Thursday, August 6, 2015

Life lately❤ and a peek into our potty training status

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Woah I have a lot of catching up to do! Head's up longest post ever and lots and lots of pics!

Let's see...I have a 2 year old now! Craziness! I'm just shocked by how fast time really does go by. Like 1 minute she's my baby... And now I'm you know potty training her and changing itty bitty newborn diapers on our almost 2 week old!

Here's where we are right now...
*At the end of June, miss McKenzie Rose celebrated her 2nd birthday.

* And.. on that day she suddenly wanted to stop going to the bathroom in a diaper! It's been pretty fun celebrating when she goes number 2 in the toilet. I think since then, there's only been a few accidents in her diaper or pull up where we didn't get to the bathroom fast enough. And number one it's still kind of a hit and miss. Most the time she goes in her pullup but sometimes she tells me she has to pee and we run to the bathroom for her to go. In fact the last night she asked to get out of the tub to pee and then got back in! Now that, that I was excited about! I've had to abort the tub too many times because of accidents.. and I'm not talking about just pee!

Our potty training experience is kinda hard to document. It's not something that I've really been consistent about or pushy so it sorta just happened I guess when she was ready. All I can say is I introduced the "big girl potty" when she was about 18months and we'd play with the idea until boom. Right before she wanted to always go on the toilet she was constantly peeling her diaper off and running around the house so that also helped with the idea of transitioning to pull ups. I'm holding off on "big girl panties" and sticking with pull ups for now.. because well i'm LAZY and have too much other stuff to do then keep cleaning up puddles.

* We took our last little family vacation as a fam of 3. It was perfect.
We woke up on Kenz's birthday.. had breakfast pancakes.

Then after Daddy's dr appt (which made a realize and go "aww.." that we were at the exact spot the same day 2 years ago) we packed up and left for Lake Tahoe.

After checking into the house and unloading we made a stop at a stream to play and check things out.

Then we went back to change in hopes of going all out and having her birthday dinner at the top of Harrah's casino at the buffet. We got there and it was a 45min wait.. we waited for about 15minutes and then decided at already 8 it would be too late when we would eventually get to sit and little 2 year old's and ahem HUSBANDS aren't so patient.

We ended up going to a new little restaurant in the new Hard Rock casino and after hit up the grocery store to get food for our week.

There Daddy's little Princess sweet talked him into a Frozen "boon" (balloon) and a little "Owaf" (Olaf) plush keychain (which goes everywhere with us).

We picked up a little cake and a candle and when we got home sang Happy Birthday to our sweet girl. It was actually so special to me. The perfect moment.

With getting ready to welcome #2 it had me trying to cherish all the little things with my first born.


We were in Tahoe for Father's Day too! Didn't do too much but some fishing and hiking but it was perfect!

*Once we got back it was party planning time! We had a little 2 year old's birthday party to get ready for. And we first started with her 1st haircut! Someone was not impressed. She actually kinda freaked in the beginning. She was supposed to sit in the little car chair but had to sit on my lap and only my lap. Would not sit with Daddy.

look at this mug..

*We took a bazillion pictures from her party but here's a quick recap. I honestly didn't do much at all! It felt great! Her 1st I had all these little Pinteresty craft projects. The only things that required some prep was the food and my sister and mom helped me out with all that! I think babygirl had a great birthday!

- Anyone else's Summer just flying right by?! I think cuz I was in the hurry up and have this baby it just went by super fast for us! Looking through all my pictures right now to recap has me in shock that it's already almost over!

*We got memberships to Six Flags/Zoo (and although we haven't gone back since.. really for $12/month with free parking you can't beat it!

*Lotsa playdates with friends and swimming at Grandma & Papa's!

*Celebrated my best friend getting married!

No pics with the bride just yet. Anxiously awaiting seeing the one we were able to get!

*Played Princesses!

*Took Bump pictures and went to lotsa appointments!

32 weeks

36 weeks

37 weeks (and last side pic I managed to take!) Little did we know she would come 2 weeks early!

Soo thanks for making it to the end!! I thought about checkin out of blogging for a minute.. and then decided... I still want to capture all this for one day when I want to reminisce! So coming soon will be all the latest on Baby Kylie! I tried to capture all June and July just now so fast forward to next month when I'm able to get back on the computer again (joking..maybe?) I want to document Kylie's birth story and other fun stuff just like I did with Kenz. No 2nd child stuff starting already here!