Thursday, May 30, 2013

Baby Countdown~ Maternity Leave Plans

So my last day of work is tomorrow.. YES! 
Total Nesting Mode in Progress.. these are my plans for my 3 weeks off unless lil miss wants to show up early. I am definitely not opposed to this idea.

I think i'll start my first day with a day full of watching my new favorite show Parenthood on Netflix.. started getting into it last weekend and now can't wait to have a marathon and watch em all. I especially like how right now I feel like I can relate to the show.. not any particular character or family but just the whole thing of becoming a parent and what they're all going through with all the different kids' ages/stages. Also it's a plus that it takes place in Berkeley.. kinda cool to hear some of the references about the bay area.

Tuesday is our anniversary so I'll probably spend more time doing nothing- but lounging, maybe poolside and then once hubs gets home we'll go out to dinner.. can't believe it's been 2 years already.. Feels like just yesterday we were celebrating with all our family and friends.

Pack my hospital bag! I know i know I still have to do this.. and install the carseat.. oops 

♥ I've already re-arranged the living room and our master bedroom.. so next on the list is the office and the kitchen. I have to make room for all the baby's kitchen stuff right?

 Add finishing touches on nursery. I don't want to share anything until every last detail is up!

Celebrate my birthday! I'll be 26! I feel so old! 26 is close to 30 and the thought of me being almost 30 is just weird! It's next weekend and really this is the first time I don't really care to do anything (like go somewhere.. every year we go out on a vacation).. I'd be perfectly fine with maybe a movie and dinner or somethin.. 

Go through my pinterest board and clean up and organize. (sounds so silly but I'm actually looking forward to this!)

Do lotsa walking. I plan on if not going outside (I don't like to take the dogs out by myself) getting on the treadmill every day a couple times a day.. why not while i'm watching Parenthood?!

Having a garage sale! There's so much lil crap I want to get rid of!

Go to my mom's "Grandma Shower". Isn't this the cutest idea? Her work is throwing it for her.. they just love her so much it's sweet.. 

Go visit both of my grandpa's... I forget from time to time how important it is to make the most of your time with your loved ones..

Get a tan for the hospital? ;) kidding kinda.. hey if I'm gonna be home during the summer, mind as well lay out and enjoy the sun!

Make sure i'm prepared for after baby.. for myself! Up until this week I've been all about preparing for her.. now that that's ready and I'm as prepared as I'm gonna be I started realizing like shit! all these things people don't tell you.. I've gotta stock up on the essentials for "Mama Care- post labor" and nursing clothes.. btw how the hell am I supposed to know what size nursing bras to get? Or do I just save that for afterwards?

Any other things I should be doing with all my free time? I know the number one suggestion is to SLEEP, but I can't really just sleep.. I have all this extra energy to just get shit done!

XoXo Rachel


Mrs. Mama said...

Get plenty of snacks to keep at the house for when y'all come home. Pay up any bills that might be due while in the hospital. 3 weeks is so exciting!

Tausha said...

EEEKKK!!! Your almost there! How stinking exciting! My biggest advice for the weeks before the hospital is to stock up on freezer meals! (Even if you have friends/family planning to bring you meals afterwards). I cannot even tell you - although you will find out soon - how exhausting round the clock 2-3 feeding sessions are. I would have KILLED for some individual tupperwares of lasagna, or yogurt fruit, or burritos. ESPECIALLY if you are nursing - you are going to be freaking starving, and probably glued to the couch holding your angel - and the microwave will be your life SAVER.

And cleaning up pinterest. I seriously almost peed my pants! Just yesterday I spent Presleys naps on the computer and hubby was like, "Oh another Pinterest phase huh?" - I tried explaining that I needed to reorganize and delete and make more boards. Men just don't get it. But girl, organize that Pinterest! :)

After baby. Well. It's probably TMI for here, BUT, if you want me to email you some of those secret things that nobody tells you, I totally will. Knowledge is key!!

Shelley said...

It's coming so soon!!! Parenthood is a good show!

Myrna Wilson said...

Looking back, I really cherished those last few days at home on leave before baby...even if I was incredibly anxious!

New reader :)

Anonymous said...

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Rachel's mom said...

Hi honey-Love your updates! I wasn't Too far behind :)
Can't wait to meet our new girl XOXOXO

Katie said...

parenthood is one of my favorite shows!!! you are getting so close!! i plan on doing lots of those same things (even the laying out part!) on my summer break before the baby gets here!

Courtney B said...

Aaaahh... perfect time to find your blog! I'm so excited for you! Can't wait to follow along and meet your sweet baby :)
Definitely soak up the rays! I had Mia in December so I was stuck in doors when I craved the sun so badly!
I made freezer meals the last couple weeks of my pregnancy and that saved us! I am so glad I did that!
I hated it when people told me to sleep, I COULDN'T sleep! So it's definitely better to keep yourself busy (whether it's watching a show or cleaning house or tanning) instead of laying in bed tryyyying to sleep, ha!

Jennifer said...

You definitely DO have to make room for baby's kitchen stuff. We have a shelf in one of the cabinets for Emma's and it seems like it's not enough!

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