Wednesday, May 8, 2013

31 & 32 Bump Update

How Far Along31 & 32 weeks (4/19 & 4/26)

Size Of BabyWell lets see.. at 31 babygirl should be about the size of a pineapple (15.2-16.7 inches, 2.5-3.8 lb.).. At 32 we're looking at a squash.. some sort of squash.. i dunno i think it's like a small pumpkin (the pic they show)

Maternity Clothesliving in my maxis and skirts with this heat!

Weight Gainstill holding at under 30lbs

Stretch Marks: Still nothing..but i did think i saw something until i realized it was a scratch

Sleep:  Getting up a few times to pee in the middle of the night and then randomly always waking up around 3 and then can't go back to sleep for awhile.. 

Best Moment of the Week:  can't really remember anything being memorable during week 31 but during week 32 I had my baby shower! It was perfect! My mom and mother in law threw it for me and did an amazing job.. Post to come soon with tons of pics!

Movement:  movin' and a shakin'

Cravingsnothing really I can remember

Gender: Baby Girl ! McKenzie Rose!

Belly Button In or OutStill looks like an innie but it doesn't really go in anymore just doesn't stick out

Wedding Ring on or OffWedding band off, but engagement ring on.

Anything Making You Queasy or SickNothin

What I Miss: the usual at this point.. 

What I am Looking Forward toMaternity leave! lol I'm almost in my final month and now it'll just go by slow!

Labor SignsNone yet!

SymptomsHeavy belly hurts after standing/walking for awhile

NurseryStill under construction ;) Only one last wall needs to be painted! "Cmon Bob get on it!"

EmotionsI'd say i'm doing pretty good actually.. not really emotional, bitchy or extremely happy.. Just looking forward to it wrapping up and now it doesn't feel so long away so that's making it easier.

XoXo Rachel