Wednesday, March 11, 2015

To do before Baby#2!

I started thinking about a couple of things that we didn't end up doing when I was pregnant with Kenzie. This time! This time we're doing them!

a Babymoon! Well in reality it'll be a little anniversary/birthday/babymoon getaway. Nothing too far, and nothing planned yet but in June I want to plan something. This will also be our first time, more than 1 night away from Kenzie. I'm thinking Lake Tahoe. I think the last we went was for the 4th of July...

Maternity photos. I didn't do them the first time, just cuz I couldn't justify the money being spent on them. But we have a little friend who's in high school taking photo classes and she's done a couple of shoots for us already and at her super cheap price she is pretty dang good! Can't wait!

Should we do some like this?? haha

Lots to do around the house. Now that our front yard is finally done, it's on to the next project! We want to paint the outside of the house and fix up the backyard. We don't plan on doing too too much to our backyard since we plan on keeping the pool this year, but probably after this summer we'll get rid of the pool. It's a lot of work. We plan on renting out our home eventually so that'll be less to worry about.. but we are definitely not getting rid of it while i'm super pregnant this summer! You can find me probably every day this summer in the pool. Every naptime i'll just be floatin' away!

before. For like years.. It was so ugly before.
After! finally! Can't wait til the SPRING when everything starts blooming!
I secretly wish she was having me in her wedding this July, but also am very okay with not being involved in the party because I will be SUPER prego. I will love just sitting back (sweating my ass off) and watching the beautiful bride on her amazing day. I cannot wait.

Celebrate my baby turning 2! What?! I know I said it after her fab Minnie Mouse party last year that next year will be small.. but who am I kidding. We have so many little friends now! It'll be fun to do it again where she'll actually be really enjoying it and kinda getting what's going on.
Let the party planning begin! It'll be here before we know it!

 Have a baby sprinkle. For those that have absolutely no idea what i'm talking about.. it's a mini shower :) Get it?! I've had to explain that a couple times recently. Fortunately for us we're being blesses by another baby girl so I already have pretty much everything. But you know what I do need? Diapers. And I may have created a small registry since there is something everyday they're coming out with that I wish they had when Kenzie was born. So sure, let's celebrate me again, being pregnant one last time. And more importantly the soon to be baby sister. Now.. the problem.. who wants to throw it for me? lol I'll throw it for myself if no one offers. An excuse for everyone to get together!
obvi not mine, but i'll prob steal it for ours! Super cute!
Along with all that.. there will be Kenzie's first camping trip, many pool days at Grandma and Grandpa's, I'm sure a few trips to the zoos and aquariums, and quality time relishing my days with my only child. 

I'm pretty much 1/2 way there (19weeks) which is just crazy to me. This pregnancy is flying by. We still have no name, no nursery we need to put together, no things to buy.. it'll pretty much just be like she showed up one day! And then our family will be complete! :)