day. I keep thinking maybe the more she eats during the day the longer she'll sleep. (so far not working :) and we tried her in her own room a few nights and i hated it and she woke up a lot so I gave up. Really thinking we should try again but I don't feel ready either! she is adorable and starting to not look like a baby any more!!

Your mom said...

What a great recap of the past month! I'm tired just reading it. 😊 McKenzie is such a doll and a great baby! You are doing such a great job being her mommy too! Very proud of you honey ...She'll love reading all this some day !💜💜💜

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

OK she needs to stop getting so big!! She is so adorable, I wish we could get our girls together!! YOU are looking smoking too mama!! Such wonderful memories--love her first blog post haha