Thursday, November 13, 2014

My favorite toddler reads


Remember that time I complained about my girl not caring to read at all?? Oh my is that not a problem now. She LOVES LOVES for me to read to her all day every day..

I love that she loves reading more then playing with toys though!


These are some of my faves from our huge library. We were so lucky to inherit soo many books from my niece and nephew so those have definitely taken over mostly but these here are my favorite new picks.


I love to get our books from Kohls, TJ Maxx and the Dollar Tree. Like those 2 in the middle at the very top.. these 2 aren’t my favorite to read necessarily but I love picking up books whenever I go there!


If you don’t have any of these.. my absolute fav is How Do I Love You? .. Every time she brings me this book to read I always think mid reading.. I love this book. And I love the illustrations.. it’s the same illustrator for the You Are My Sunshine book too.. And I love singing that song to Kenzie.


I Love You Goodnight, and Me And My Mommy are my other favorite reads too. I love the ones that rhyme and they have cute little lines. All these books (besides the $1 store finds) are less than $7 ea usually from TJ Maxx.


Do you have any book suggestions for the littles? I can’t belive I’ll have a year and halfer soon! #timepleaseslowdown

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