Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Candy cane kisses & diamonds

Ever since my challenge I’ve been eating cheese like it’s going outta style.
You know what’s dangerous? A wheel of brie when you’re the only one in the house that will eat it. Bob doesn’t do fancy cheese.
This is why I’m ready to do a mini challenge- 10 dayer after Thanksgiving..Can’t wait. I actually love the shake and fiber drink so it makes it even easier.

Kenzie turned 5months old on Monday.. I adore her. But the day she turned 5mos it’s like it turned on a 5month growth spurt. She’s eating every 2 hrs again. I feel like why even wear a shirt today lol I’m constantly pulling down my bra.
This is also why we never got outta our pj’s today. Since we hardly slept last night, we ended up waking up this morning at 11:30am! 
As I was trimming her nails she found the toothbrush in the kit, and decided it was her new fav teething toy. :: drool monster!::

And it rained!! Today (tuesday) was our first rain in forever days! So it was perfect to lounge around in our comfy pj’s.

I can’t wait until this weekend!! Ah Hunger Games! I almost re-read the books.. but seriously I aint got time for that! Date night 2 weeks in a row.. whoop whoop!

Remember that time where my ring lost it’s diamonds? For like the 3rd or 4th time? Well guess what.. Since I put that ring back on my finger this summer, I lost 4 more. Yep! Just doesn’t sound right, right?! So luckily.. after some sweet bitching to the jeweler manager.. they tracked down the 1 ring left in stock which just so happened to be in Sacramento and they’re shipping it over so I can just exchange. It’s a little sad because I’m giving away my engagement ring but hopefully this one has better prongs or whatever and holds on to these lil babies. I don’t care that they’re “milli diamonds” they shouldn’t fall out so easily!

I went to the mall yesterday with babygirl and bought a pretzel from Wetzel’s Pretzel.. Anyways I also got a large ice water and all day today I’ve been refilling this cup. I dunno why it’s like I enjoy drinking more and more water if it’s from this paper cup with a straw. weird

These damn candy cane hershey kisses. I’m eating them like cray right now. I buy candy to put in a cute christmas candle hurricane thingy for guests.. We don’t have guests.

As I was just looking for my old ring post I came across this.. Can’t believe this was just this time last year..

I shoulda cleaned my oven before sending this pic out to everyone!
I miss my hair like this. I recently cut it all one length, shoulder length and dyed it all to my natural. I miss the length and hilights.
Alright over and out. I should prob try to get to bed since she’s more than likely going to be on strike again tonight.


Sarah said...

I just finished re-reading catching fire. So wonderful. Seriously jazzed for the new movie. Hopefully it is good.

I love drinking water from a straw, I drink exponentially more water if it is through a straw, that is why I got a camelback waterbottle with a straw. They are wonderful!

Tearsa Roberts said...

I'm guilty of buying candy for the house and eating it all. What are you supposed to do all day when it's in your face at home all day and your child isn't going to tell you those candy cane Hershey's! And your hair is way cute highlighted that way!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

I just love you!! I cannot believe that about your rings, omg I'd flip out!!! {as I just carefully check mine ha!} I have been really good about the candy---I dunno why but I think bc I overdosed the day before my challenge!! I have been a lot better about cheese too...this time your challenge will definitely make you stronger, I believe that!! So proud of you girl!! Cute pix of you and that apron!! :) xoxo