Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Mommy break

How do you spend your precious mommy breaks?

Thank goodness for an early bedtime tonight.. (7:45).. As I laid in bed with her til she fell asleep.. I could only start thinking of what I wanted to do next..

And it was not.. mop the floors (since lil miss decided to dump her watermelon on the floor to give to the dogs)

or.. Fold the pile of towels that are on the bed right now. (P.s. Anyone love when the load is just towels? So easy..)

It wasn't clean the kitchen since everything is still out from dinner..

I can make hubbs lunch early tomorrow morning while he's in the shower..

Or even finish cleaning the bathroom since some little girl just had an accident during bath time. (ughh.. I can't wait til the day when I get my own tub!.. Seriously!)

Instead I pulled the laptop out, plopped myself in bed and turned on the DVR. First up The Voice.. I hate commercials so I always wait til the show has started at least 1/2 way so I can fast forward.. even like for this show.. I don't care to watch all the performances.. My Mommy break will not last forever! I don't have time for all that fluff! ;)

And then I bought myself a little Mother's Day gift! My friend Danni just shared this awesome deal from Costco that she told me she'd give me a heads up when it came around again.. You bet I snatched it up right away!
Silhouette CAMEO® Cutting Machine bundle with Accessories

I am so flippin excited! I can just see all the little things I can make!! First up a AdvoCare sticker for my car! Yep! The new car needs one!

I'm about to go try this too fyi.. Has anyone tried before? Curious. My heels need some TLC. Even after pedi's.. they don't last long all super soft.

P.s.  Wish me luck.. Tomorrow.. "Binky went bye bye".. Poof just like that. And bring on meltdown central. But I'm going to suck it up and stick it out! My excuses before was oh she's not feeling good.. or Oh her molars are coming in.. well I've just gotta do it now.. before she comes down with something else! ;)

Ahh so how do you spend your sweet precious alone time?