Monday, December 1, 2014

Goodbye Fall!

I know I know.. technically (cuz I just looked it up) Fall lasts until right before Christmas. But to me.. It’s December which equals Winter!

A little update.. Kenzie is 17months (11/18) almost a year and a half which is 1/2 way to 2 years old! Blows my mind how fast time goes.

Besides my amaze work from home part time gig with AdvoCare.. I’ve just been kinda running this little Mom group with my good friend.. She’s been in her first trimester with her 3rd bebe so I’ve kinda taken over while she’s a little MIA. This keeps me pretty’s like a little “job”. Managing a calendar of events..and getting everyone into it..There are like 60 woman (a lot that haven’t come to anything yet).. and many, many little babes.. but it’s fun.

I find it harder and harder to post as often as I used to so here’s a HUGE dump of pictures from our Fall, or the past couple months.

We took a few walks to Big Break.. so nice this is right in our backyard pretty much. #deltalivin



These twinsies.


Someone’s discovered the stereo and figured out to turn on the music and turn it up.. There’s lotsa dancing going on over here.

Note to other mama’s.. those bath paints.. don’t let it sit overnight without washing off.. Our walls are stained.. Although I really haven’t tried any products on it yet..


We went to Shay’s 2nd birthday party.


and our happy little girl loving Josephine’s meat pasta.. Those Sicilians know how to cook! Wish I knew the recipe, she loved that stuff!


My lovebug with a little cold.


We still tried to soak up some summer evenings before the nights start earlier.. (<<did that even make sense?!)

Lotsa park meetups and playdates.


By the way.. it’s free and kinda fun to tour a fire station.. I haven’t been inside a fire house or truck probs since I was Kenz’s age.

We’re trying to kick our dog food addiction..


We celebrated Auntie’s bday.



My little girl cracking up at her daddy. Sometimes it’s fun to go through hubs phone and see the pics he takes..She loves her daddy and thinks he’s hilarious.


I did my first full 24 day challenge. For some reason I love this pic. It’s prob her little feetsies.


I did my first AdvoCare booth! It was so out of my comfort zone but it was fun!




We went to our first downtown Trick or Treating event.. It was sorta silly for us.. she didn’t care for the candy (neither did we).. it was more just to experience it.

Went to the Smith Family Farms Pumpkin Patch…tradition now with the two grandma’s.


Hayride to get pumpkins..



Our 2nd Halloween! First time trick or treating (for reals)


Pictures.. to be continued.. part deux. Phhew! That was a ton.. and just all of October.


But from just this past weekend, I have to share these fun pics.

We had a fun, quick photoshoot for our Christmas card and then for a Christmas gift for my in laws. My friend’s neighbor is only 16, taking a photo class in high school and charged us only $35.. I think she did an awesome job.

Displaying DSC_0054 (2).JPG

Displaying DSC_0071 (2).JPG

Displaying DSC_0078 (2).JPG


We went to my Mother in law’s Dad’s property.. so bob’s Grandpa’s house. They have an almond orchard.. and huge vineyard. We were really trying to beat the rain and the vineyard just didn’t look as “pretty” as we were thinking so we’re hoping my MIL will recognize the shed behind them.. haha.

Getting 3 kids and BIG KIDS I may say.. (those 2 boys are like children together..everything’s a joke) to focus and get some shots was pretty difficult. She took about 50pics of just these 3 little poses and only these 3 turned out and even Kenzie isn’t perfect in that group shot but whatevs.


And because Mr. Stache thought he was hot stuff and didn’t want to shave it off… getting even our little family shoot didn’t happen as amazing as I hoped. Here are a few though that I like.. Ordered our Xmas cards today!

Displaying DSC_0033 (2).JPGDisplaying DSC_0023 (2).JPG


In Cali it’s kinda feeling like Winter, all stormy this week.. I’m loving it. Can’t wait to put up the Christmas decorations this week!

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