Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fun in the Sun

This past weekend, over the holiday weekend.. we had such an awesome time! We actually came home early but still had a blast!

We went and stayed with my father in law and is wife on Saturday and BBQ'd a big dinner.


And then on Sunday we went to the lake and spent all day there playing.

The day had a few hiccups but we all still made the best of it.
To begin-  since the water levels are so low here in CA - everywhere,  my father in law drove his truck pretty much across the lake and we found a spot where we met them on our boats and pulled up to them. They tried to put the jet ski in the water and well..their huge truck got stuck in the sand! For hours my FIL's wife, Sue, was gone looking for a tow truck. Finally like 3 hours later and $300 later the tow truck came and successfully pulled them out..Leaving the huge holes for the kids to play in.. Like Kenzie just loved doing (below). Mudbath anyone?

The weather was beautiful, not too hot (probs like 80ish) and the water temp was perfect! Since I couldn't go play on the jet ski or tube I brought my own little floaty and me and Kenz just floated around.

There were a bunch of kids there that she was having a blast playing with too.

The great thing about our boat/beach days... it's just like camping. You have no sense of time.
Eventually a few of us were getting tired around 530ish- this Mama was the first to chime in and ask to head out! And I can say for Kenzie- no naps led to her instantly crashing as soon we got in the truck.

We stayed for dinner when we got back and then headed home after. We didn't get back home until about 10:30 but it was nice to just be in our own bed and home.

My phone has no service where they live so it was nice to escape for a little bit too and just unplug. I need to do this more often,

My phone also died and I just didn't care really to charge it so I didn't get too many pictures but a quick get away was awesome and much needed!

Monday- Memorial Day we had a great day just doing a bunch of nothing. Everyone was still worn out and recovering from Sunday. The dogs I think fully recovered late Tuesday. They were so beat.

We still have no oven/stove so we had a great little cookout to end our fun filled weekend!

Pregnancy check- in: We have an appt on Monday.. I'll be 30 weeks already this Saturday! Some days it still feels so far away but then when I think about it, how it's down to 10 weeks til my due date.. Now that just doesn't seem too far away at all!

My friend I were talking about last week.. she had her baby BOY late Sunday. They got induced and after getting her epidural her and baby's blood pressure started dropping fast so she had to have an emergency C-section. It was a scary first 24 hours but thankfully they are both ok and I can't wait to go see him and his sweet mama tomorrow!

This all made me very excited for my sweet girl to get here. I need to get my butt in gear and start doin the house stuff I wanted to do before she comes!

This summer is going to FLY by! June is just around the corner! And we'll be BUSY BUSY BUSY! I can't wait!

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Jenn @ Bliss to Bean said...

OH those ribs look so good!! Sorry the truck got stuck, oh that mustve been annoying! But how cute is Kenz in that mud pit?! haha. 10 weeks is nothing, you've got this mama! Glad you unplugged…I too need to do it more often. I know how good it feels. :)