Tuesday, March 17, 2015

My little almost Two-nager!

It's been awhile since I've done an update on little Miss K.
She is turning 21 months this week. Which if anyone asks me how old she is, I just quickly say "She'll be 2 in June!" much easier.. And if seriously someone were to tell me the age of their kid in that many months I would really have to think about how old the freakin kid is then for a sec. I don't want to think... just tell me! I was just asking to be nice!

Kenzie girl- You are... my sweet angel. Shy at first (just like me) and then you are good and play great with others. You still need to work on sharing. But what kid doesn't at that age? Your fav thing to do as soon as you wake up is get out of bed and go find the dogs! Then you run to the kitchen yelling "Cheats! cheats!" for treats. You give them each a treat and then we run down the list of your options for breakfast.. Lately I just hear "No" to everything. Your favorite word. It's still pretty darn cute and not out of control- yet. Then soon you start to demand, throw a little fit until I say okay you can go outside. All you want to do is put on your "chee" for shoes and for me to push you on the swing. Which you tell me by saying, "Weee, weee, weee" and moving back and forth like you're in the swing. It's pretty cute.

Your vocab is growing.. Still not very clear, like shoes but you're trying and we know what you mean. You also love saying "cheee" for cheese when we open the fridge. You tell us more, which sounds like want more..and you have had down Mommy, dad, daddy, nonie, Chi (oreo, one of his nicknames), Nil (for Nilla).. There's more I know I'm forgetting.. I counted once you had about 15 down..

Size wise, you're about 26lbs last we checked in February. Size 2T-3T. And size 7 shoes. Big foot like your parents! Size 4 diapers stiill and it's the cutest because my Papa loves to buy diapers for you. He's always sending home packs and packs of diapers. And now he's getting me started with newborn and size 1's for baby sister. I'm looking forward to starting to potty train though so we only have 1 in dipes.. We shall see how that goes!

Health- Well this winter I think since we're so social and you were going to the gym's playcenter a lot, you received a few colds. I feel like every 2 weeks there was a runny nose.

We also had quite the scare. The most terrifying yet. One day early February you and I were napping babygirl, and I woke up to check the time since we had a bday party to go to.. After looking at the phone I heard a noise from you, laying right beside me and you were having a seizure. The scariest moment of my life. I didn't know if you were just sleeping with your eyes open so I tried to wake you.. Then when you wouldn't wake up I picked you up and noticed your lips quickly started turing bright blue and your mouth was clenched shut. I called 911. And as I was talking to the operator you let out a cry. A weird cry but at least you were breathing. I heard the ambulance and fire truck already coming. Thank god they were so fast. In the ambulance you only had a fever of 99.7 so it wasn't even terrible. I had no idea you were sick. You had felt normal and acted normal. In the hospital they concluded it was a febrile seizure, and maybe your fever spiked while we were sleeping but quickly went down. Poor girl. To be safe we had an EEG done to check your brain and make sure there wasn't a reason other then your fever that caused this. You did amazing. It was a little scary for us and you did so great. The results turned out perfectly fine, and just we were advised that now that this has happened to you, it could happen again. So that's a little scary and I check your temperature pretty frequently now. And at a 99 temp you will be receiving Tylenol to be safe..

Your second Valentine's day..Daddy took us to the beach where he took Mommy for our first Valentine's day. [Stinson Beach]

You are just so much fun. I love you at this age.

Now I'm starting to plan your 2nd birthday party which is just crazy but i'm excited. You have so many little friends you will have a blast. It's so sad that really time just goes by so fast. You will always be my baby but I can't wait to see you become a big sister.