Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Prego Phase: Nesting!

So after this weekend I've realized.. I'm getting ready for BABY! This to me was the fun part last time too now that I look back. I had project after project planned for hubs..Ok mostly me. Any jobs he needs to do I have to give him a deadline because he'll put it off forever. If you follow me on Pinterest you probs are getting the idea that I'm in organizing/redecorating mode!

I want to do all the things! My biggest hold up right now though to getting any redecorating done really is the darn GRAY paint! I can't find a shade I like. I actually did really love the shade my friend has in her house but finding out the name from her has been impossible!

Since we aren't needing to make another nursery I'm focusing all my decorating on the rest of the house haha. Mostly the living room/dining room and kitchen. We bought our home almost 8 years ago (this summer) so I'm over the look that we originally went with. Out with the peanut butter and green walls.. It's time to freshen up everything!

Here are some I can't wait to do though.. Now all I need is to get my hands on some spray paint and my butt to Ikea!

Don't throw away old brass chandeliers or light fixtures......PAINT them!   www.makeit-loveit.com

DIY: We have outdated hardware all throughout our home since our house was built in the mid 90's. We are on a budget, so a handy friend of mine told me to spray paint everything. The guy at Home Depot recommended this spray paint, and to use steel wool on the metal to help with saturation. It'll be interesting to see how it holds up with wear and tear, but for now I'm impressed!

wall behind couch

towel rods on the back of the door! Love this idea for small bathrooms! or our laundry room! (Or the guest room!!!)


And some arts and crafts that will look cute!

DIY: quotes on canvas @456party It is number 17 on the website. except instead of a painting background you have painted the background

If you know me, you know I love Chevron. I want to make these so bad!

Love this

Eventually, like probs this Winter, we'll move Kenz into a toddler bed. She still could use the crib sides up since she rolls/flips so much. Plus baby Kylie will sleep in her rock n play in our room until Christmas most likely.

Behind the Camera and Dreaming: DIY Toddler Bed ©Stephanie Clark, Gray Mornings Photography/Behind the Camera and Dreaming #toddler #forthehome

I can't wait to make that bed though! Or I can.. I'll keep my now baby a baby in her crib as long as I can! :(

When did you hit the nesting phase?


Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

Wow, you GO mama!! I love all the DIY projects. I really think a brand new paint color does wonders for a room--I just told Joe I wanted to repaint the guest bath! (just be careful of the pain fumes, obvs ;) Getting Brooke into a big girl bed was such a great thing for us…It's sad but exciting for sure! I can't wait to see your before/afters on your house :)

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