Monday, November 11, 2013

Weekend Away with Baby

Here’s what it takes to spend a weekend in the cabin with a 4 month old!


Along with some blankets, warm clothes and the cutest baby boots!

We went for some walks around the area where this all terrain stroller came in handy and for quick stops into town I took my ergo and carried her.

But most of the time she was either in her jumper or being passed around in everyone’s arms. We had drinks and snacks on the porch so I kept her bundled up with her new little The North Face hat.

Hey Katie- sorry I’m using your cute selfie since Kenz looks so cute in her little hat! ;)

And when she wasn’t sleeping in “Grandma’s” arms of course I had to bring her Rock n Play [lifesaver!!].
We had so much fun and it’s funny to see the whole car packed with the entire house (what it seemed like) just to entertain a 4mos old for 3 days but I didn’t want to regret not bringing something..Better safe than sorry! :) Can’t wait until our next trip and see what it will take us. Nothing planned as of now.. but every month, every day she’s interested in more or no longer interested in something..


Your mama said...

Such a fun weekend! And I miss that sweetheart sleeping in my arms! Also, did I mention how proud I am of you for taking on such a mission! You're a great mommy💗💗💗

Sarah said...

She is getting so big!