Thursday, June 6, 2013

36 & 37 Bump Update

How Far Along36 & 37 weeks (5/24 & 5/31)

Size Of BabyAt 36 w she was the size of a honeydew melon- which I thought btw she's already been a honeydew but oh well.. About 6lbs and measures more than 18 1/2" long. 

At 37w she is about the size of a bunch of swiss chard (i dunno really what that is.. Heard of it but the other comparison from another site is a Winter Melon - never heard of this one!

Maternity Clothessame attire- my 2 pairs of mat. capris, mostly regular tanks, and reg. skirts.

Weight Gain: As of my last appt at 37w 3d I've gained a total of 40lbs. I had an appt at 36 w too and this number only went up by .2lbs so didn't gain too much.. I'm going to also say the last weight i've put on is water weight since i'm still retaining a lotta water in my feet and cankles.. yep I have cankles now

Stretch Marks: Well I thought I was in the clear but when I was over at my parent's the other night i pulled up my shirt and asked my sister and mom and they said I had a couple underneath.. I can't see them but they said they're there! Oh well watcha gonna do? My stomach feels like it's gonna pop and my skin is STRETCHED beyond.. My bellybutton actually hurts sometimes like it's stretching too much.

Sleep:  SUCKS. Period. I've been lucky a few nights and sleep great, but most nights I just get too uncomfortable and am having hip pain from sleeping on my damn sides. Also getting outta bed each time to get up and pee is a pain in the ass

Best Moment of the Week:  Week 36 we had an ultra sound to see where lil miss is at.. The Dr. already knew she's been head down for a few weeks now, but wanted to get a better idea.. You guys.. her head is freaking HUGE! My Dr. said try not to pay attention to that too much.. The thought of that comin out of you know what.. ahh! or ouch! Bob came with so we both got a lil peak at her. And the best moment of week 37 was probably for sure finishing work! I had been counting down for the whole month of May.. so when Friday came and I was free I think I was actually a lil too excited and remembered just this past Sunday- shit! I forgot to turn on my "Out of Office"!

This week (37) has been nice- I've been doing a lotta napping.. Finished Parenthood btw if you saw my last post.. and have started on Pretty Little Liars since I'm behind 2 seasons and 5 just started this week.. I'll catch up. Also unfortunately (for moneywise) but fortunately (since it's been kinda nice) Bob has been outta work this week.. He went in for a few hours Tuesday and then is supposed to go in tomorrow soo.. but it's kinda nice too. We've been spending a lot of time together.. It was our anniversary Tuesday so we got to spend all day together and 

Movement:  so much tumbling still. Starting to feel more feet, knees and fists (lil nubbs I call them).. still can't make out what it is like people say I'll start to see a foot across my stomach.. 

CravingsFresh fruit still.. yumm. I think just with the heat and summertime it just sounds so good.. After dinner the other night I inhaled 3 peaches.. I must stock up on more fruit. I even bought some from 7-11 the other day (you'd think a lil sketchy but it was still delish!)

Gender: Girl!

Belly Button In or OutI would say it's an outie now.. it's not really sticking out that much but it's more out then in.

Wedding Ring on or OffEverything off!

Anything Making You Queasy or SickNope and heartburn has subsided for now!

What I MissWearing my cute summer sandals lol I'm stuck to only 1 pair of flip flops right now.. And they're a lil bit of a platform at that (like i need it being 5'10!) but the straps are loose enough they don't squeeze my feet too much 

What I am Looking Forward toMy mom's Grandma Shower! It's this Friday night. Will be so cute, and fun to see her getting all the attention and love she deserves. Her staff loves her so much. 

Also next Wed I have another appt. So we'll see if any of the walking or other "activities" (if ya know what i mean) did anything to my cervix.. This past Monday I was 1cm dialated and about 30-40% effaced doc said..

Labor SignsNone yet!

Symptoms: Nothing new.. not having any contractions yet.

Nursery: Almost! Just need to hang a couple shelves and put up some knick knacks and it's show ready!

EmotionsI've been so much better emotional wise.. I think a lot of it had to be stress too with work.. There was something I needed to get done before leaving so the pressure of dealing with that just being "checked out" sucked.. but besides that.. I'm still crying over lil things.. tv shows get me more easily and I started crying to my mom the other day about how I was ready for my life to change and become a mom.. she had to ask and make sure they were "happy tears" which indeed they were haha..  So yes emotional still but not feeling down and sad..

I've also been finishing up on preparing for lil one this week.. I started packing our bags yesterday and hubbs installed her carseat today! I'd say besides the couple lil things in her room and still to do steralizing her binkies.. We're ready for her grand entrance! Pack and play is set up by my bedside, we're ready!
::last day of work! - enjoying our simple life before it gets more exciting - our anniversary dinner, yep $2 Taco Tuesday after being on the boat all day.. it was perfect- and bags are packed!::

XoXo Rachel


Audra said...

You're so close!!!! :) So exciting!

Katie said...

i am starting to get nervous about the idea of labor - what will really happen - I can't think of it too much!! you are SOOO close!!!