Wednesday, November 6, 2013

McKenzie’s First Halloween

I went back and forth on dressing her up this year since I knew we weren’t going to do anything besides hand out candy. She had a few adorable Halloween outfits so I just considered her wearing one of those! I had bought the supplies to make her costume in September but they of course (my procrastinating self) sat in the bag until October 30th! Finally that night I decided just to do it! Hey even though we weren’t going to be going anywhere to show it off she will always now have this to play dress up with!
So I got to making her tutu!
It was my first time and turned out so cute!
The rest of the outfit: Last year around this time I found the hat at Kirkland’s on clearance so I picked it up for my upcoming Princess! Then I just paired it with a pink onesie I already had.
There was some mishaps though ha! I don’t know where I went wrong, but somehow I made it adult size. But it wasn’t a big deal, after putting it on her and realizing this I just took off a bunch of the tulle and then just ended with a big bow in the back. Now though it’ll be perfect and I can adjust as she grows!
I also planned on running to Target that day to pick up candy but the later and later it got I just decided that we’d go to my parents and help hand out candy there. We had so much fun spending Halloween with Grandpa & Grandma!

Oh and then there was this.

I’m pretty sure my babygirl hated this and was in a little pain. We realized really quick her legs were hurting so we pulled her right out!
I’m sad ‘cuz we have no pics with daddy but he was working late. We need to make sure or try at least that he gets off and home in time for next year since for sure we’ll be out trick or treating!
I loved seeing everyone else’s lil one’s costumes! Lotsa lil bugs! :) Makes me even more excited for next year!


Sarah said...

So I know the pumpkin pictures weren't as you anticipated but this one is pretty funny none the less.

Tausha said...

Ohhh man . Shes such a beautiful princess and I DIED at your kissing picture!! EEEK!!

OH MY GOSH. HILARIOUS pinterest fail! Ohhhh man. I feel bad laughing - I wanted SO bad to try this, but just couldn't figure out how to keep P still long enough and warm enough to do it naked....hahah. A+ for your effort!

his little lady said...

What a little cutie! What a great costume for a first Halloween. And that sad little face in the pumpkin, she's still adorable!
xo TJ