Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Mommy Timeout

I think I’m the most excited then everyone else.

I’m sure I’m not the first one to think of this but at today’s little Thanksgiving Potluck play date a group of us mama’s decided to start a MOMMY’S TIMEOUT. And I am so freakin excited!


Every Wed (starting in December) I will have 2 hours all for me.myself. and moi.

Each of us mom’s (there’s about 4 or 5 of us) have a date picked out where we’ll have all the kids dropped off at our house for the 2 hours. And then the other 3 Wednesdays of the month we will have free. GENUIS idea right?!

I have already hit up my pinterest and started looking for ideas of what to do when I have all the kids at my house and then endless projects that I can get done with all my free time!

like this adorable project that my sweet friend Tausha created.. I can’t wait to do finally.

A quick, cheap & easy DIY. Transfer your favorite printed pictures to wood for $2.19!!


how to make your pictures into huge wall art for pennies!

My biggest thing too is I can’t wait to do yard work. Both our front and back yard needs a makeover and it’s hard to do with Kenz.. this will give me a little time to do that. I love the barrel planters too.

DIY Umbrella Stand - Love this for the backyard!

I think.. if none of the other girls do something like this, for my day we’ll do Christmas ornaments.. or some other kinda craft.. Maybe decorate sugar cookies..


Over 20 ornaments toddlers can  help make - pinecones, globes, saltdough, pipecleaners, and more!

DIY mason jar snow globes {too cute!}


The good thing is the kids all get along amazing and are very close in age. Can I say though I’m just a teeny little bit nervous to go from 1 kid to lets see.. 7 possibly! It’s just 2 hours. I can do it. And the plus side Kenzie will take an amaze nap after. Today’s afternoon nap.. over 3 hours!!


What are some crafts or fun stuff you’ve pinned lately?

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