Tuesday, April 21, 2015


Phone dump of the past 2 weeks. 

We went to Clearlake for my babe's 32nd birthday.
Kenz had a little cold, and 2 molars still trying to break through. And the birthday boy came down with the flu (on his bday).. I felt so bad for him... (eventually) Haha. See I think my man if not all men, are just wimps when it comes to being sick.. This one. He will tell you over and over how "he's dying" and wants you to baby him. So I sorta took on another kid for a week. Once we got back Monday night (he barely made it home driving). I could see him fading. If only I could drive the truck with towing the boat.He was really sick (stayed home sick) until Thursday. That's when I finally believed he really was miserable..Luckily me and the baby dodged it.

Waiting for dad to get home from fishing early that morning.

We had so much fun playing with the ducks that live below the deck and I think my favorite part was just a little game of Monkey in the middle we played in the long driveway. It was fun to watch Kenz running back and forth.. Also I got to put my old softball skills to use. Soon after you bet we all took a nap!

Also a couple weeks ago my dad had his other knee replaced. Babygirl and I have been going over there to bring him or make him lunch everyday. We've been getting spoiled with some lunches out.

We finally tried out the new burger place, The Habit. Delish!

Oh and also this happened. 

I know everyone has their thoughts and opinions on car seat facing..We went to almost 2 years. And we decided it was ok to turn her around now. Miss long legs. I know they say it's comfortable and they're fine but we just made the decision to do it. 

She is loving it btw.

Then the weekend came and it was a blast! Saturday was just a lay low let's try not to spend any money, family day. It was gorgeous out. We decided since it was almost low tide, lets pick up some sandwiches and head out with the dogs and go to the beach.

By the time we got our sandwiches and gas and everything the tide was already rising so we weren't gonna have much time with a beach. We still got like an hour and a half out of it and then trolled around for a little bit so Bob could fish.

...until someone I think got sea sick. Her first time. All over me. She was sitting on my lap, facing me and just puked everywhere. Over and over. Poor thing. That quickly ended our trip as I was about to be next.


This beach day made me realize this Summer being prego and all can still be a blast! I'm excited! Many beach days ahead!
And I can't wait to start it all off with our big group challenge we're starting next week. Perfect timing to be done before Memorial day weekend! We've got some big money for the top transformation! Obvi I can't do the complete challenge with everyone, but.. I have a confession.. My appetite has kicked in and well I need to get back into eating better (for 2) and also working out again. So I'll be downing my fiber drink and other approved supplements with you all while you all get to try the new and improved cleanse! PS. There's still time to order so get on it!

Yesterday we had a fun little playdate. I tell ya Kenzie and I have made some really good friends out of this little Mom's Group. These two sure are cute together. They were setting up their snacks to share. AKA dump the pirate's booty on the table.


Now as I am finally getting my hair done this Friday, (Hallelujah!!!) I'm having fun looking for what I should do. The ombre was fun.. and easy. So low maintenance (I haven't had to touch my hair since last summer!).. I'm over it. I miss all the blonde.

  or this.. 

The Sore to the Core 30-Day Ab Challenge | This at Home Workout ebook contains 4-weeks of High Intensity Interval Training with in-depth exercise explanations and a couple pages of bonus recipes to try out! The benefits of HIIT are endless and it's perfect for anyone wanting to tone up or lose weight in the mid section | Alexa Jean Fitness | AlexaJeanBrown.com

Super blonde. I'm always afraid that the white blonde will wash me out.. Hmm. Decisions decisions.

P.S.S. Anyone else follow this #bish on Insta? I want to be her. ;) Kidding. But I'd love to have her hair, and her tight little toned tummy. She's really motivating though and shares fun workout videos to try.

Which pic/look should I go with for my hair? #helpasistaout