Friday, May 10, 2013

33 week Bump Update

How Far Along33 weeks (5/3) -above pic is actually 33w5d

Size Of Baby: what the hell is that?! >>

Maternity Clotheshaven't even though about wearing my mat. jeans lately since it's been so hot out so i'm basically living in normal clothes (skirts and dresses) and a few maternity tops..

Weight Gaini weighed in this morning at my 33 week check up (dr. was out of town during my 32 week) at an even +30lbs.. ok i thought about telling you how much i weighed but maybe i'll spare myself the humiliation for now.. ;)

Stretch Marks: Still nothing..but i did think i saw something until i realized it was a scratch

Sleep:  Well i am feeling HUGE- like my stomach is up to my boobs so sleeping sitting up isn't so comfy anymore.. and i've been having bouts of #pregoinsomnia.. i can't fall asleep when it's bed time (10pm) and then i wake up to pee and can't fall back asleep.. 

Best Moment of the Week:  getting to hear babygirl's healthy heart beat and hearing that she's already head down and next appt we'll get to take a look at her with an ultra sound! Also getting to go watch my baby sis graduate college! #soproud #futureteacher

Movement: i've been laggin on my kick count card because she's so active but i noticed she's calming down more.. sleeping more.. but still REALLY active when she's awake!

Cravingsi noticed i've been loving pastries and needing that dessert treat everyday.. like i bought a pack of muffins from the grocery bakery and bob hasn't had 1.. there's 1 left.. and it hasn't even been 1/2 the week!

Gender: Baby Girl ! McKenzie Rose!

Belly Button In or Outi noticed the other day when i was watchin tv..when i exhale it pops out a lil.. inhale it goes back in.. ;) the most part it's still an innie but very stretched

Wedding Ring on or OffI took em both off this week :(.. feel naked and have a nice tan line but it's just been so warm i didn't want to risk anything.

Anything Making You Queasy or Sick: I did start feeling a lil quesy this week but i think it's just from my stomach being so full or the fact that my stomach is getting squished and is up in my boobs

What I Miss: not feeling so uncomfortable! I'm even having trouble breathing sometimes.. 

What I am Looking Forward toMy 36week appt cuz we get to see her on the big little screen!

Labor SignsFound out that those feelings i just started having like when bending over or making the bed the other day were most likely braxton hick contractions.. I guess i have had them before and just thought I was feeling her butt up against me or something.. 

Symptoms: I haven't noticed my feet swelling yet but they are oh so sore.. especially after our busy weekend, I was on my feet alot  and they just hurt! Even getting a pedi didn't really help.. 

Nurseryi've been told over and over to get off his case- it's happening, he's finishing this week.. we'll see about that..

Emotions: well my cry baby side has come out again..i was balling before Sammy even sat down at the graduation.. That pomp n circumstance shit is terrible! gets me everytime!

XoXo Rachel


Sarah said...

You are definitely in the home stretch now! Almost time to meet that sweet baby!

Mrs. K said...

You are getting so close...although I'm sure it doesn't feel like it. I'm glad you didn't know what that thing was (size of baby) either because I was feeling dumb for a second. Lookin' good, Mama!

Shelley said...

The last stretch is the hardest! Hang in there, you look great!