Monday, December 9, 2013

What I’m loving Mondays! #babycarlos #wanderlust #hashtag ;)

I thought I’d try something.. Mondays usually are all depressing or we’ve “got a case of the Mondays”.. so instead I’m going to try and focus on what I’m loving every Monday from the past week/end.


You know what I’m loving?!

  • That my mom and dad are still dropping lbs!! I brought the baby over on Saturday and we were all upstairs in their room when I noticed how great my mom is looking these days! They completed their 24 day challenge on Thanksgiving and had a combined weight loss of 31lbs and 25inches!! Crazy right?! She then pointed out the pile of pants and jeans that they’re donating that are too big! My dad looks amazing too and since he’s already bigger it’s easier to tell he’s lost weight {HE LOST 21 LBS!!} Both of them have dropped pant sizes! That’s huge for them! I love that they’re loving the products too. I would love to show off their before and afters but really don’t have an after shot of them yet..  Soon though with Christmas I’ll get a good picture!

My dad is really loving the convenience of the Meal Replacement shakes since he’s driving a lot for work. He loves the taste and that it’s a completely balanced meal, not leaving him still feeling hungry.

And of course Spark. I mean who doesn’t love Spark. They’re on their 2nd canister. My mom loooves her coffee so she’s still enjoying her cup in the morning but around lunch time is when she has a Spark and no longer has that 2 or 3 pm crash.

  • “No I didn’t make that coffee.. I’m just the coffee’re the bean.” Yep. I’m loving the movie Wanderlust. Seriously every since we had the free movie channels over thanksgiving weekend I recorded the movie and have watched it about 5x.. It’s one of my favs now. I just love Paul Rudd and duh Jennifer Aniston.

WARNING: very vulgar but I seriously L O L so hard at this part..


Go see it if you haven’t’s def rated R but funny!


  • That my babygirl said “Mama” !! Ya sure it definitely just sounds like “mmmmm mmm aaaa” but some of them sound like “mmmaa maa”- so guess what.. you bet I’m counting that! I posted a video to Instagram!


  • That I got to see my 2 bests last week. I think we so needed it! We had a lot of fun.. first apps and drinks (showing off Elizabeth’s beer sampler below) and then we walked over and got fitted for bras at VS lol ..random but we all needed it! I left Kenz with Bob for the first time since she was about 3-4 weeks old.. I bathed her, put her in her pj’s, fed her and got her to sleep and then ran out of there! I was on the clock! I stayed out for just barely over 3hrs. I knew that her falling asleep would only be a nap but was hoping for longer.. Anyways I came home to my angel baby sleeping on daddy and they looked like they survived. It turned out it wasn’t that easy for him, but in the end they both survived and they both need these chances to build up that bond so she knows she can be left with him too..


  • The holidays even more now.. with this girl. #babycarlos


Try it, let’s not have a case of the Monday’s! Share what you’re loving from the past week!


Jennifer Hanson said...

OMG that pic of your little girl in those sunglasses is the CUTEST!!!

Ashley said...

From this past week I am loving seeing Jack pretend read books. He points at the pages and babbles-it is so cute.

Nikki said...

Awesome results for your parents!

Baby girl is adorable!

Benlovesting said...

Thanks for sharing! x