Wednesday, May 22, 2013

34 & 35 Bump Update

How Far Along34 & 35 weeks (5/10 & 5/17)

Size Of Baby: At 34 w she was the size of a butternut squash! About 4.2 - 5.8lbs and measures about 17.2-18.7". 

At 35w she is about the size of a coconut! Other sources compared her to a honeydew melon which is a coincidence since I've been loving that fruit lately!

Maternity Clothes: same attire- my 2 pairs of mat. capris, mostly regular tanks, and reg. skirts.

Weight GainWell it's been a few weeks since my last appt when I stepped on the scale last.. I made the *STUPID* decision to step on it last night before bed.. dumb! i'm just gonna subtract about 5ish lbs! ;) Let's say i'm about +32 lbs up right now.. still not too bad.

Stretch Marks: Still nothing..I even had Bob check the other night and he didn't see any either.

Sleep:  Getting up a few times to pee in the middle of the night. It's been so warm at night lately + my body temp is raised so sometimes i'm just a sweaty mess layin there with no blankets on under the fan. Also it now hurts and I have to move a lot slower when flopping sides..

Best Moment of the Week:  During week 34- the most memorable was having our hospital tour.. bob is now in the know on what he needs to do and where to take me.. and I almost had a panic attack..Seeing the rooms and hearing the process and all the details just hit us.. this shit is happenin! And soon! 

(i left that night and immed. had to IG everyone this lil message below)

My other hilight was from week 34 as I got to kinda? celebrate my first Mother's Day.. although I didn't technically.. On Saturday I was in the Target card aisle (yes i was last minute shopping) and some woman told me "Happy Mother's Day" as she walked by.. I turned around to see who she was talking to when there was no one there and realized she must have been talking to me.. I thought "Ya I guess I'm a mom?" But I don't really consider that i'm a mom until I'm holding her in my arms.. and just the thought of calling myself or even thinking "I'm a mom!" kinda freaks me out right now.. lol and I know once she is here it'll all feel right and amazing..

Here's how we spent Mother's Day morning.. My dad, Bob and my sis and I took my mom out to breakfast and then went and caught Iron Man 3 in 3D.. thank goodness we went early because it seemed like everyone and their mom! (get it? ha!)  was also seeing a movie for Mother's Day.. the movie was pretty cool btw..

After Bob and I went to my Mother-in-laws for a bbq for dinner..

Movement:  so much tumbling

CravingsFresh fruit! (This was dinner one night! and was perfect!)

Gender: Girl!

Belly Button In or Outmostly innie but sometimes you catch it poking a lil through my shirt

Wedding Ring on or OffEverything off!

Anything Making You Queasy or SickNothing making me sick, other than too much food gives me some heart burn. This was my lil lifesaver this week.. 

What I Miss: Being able to walk or get up without hurting 

What I am Looking Forward toMy appt at 36 weeks! (This Friday!!) We have an ultra sound and get to see her, so excited!

Labor SignsNone yet!

SymptomsReally sore and painful when getting up from sitting or walking in my pelvic area.. Heart burn when eating too much.. And the #1 symptom that I'm having that just started right at the start of week 34 and is only getting worse is my swollen feet and hands! Man is it weird?! Last night my feet looked like they were gonna pop they looked so swollen! I had to run a bath and soak in epson salt in hopes they would go down but nothing really happened.. (I'll spare you a pic of my feet on here.. if you're really interested I was nice enough to share on Instagram (here);))

NurseryAlmost completed! Just have to make a trip to Ikea and put a few finishing touches on it! Can't wait to share pics with you all. Everytime I walk by the room I just love it!

EmotionsOh god.. talk about emotions.. Yes I have always been sensitive but a few things have just affected me more then they probably should have.. It's okay I've mostly gotten over these issues but man.. I've never felt so lonely and sad as I have in the past few weeks and that's mostly just because I've been so sensitive and hormonal..Let me clarify, I haven't felt depressed- definitely have my happy days but some days I felt like this..close friends and family I'm feeling let down by.. 

I remember thinking (about people at work) that everyone keeps asking me "How I'm doing" and it was starting to get annoying because I was hearing it too much.. but now.. just a simple text, a check-in from my best made my day :) xoxo danielle..

Anyways to end on a happier note- I hit the 1 month from my due date yesterday! eek! Can't wait for my appt Friday to check everything out & see how she's doing!

XoXo Rachel


Joeylee said...

Not much longer!! You look great

Ashley @ Words About Waverly said...

So exciting!! You look great!

Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

I was sooooo happy when that damn heartburn went away after delivery!! You are so close mama, eeeeeeeeep! :)

Shelley said...

Ahhh you are almost there!!

Katie said...

you are so close! yeah for no stretch marks! :) i'm jealous you get an ultrasound - i won't get any more and haven't seen her since 20 weeks!!