Monday, September 15, 2014

Things that make me go, Hmmm

♥What’s the difference between Mild and Medium salsa? Which one is spicier then the other? seriously though!


♥Why do I try other drinks? Always stick with wine. Duh! #I’mTooOldForThisShit

My Three Moods:<br />I'm too old for this shit,<br />I'm too tired for this shit,<br />I'm too sober for this shit.


♥What’s a better guilty pleasure then reality tv?.. Nothing! Baby’s asleep?! Gimme my wine or Oasis and the remote, what’s next on my DVR?! I can’t wait for the Fall lineup to start!!


♥ Is there anything cuter then babies with puppies? I don’t think so..

As much as she loves Dogs and puppies, always barking when she sees them.. haha she HATED this!



♥ Also.. what took me so long to figure out.. the best way to get a picture of a toddler or baby on the move?? Videotape it! and then you can screen shot still shots! All of these pics of her and the puppies are from videos.. the actual pictures are all blurs. #DERRRRR


♥Do people still watch VH1? or MTV?!.. I have a confession.. one of the shows recorded on my dvr.. Dating Naked (VH1).. It’s so awkward and some how a tiny bit entertaining (if nothing else to watch)..Other then that.. commercials or previews of other shows.. nothing looks interesting.


♥Is there anything more frightening then when you turn on your camera and the Front facing camera is on?! What?! No! And now I’m horrified by what I look like right now! (ps. note to self.. stop doing the poofs.. does not look good)


♥How can 1 survive without Spark?! I’m running low..better reorder asap because I don’t want to know what it’s like to go days without!

I am fairly certain that given a cape, a tiara and some SPARK, I could rule the world. Advocare Spark is AMAZING!   Email:  Visit our AdvoCare East TN Distributor Site


♥Umm.. Christmas is only 14 Fridays away!


♥Speaking of Christmas.. what’s kenzie gonna be for Halloween?! Suggestions??

Here’s a #tb to her first Halloween last year.

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